As many of you may already know, there was a building fire at 68 Mary Street on Friday afternoon.  Thankfully for all, Emergency Response Units were very quick to respond, leaving only one person with minor injuries.

    We're sending "Shout Outs" to:

    *Certainly all of our Emergency Response personnel for their rapid response, heartfelt compassion. Their great humor throughout the day certainly helped to ease our fears! 

    *Rob and Carolle Hilton of A.G. Secure Property Management who arrived immediately and are still working on the logistics.  They have been fantastic for assisting everyone to the very best of their abilities.

    *The Office of the Mayor for sending Barrie Transit Buses with incredible drivers to keep us warm and situated. They were able to stay with us until the wee hours of the morning until temporary housing was established.

    *Our Mayor Jeff Leman for showing up quickly with water and masks for anyone in need. 

    *The Red Cross Emergency Disaster teams who were able to assist with short term housing for the tenants most seriously affected.

    *Rexall Pharmacy and Shoppers Drug Mart Wellington for the quick provision of necessary prescription medications. 

    *Bayfield Travelodge for being so receptive in the wee morning hours.

    *Mary Street LCBO for allowing the female tenants in to use their facilities during the day!

    *Higher Grounds Coffee house for supplying nice hot coffee and the fixings!

    *A very special Thankyou to Georgia, owner of Alliance Billiards, who was able to supply nutritious meals and hot drinks for everyone.  This gave us a place to relax and unwind while following all COVID protocols!  Truly this was one of the most heartwarming times of the day….two busloads of tired and scared tenants were welcomed with open arms, fed and even found laughter!  It was such a relief to be there!

    Even after the day ended we’ve had constant communication with many of the Advocate Groups within the City.  Thank you Barrie Families Unite, the Salvation Army, United Way, David Busby Centre, Elizabeth Fry Society and others that were able to answer questions and give direction as needed!

    I would also like to thank the neighbourhood on Mary Street!  We received calls from neighbours offering to do what they could, and making sure that everyone was safe.

    We always say that “It takes a village to raise a child” – well it takes a strong community to overcome an emergency!  So with hearts full of gratitude – Thank you Barrie!!

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