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What’s Happening @Grillicious?

Even if the day is cooler, what’s happening @Grillicious is HOT!

Order dinner on the heated patio where it’s comfortably warm to enjoy everything new and exciting!

Patio Opening Soon!

The staff hopes to have the extended patio open by April 1st with a celebration for that!

In the meantime the new pizza oven offers mega great taste!

Gourmet Pizza Now Available!

Bringing exquisite gourmet pizza to our city – there’s just so much to try!

We happened to discuss the new Bulgogi Beef pizza with Colleen.

Just What is Bulgogi Beef?

Bulgogi beef is crazy tender and juicy.  One of the most popular Korean Dishes, its tender thinly sliced caramelized beef cut from some of the choicest cuts.

Marinated with soy sauce, ginger, garlic, sesame and scallions along with an Asian pear, – it’s slightly sweet and savory.

Bulgogi means fire and meat, traditionally grilled on a barbeque or griddle.

Sliced paper thin it’s a wonderful addition to top off a gourmet pizza.

Even Great Vegan Options!

The Bulgogi Beef Pizza at Grillicious, baked in the new oven on a traditional stone, the pizza comes in both Vegan and Regular gourmet styles.

Starting with a tomato sauce it’s layered with spinach, mozzarella cheese, spinach, kimchee sauce and of course Bulgogi beef.

The vegan style has a Bulgogi Tofu that tastes incredible!  Vegan cheese along with all the other ingredients gives us the best of both worlds!

Wanna' Play Pool?

Colleen let us know that the pool tables are open again and they’re excited to be seeing the regulars once more.

With all the options Grillicious offers we can dine on the patio overlooking the bay; order for home or even cater our group.

Want to taste gourmet in Barrie?  Try out the new menu at Grillicious Gourmet Tap and Grill!

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credits: Stephen Elliott

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4th Annual Barrie’s Holi Fest – Barrie Indian Association

Barrie Indian Association is hosting its 4th Annual – Barrie’s Holi Fest., Festival of Colors on Sunday, March 28th from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Barrie City Hall (outdoor, by the flags)  

However, one of the most colourful festivals actually known as Festival of Colour or Holi is a two day celebration known nearly throughout the world now.

The festival stems from pranks that Lord Krishna was known for.

It is said that he enjoyed throwing colored powder on the village girls and wetting them, making the village a riot of bright colors during the 2 day event.


Nowadays the colored powder is still thrown, but water guns are used to aim well and wet!!

Whatever your heritage – springtime in Canada is certainly worth celebrating! 

This is a virtual celebration that will be showcased LIVE on Facebook and Instagram of Barrie Indian Association.

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Wintertide:Return of Light MacLaren Art Centre

A first again!  Wintertide: Return of Light is the first annual art projection project by the MacLaren Art Centre..

In collaboration with the City of Barrie and our incredible local arts community they will use windows to show projected art.

Very First Show!

This first show points us to our bi-annual time change as well as the growing optimism afforded by mass vaccinations and an end to this Pandemic!

Now that weather is warming, get ready for an evening walk along Collier and Mulcaster Streets with your family.

Once dusk has moved in viewing will be in the windows of the MacLaren Art Centre and the vacant storefront beside Jimmy Chews. 

Included in the Projection will be an endearing candlelight vigil for Roberta Place; photographs provided by Simcoe County Archives and Canadian Forces Base Borden, as well as art from the following artists:

And the Artists Are:

Angela Aujla of Barrie is a Professor of Sociology, an emerging artist specializing in mixed media, drawing and visual collage.

Using ink, oil pastels, paint and computer Angela creates a very special effect loved by children and adults alike.

Krystal Ball is a regional artist known as a globally based citizen living in both Toronto or Jamaica.

Her work is a very definite style of bold, rich and striking use of color.  There is such an appreciation of her cultural background found within her art.  Simply stunning!

David Andrec, formally of Hamilton has now made Barrie his home for work and play.  David has travelled extensively for his love of photographic art.  His showings represent expansive insights into different cultures through his lens!

Tarun Lak of Los Angeles is a very special artist within the art projection project.  Tarun is a filmmaker nominated for a Golden Globe and works in animation at Pixar Animation Studios.

Check Them Out!

Many of you will recognize his work; take a moment to find out more about Tarun before visiting the project.  Just reading a bit about him will start your creative thoughts in motion.

Many Thanks -

Wintertide has been made possible through the generous support of the Founding Partners; Thanks to the City of Barrie, Georgian BMW/MINI Georgian, the Sargeant Company, Canadian Forces Base Borden and Simcoe County Archives.

So gather the family, put your walking shoes on and head towards this unique collaboration downtown Barrie!

Written By: Jane Laker

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Grassroots Lifeline for Downtown Barrie!

Join everyone in the nationwide grass roots movement to shop local!  Throw a lifeline to our City’s downtown businesses by purchasing an E Gift Card!

Barrie’s Downtown B.I.A. (Business Improvement Area) is working in partnership with Meridian Credit Union to assist business owners in our historical downtown area.

Ways to Shop Local!

By purchasing an E-Gift Card through the B.I.A. website – your financial support will go directly to the business you desire.

To add some intrigue to supporting local, the BIA has expanded their Lifeline E-Gift card program to include a little mystery.  To include even more excitement, they’ve turned this into a fun contest!  Each purchase enters you into a contest to win DOUBLE YOUR ORDER!  One winner each week, so come on and #supportLocal!


There’s even a mystery option. So check it out and GET IN THE GAME!

Barrie’s historical downtown is a beautiful vibrant community of small business owners who work diligently to create a wonderful resident/tourist atmosphere.

We all miss our leisurely lakeside visits to the wonderful variety of shops and dining establishments in the downtown area!

Shop Local - Shop Local - Shop Local

The B.I.A. wants the residents of Barrie to know that while some businesses have been required to close due to COVID protocols, the gift card dollars will go directly to the business owner and that shopping will resume as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Shopping Local keeps area families employed.  It also keeps dollars spent here in the community as well, helping to support those families still able to work.

Please visit the B.I.A. website for more information on purchasing the cards.

Our B.I.A.

Kelly McKenna Executive Director
Kristen Eatch Project Manager

The B.I.A. in Barrie was formed in partnership with the City of Barrie to retain and promote the lovely charm of this lakeside section of the city.  They have done a remarkable job making the area more pedestrian friendly, added a variety of art installations and just a wonderful place to visit. 

The B.I.A. also promotes the area constantly with festivals, street fair and events in order to encourage visits by residents and tourists alike.

So good residents of Barrie….while we must endure the safety protocols of COVID – there are still ways of joining the grassroots movement of Shop Local!  Check it out today – and help keep business strong in Barrie!

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credits: Stephen Elliott

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…And We’re Back…At Skewers

And we’re back with Skewers…

With the careful re-opening of “All that is Barrie”, I think it’s time to revisit one of our favorite places.

I’m dreaming of a meal at Skewers on Clapperton Street.

Luke has sure made it enticing to hurry over!

We can choose from either a Lunch or Dinner Menu with a number of selections!

Lunch Specials

    $8.00 Lunch Menu                                                    $9.00 Lunch Menu  

1.  Rice, Salad, Drink with any skewer                                              1.  Beef Bulgogi Sandwich

2.  Grilled or Fried Chicken Sandwich/drink                                     2.  Pulled Pork Sandwich

Dinner Specials

$8.00 – 6 pc. Boneless Fried Chicken on Rice

$9.00 – Rice, Salad and any skewer or choice of Grilled Chicken

Breast/Fried Calamari/Popcorn Chicken

$10.00 – Beef Bulgogi on Rice with a side of Coleslaw

$13.00 – 12 pieces Boneless Fried Chicken on Rice

Add on Spicy or Sweet Sauce for $1.00

Skewers always seem to have both fun and healthy menu options.  That’s what great restaurants are all about!

And Addictive!  That’s what the thick and sticky sauces are when you order from Skewers!

Let me just say, when Luke tells you that you might become addicted – He’s not fooling around!

Not only are the sauces addictive; the Bulgogi Beef meals or Sandwiches are right up there!

You can find Skewers on Skip the Dishes, Uber Eats as well as Door Dash, but Luke invites you back in so he can say Hi!

Let’s do our best to support our Downtown…Drop into Skewers and let Luke know what you enjoy from the menu most of all!

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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