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4 Things To Do in Barrie This Weekend

Check Here For An Updated List of Things To Do In Barrie This Weekend

Although summer officially arrives on June 20th, in Canada it really doesn’t crank up until after July 1st. And pardon our Spanish…but now that our national birthday antics have concluded, it’s time to GET THIS MOFU STARTED.

As always, the city by the lake is replete with warm weather options for your enjoyment. For instance….


A wise person once said…”Annual traditions are the lifeblood of a city”.

Ok it wasn’t anyone wise. We said it. Yet it’s true!

And one of the great annual get-togethers in Barrie is the Craft Beer and Barbecue festival, taking over Heritage park this Friday.

12 local beer producers, including Flying Monkey’s, Redline Brewhouse and Side Launch will be on deck handing out the suds. Complimented by a plethora of foodie providers to ensure you get your fill of noms, and live music throughout the weekend.


And as is if you needed more excuses to go all in on grilled delights, the Barrie Farmer’s Market is getting into the act with their own BBQ fest on Saturday. Ready to Eat Pulled Pork, beef on a bun and burgers and coolers full of other tasty meats will be available from all the local vendors. Make a morning of it by bringing the kids for arts and crafts with the Barrie Arts Committee, and enjoy live music from singer-guitarist Jakob Pearce Music on the main stage.



Finally, an opportunity to determine once and for all who would win in a battle between GI Joe’s Snake Eyes and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Well…maybe we’re exaggerating a bit. But on Friday Jack’s Urban Jungle will be hosting an actual Ninja Competition. The limits will be tested with three rounds of 3 physically and mentally challenging activities. And prizes are awarded for each round. You can register onsite between 4 pm to 5 pm.

You can see more about Jack’s Urban Jungle in our featured piece from earlier this year!

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Jack’s Urban Jungle – Indoor Adventure Park

A post shared by Jack’s Urban Jungle (@jacksurbanjungle) on




And finally, you know that term “whatever floats your boat”?

You can learn more about floating your own boat in one of Barrie’s float tank providers. If you’ve never experienced a sensory deprivation float tank, or have been curious about what exactly it entails, this is your time to learn.

On Saturday, Float Tank Barrie is hosting a 3rd anniversary Open House, with staff on hand to answer questions and tours available.  It runs from 9 – 5pm.


Have an event coming up in Barrie you want to promote? Tell us about it! And check out our FB and Instagram pages for lots of other way cool events in and around Barrie every week.




Sunset Speedway: You can’t cancel this thrill!

Are you looking for a new kind of thrill?  Have you already tried Axe Throwing?  Have you already tried Rock Climbing?  Well, then you are ready for a new thrill.  This is going to absolutely BLOW your mind.  Prepare yourself to be a RACECAR DRIVER!! 

No, really. (honest!)

Read moreSunset Speedway: You can’t cancel this thrill!

Social Recap: The Week That Was in Barrie June 23rd – 30th

Pub Crawl

All The Good (And Occasional) Bad of What Went Down in Barrie Last Week

There are three certainties in life…



Social media.

And if you are tweeting, posting and talking about Barrie on social media, we want to hear from you! Every week we will do a quick recap of the week that was in Barrie based on your pics, posts and videos.

Whether it’s concerts, store openings, foodie reviews, feelgood stories, fun facts about Barrie, even bizarre bird formations over the marina, we want to share it.

Here’s what went down in Barrie last week…


Oh yeah…it was the Canada Day Long Weekend, which meant Promenade Days took over downtown. And a few of the smaller attendees wanted to join in the fun!


Speaking of joining in, there were thousands lined up to see the annual air show, which rocked the waterfront on Friday and Saturday. Summed perfectly in this snap by @oliveoilcobarrienewmarket


And check out this insanely cool video from INSIDE one of the snowbirds cockpit while flying the show from @equipedemocf18!!

And when the snowbirds finally did come back to earth, they were hanging out under the stars taking in the Barrie Film Festival’s screening of Top Gun (what else would they be watching?) at Meridian Place!

Our friends @shifthappensacro were out and about as well last week, showing off their “stuff” during the street festival and at the Farmer’s Market!


Perhaps you didn’t hear (as in, because you were in a coma or imprisoned in South America) there was a rather popular band in town this week. The Rolling Stones? Yeah, they took over Burl’s Creek with 70,000 friends or so…

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All I wanted for my birthday🎈🎂 was to work the Rolling Stones Concert… not only did that happen but I was able to do it alongside 14 of my friends! 👭👭👭👭👭👭👭 Much thanks to Burls Creek to being such an incredible company to work for! This doesn’t feel like work! • • • • • • • • #bestbirthday #blairandreneevstheworld #birthdayqueens #birthdaywishcometrue #manifestyourdreams #dreamsmadereality #bestjobever #sothankful #bestcompany #burlscreek #burlscreekeventgrounds #worldclassvenues #bestshows #bestvenues #therollingstones #therollingstonesconcert #therollingstonesforever #therollingstonestour #rollingstones #rollingstoneslive #rollingstonesfans #bestband #concertjunkie #concertphoto #musicislife #exploreontario #explorecanada #705 #wethenorth #barrie

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What a STAGE! @therollingstones

A post shared by Ashley P. 💋 (@ashdpol) on

If you are tweeting, posting and blogging about Barrie, we want to hear from you! Use the #barrieuncovered hashtag and we may post your stuff!


Air Shows, Outdoor Movies and a Hell of a Lot of Concerts: 3 Things To Do In Barrie This Long Weekend

Things to do this weekend in Barrie

Check Here For An Updated List of Things To Do In Barrie This Weekend

There are so many reasons to celebrate Canada.

Universal Healthcare.


The Raptors.

Drake (most of the time)

Jim Carey. SCTV. Coffee Crisp. Poutine!

And in Barrie, Canada Day means the return of Promenade Days in the downtown core. 3 full days of outdoor vendors, midways, music and movies. Oh yeah, and the FOOD. Basically…leave your belt at home.



Where to start? There’s the midway. The Air Show kicks off at 6pm on Friday. Summer Ice is back all weekend for a chance to get your skating on. Tons of vendors and exhibitors. And Barrie Wrestling will be on hand with live performances. Although our repeated requests for a re-match of the classic 1985 tilt between Ricky The Steamboat Dragon and Randy Savage have fallen on deaf ears, you can still expect body slamming at it’s finest.

And Meridian Place is celebrating it’s first anniversary with live music and cake (see what we mean about the belt?)




Saturday is also the first outdoor movie screening of the season, at Meridian Place.

It’s the 80s classic Top Gun on the big screen, starring Tom Cruise in the good ol’ days before he went full on couch jumping and psychology shaming. Also starring Val Kilmer in the good ol’ days before he thought he could play Batman. And Michael Ironside…who never really had good days. But he’s Canadian!!

The film starts at dusk.




90s Indie staple Ill Scarlett rolls into Barrie to take over Mavrick’s on Friday night. And if you read our weekly concert update, you’ll know that there will be a big announcement about local music at the show.

Elsewhere, the Foxx is jammed with it’s usual blend of rock, alternative and punk acts to raise your blood pressure. Donaleigh’s, Flying Monkey’s and McReily’s all have shows on Friday and Saturday. And B Knox is set up in the back room of Painter’s Hall on Saturday night if you need an acoustic break.

And if you are escaping the city (or at least as far as Big Bay Point road) Friday Harbour has a full weekend of family friendly live music as well.

Have an event coming up in Barrie you’d like to publicize? Reach out to us and we can post it on our calendar! 













Barrie Benches, Coffee and Conversation

“My brother and I are polar opposites. He was born on the summer solstice, the longest day of sunshine, which is fitting because he is like a ray of sunshine.  Literally a ray of sunshine. 

Ummm…well he was. 

He always made people smile and laugh and could make friends with anyone. It was great being with him, growing up, because he did all the talking.  We would sit together and laugh.  I appreciated that.  He was very talkative and very joyful.  Nowadays, I’m trying to find productive things to do with my time.  I’m trying to spend more time in nature.  It’s beneficial for your mental health.  I like to help people and I’m a first responder. “

I met Caleb four days before what would have been his brothers 24th birthday. We sat together at a bench in Barrie and well…..just talked.  We are strangers to each other.  I am in the prime of my years and Caleb, just beginning to find himself. 

Something about him was different

Sometimes when you talk to someone for the first time, you tend to look for similarities, mutual likes and dislikes.  You try to sort – sort – match the person, until you find where they fit into your groove. Surprisingly, it really wasn’t like that at all with Caleb.  He had something.  Something that I just can’t put my finger on.

Let me describe him for you as I saw him.  He was the essence of youth and vitality.  He sat calmly and told me of things, with legs crossed and hands folded quietly in his lap.  His voice was warm and soothing as he talked of his method of dealing with the passing of his elder brother.  He did not fidget.

“I took a 10-week meditation course from the Center for Freedom.  It’s covered by OHIP. I suggest it to everyone who wants to be calmer.  It takes time to make these practices a thing in your life.  But be patient.  During the day, I check in with myself and focus on my breath.”

Social Media does not define

Caleb’s brother committed suicide just a short month ago.  The passing of his brother has altered his perception of what’s important in life.  The wound is still raw. He’s trying to make his life for the better.  And has had to think long and hard about what “better” really is.  He realized that he hasn’t been spending a lot of time with his family and with his friends.  “I’m wasting too much time on social media and getting caught up in the electronic world.  Life is so much more than that superficial world.”

I asked Caleb what was important to him?  What is it that you want to tell the world?  “Remember how fragile life is and how lucky we are to be alive.  When we look at the lives of others, it makes our own wanting. Our desire to turn other people’s success into our own judgement is flawed due to incomplete data.  Look around you. Look at those you have in your lives and tell them you love them.  We suffer because we seek.  Stop seeking and be present.”

Caleb has deleted much of his Social Media since his brothers passing, in an effort to be present in life.  He’s not sure if the internet is good for us.  “Banding together for a cause, doing good things and being inspirational is meaningful.  Be mindful of how you use technology.”

Caleb is just one of the 141,400 citizens in our beautiful city of Barrie.  You may have passed him walking through Sunnidale Park.  You may have seen him at Johnson’s Beach.  Those are two of his favourite places right now as he focuses on his mental health.  “With grief, most people support you during the very beginning.  The way that grief works, its like a protective mechanism.  In the beginning, I was numb and didn’t feel anything.  As things became more real to me, most people moved on – which is life.  It’s weird but you need the help so much as time goes forward.  When you lose a sibling, you realize how mortal you are and how close death is.  It makes you think.”

Caleb has thought much about the delicate details of life and has started to make a conscious effort to recognize the beauty around him. 

“my definition of beauty has changed – something beautiful is something that creates more joy and happiness in the world.  Find meaning in your life”

Ahhhh….that’s it.  Now I understand. That’s the something that Caleb has that I just couldn’t figure out.  Inner peace. We sat and talked and he was so comforting, so soothing.  Caleb projects a very sincere calm inner peace.  He’s read a few books that has helped him through this tragic time – “Grief Recovery Handbook” and ”12 Rules for Life”. He recommends those books very strongly. It’s one thing to read a book, but its an impressive accomplishment to put those books into action.  Caleb is going a step further by sharing his story and inspiring others.

“Happiness is not the end result of a sum of our accomplishments.  Even the people who do well, has his or her own struggles.  Look around you, at those you have in your life and tell them you love them.”

Before Caleb and I parted ways, he said he had some words of advice to share.  His words aren’t only for those who have lost a sibling or a family member or a friend. His words of advice are to all who read this.  This is important so I would suggest to even read this last part out loud in your softest whisper.

“Be kind to each other. Be accepting.  Treat everyone the same.  Try to give people shit when they aren’t being nice, but that’s hard.  You have to be courageous.  Sometimes I’m not courageous and that’s scary.”

Oh Caleb.  You are more courageous than you know. 

I promise to be kind. 

I promise to be accepting.

 I promise to treat everyone the same.


Written by: Sharon Johnston | Images by: Stephen Elliot and Sharon Johnston

Barrie Benches, Coffee and Conversations is a new weekly feature that will highlight Barrie Citizens.  We will share the stories of locals in an effort to make our big community just a little smaller.  If you’d like to share a story of hope and inspiration, email us at [email protected] Perhaps we can sit together on a bench sometime.