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    for all your gifting needs

    Have you ever been absolutely stuck on what to get as a gift for someone?  We’ve uncovered the best niche shop in Barrie for all your gifting needs.

    A Discovery for All Your Gifting Needs

    for all your gifting needs

    We discovered Everleigh Garden downtown when we did an Open Air Dunlop Street tour recently.  This shop has been open 4 years now, and it just gets better with age.

    Beautiful Kitchen Gifts

    for all your gifting needs
    for all your gifting needs

    Not only is Everleigh Garden a wonderful space to find kitchen tools and cookware; but there are so many unexpected treasures that shoppers often make 2-3 rounds discovering more as they go.

    Sunny Jung, owner, has such a wonderful sense of humour that it comes through in many of her gift suggestions.  Even the hardest person to buy for will be impressed.  (Check out the wine condoms – for instance).

    Gifts in Every Price Range

    for all your gifting needs

    In chatting with Sunny I learned that her customers come in all ages.  This is likely because there are gifts that cost anywhere from .75 to $1,000.00, making shopping affordable for everyone.

    Minimilist Gifts

    for all your gifting needs

    In her own home life Sunny is a minimalist.  This certainly shows in many of her offerings.  Here I think you should look at some of her Swedish lines available for all your gifting needs.


    for all your gifting needs
    for all your gifting needs

    She also has a number of collectible items as well.  Think pill boxes or salt and pepper sets.  I simply had no idea there could be so many.

    Everleigh Garden has numerous lines made by local artisans as well.  Check out the jewellery and soap lines offered.

    As business moves forward, Everleigh Garden will be adding even more to their eco-friendly lines as well.

    Handmade Cards

    for all your gifting needs

    One of the most unique offerings at Everleigh are the wonderful handmade cards.  This is actually what initially brought Sunny to open her shop.  She was being asked more often for her art work and gift ideas so she combined her artistic abilities and love of shopping with clients in mind and opened Everleigh Garden for all your gifting needs.

    Check this Out

    for all your gifting needs
    for all your gifting needs
    for all your gifting needs

    Next time that you are anywhere near the vicinity of Dunlop Street, make a point to drop in and say hi at Everleigh Garden.  I can almost guarantee you won’t leave empty handed.

    If you’ve enjoyed reading about Everleigh Garden, follow this link and you’ll be able to watch an interview with Sunny herself!

    for all your gifting needs

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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