As summer has arrived and Open Air Dunlop begun, we’ve been enticed to enjoy one very special patio downtown.

    Patio Choices

    Summer Bevvies in Barrie

    There are so many patios to choose from but this particular one has a very nice added touch.

    Barrie is so well known for Arts and Entertainment and that talent is certainly shown on the patio at Grillicious Gourmet Tap and Grill on Mulcaster Street.

     Not only is Owner/Chef Josie extremely talented with her spectacular menu choices, but she employs some pretty fantastic and talented staff as well.

    Local Artist

    Summer Bevvies in Barrie

    The wonderful mural on the patio depicts the story of how Grillicious has evolved.  Beginning as a food truck to becoming one of the fav’ spots downtown is a feather in Chef Josie’s Cap!

    The mural, painted by staff member Julia Bergey, a local visual artist whose love of life seems to show through in every brush stroke – has the journey there for all to see.

    Summer Bevvies in Barrie

    Julia’s art journey, however, began in high school but became a way of life after private lessons with artist Irina Gretchaniai.  She went onto classes at Haliburton School of Art in 2018 and the rest is history.

    Growing up in Barrie, Julia has much to offer in our City’s Art Scene.  Be sure to say hi if she’s on shift during your next visit.

    Introducing Our New Mixologist

    Summer Bevvies in Barrie
    Summer Bevvies in Barrie

    Grillicious is really excited to introduce Kenzie, their new mixologist. Make sure to say hi when you drop in and try one of her fantastic summer bevvies. 

    Blue Hawaiian

    Summer Bevvies in Barrie
    Summer Bevvies in Barrie
    Summer Bevvies in Barrie

    Now sitting on the patio enjoying the art; what better way to spend a lakeside afternoon than with one of the summer cocktails at Grillicious.

    One of the favs, (I’ve heard) is the Blue Hawaiian, a rum and pineapple based cocktail made just right for hot summer days.

    A Patio for You!

    Summer Bevvies in Barrie

    Having introduced you to one of the most spectacular patios in downtown Barrie, we hope you take the time to relax, enjoy and order up some “Grillicious Food” while soaking up the rays.

    Whether it’s after a long day at work or a hot day at the beach – Grillicious Gourmet Tap and Grill has the patio for you – and a menu to match.

    Summer Bevvies in Barrie
    Summer Bevvies in Barrie

    Some of the summer menu favs are Bulgogi Beef and other Sandwiches, Pizza, Pizza and more Pizza along with some seriously great Gluten Free and Vegan options to try out!

    The dining experience in Barrie

    Written By:  Jane Laker

    Photo Credit:  Stephen Elliott

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