Spending time chatting with Angela Francis of AFFA Studio (Angela Francis Fine Art) today, I found a glimmer of hope!  She tells me she’s great at ‘Developing Your Creativity!’

    You see I have always dreamed of being able to draw, sculpt or paint; however my hand-eye coordination seems to limit those abilities to zero!  I can and do make art with words – That’s my forte!

    During my time spent with Angela – the owner of AFFA, I heard the phrase “even if you don’t think you can”, “I will guide you” and “even beginners are amazed!”  This leads me to believe that maybe, just maybe – there’s hope!

    AFFA Studio at 119 Sophia St. W. creates an escape from daily like for everyone.  When we’re not in “Shutdown” it’s a place to gather, make friends and begin exploring your creative side.  Right now you can still learn and create via Zoom.

    Art Via Zoom!

    Even on Zoom, Angela makes you feel comfortable learning.  There are kits available for purchase for those of us that are completely new to painting.  All we need to do is register in advance; Angela will have your kit delivered right to your doorstep!

    When lockdown is over and the studio open, Angela invites you back to share space and make friends.  There are a variety of experiences to enjoy.

    AFFA Studio offers:

    Paint Nights

    A Fall Retreat

    The Secret Garden Art Show

    Bracelet Making

    Blackberry Jam Sessions

    and more

    Everyone is also invited to join the AFFA Collective.  It’s the opportunity to have access to low cost space, discounts on workshops, Gallery showings and more!

    Create Your Own Amazing Art!

    It’s really a great chance to take a night off, relax and explore your artistic side with an instructor to guide you through the creation of your own amazing piece.

    Angela, along with her Collective Artists even host Children’s parties, Staff parties, Birthday Parties, Ladies/Couples nights and Baby Showers!

    I have come to realize that the AFFA Studio team really are masters of “Converting coffee conversation into Customer Satisfaction”!

    During these cold winter nights – allow yourself to warm up your creative self and register for a class!

    Visit the AFFA Studio website to check it out.

    You’ll be so glad that you did!

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credits: Stephen Elliott

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