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Dirty thirty birthday

Dirty Thirty, Fun and Flirty! Fierce Lady Edition

Ugh. Milestones. We googled the meaning and found, an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development.”  Yep.  It’s gonna happen.  Or it HAS happened.  Just when you thought that being able to say you are officially a quarter century old was cool, suddenly you are staring your dirty thirty in the face.  Let’s say it one more time – Ugh. Milestones.

Okay, shake it off! Who cares that one of the top songs of 1989 was by Bobby Brown?  That isn’t our prerogative!  (Apparently it was Bobby’s!)  We are going to be Straight Up with you and tell you that your Dirty Thirty has come and set you up for Fun and Flirty!

Dirty thirty birthday

Girl you Know it’s True

As a modern woman, you deserve PAMPERING!  (Boys stay tuned for your dirty thirty advice!)  Pampering is never wrong and nothing makes you feel beautiful than starting with your nails.  We know that Cardi B. nails are the bomb right now, but you need functional at the same time.  Where is your favourite place in Barrie to get your nails done?  Solar? Gel? Dip?  What’s the new best thing?  We all have that one place that we like to go but let us pull you out of your comfort zone just a wee bit.  Hip Hop Nails.  Check out their rating on Facebook.  They’ve got a 4.9 out of 5.  Ummm, WOW!  You deserve to start out your Dirty Thirty in style, so make an appointment with Tony at Hip Hop Nails and let’s get on to the next best thing!

Nails – CHECK!

Now we need to add some glamour – Three Small Rooms is literally calling your name. Please tell us that you’ve been here? Check out their website and make sure to book your appointment in advance. What we love about this place is that there are choices for your budget.  You can have a master stylist doing your hair, (you are worth it) or you can go with a New Talent Stylist. No fears, Friend!  At Three Small Rooms, you are going to be in great hands.  Oh, did we mention that they are also a fully licensed café?  How about getting pampered and enjoying a glass of white wine?  Red?  Both? If it’s a cocktail that you are after, don’t forget, “Ice, Ice Baby!”  It’s your Dirty Thirty, you can do what you want.

Glamour – CHECK!

Step Aside Cardi B!

You need a killer outfit – Winner’s just isn’t going to cut it.  You need a statement piece. We aren’t going to help you with this one – you know you better than anyone.  Get yourself a great outfit and stay classy.  Dirty Thirty is a new era and thotty dresses just don’t cut it anymore.  (but keep one, just in case)

Outfit – CHECK!

Location! Location! Location!  Lastly, you need a place to be.  We’ll offer a couple of suggestions – Flying Monkeys upstairs.  Seriously.  They’ve got nostalgic pinball machines and video games that are free of charge to play.  Get together a group of at least 20 of your BFF’s and ask for the upstairs room. Be sure to read up our article on some of the Uncovered Secrets about Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery.


Location – CHECK!

Now what?  Oh yes, the FLIRTY portion. To be honest, we’ve already helped you be Extra AF.  We’ll just trust that you’ve got the flirty under control.

Dirty thirty birthday

Oh, and in case we forgot to say it, “Happy Birthday!”

Barrie Uncovered Secrets:

  • Bring cash to Hip Hop nails for a slight discount in price.  Extra leftover moolah = extra drinks later.  Do it. (responsibly, of course)
  • Get your makeup touched up while at Three Small Rooms – COMPLIMENTARY!


Written by: Sharon Johnston | Images by: Stephen Elliot

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