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Cannabis Jobs and Culture in Simcoe County

The Boom of Cannabis Jobs and Culture in Barrie

Whether you’re for or against the usage of cannabis as a medical option, you can’t argue the economic benefits. It’s a billion dollar industry.  And as more new businesses spring up, it’s bringing hundreds of jobs and new businesses to Barrie. Cannabis culture is spreading in interesting ways. And it’s making its presence felt.

Cannabis Jobs and Culture in Barrie


Medical Marijuana Jobs – the Proof is in the Stats

On January 14th of 2019, Barrie council voted to allow retail cannabis stores within the city. Ontario’s plan is to initially restrict brick-and-mortar stores until supply meets up with demand. Demand is definitely high, and this means that the pressure is on for production facilities to expand quickly – which is good news for local job seekers.

Barrie’s unemployment rate is fairly good compared to the rest of the province. However, according to a survey by Express Employment Professionals, the average time it takes to find a job in Canada has risen to 19 months – the highest in five years. To someone stuck without work, a low unemployment rate is no comfort.

Job site Indeed posted a report last summer detailing the job postings in the cannabis industry. Their data shows Ontario as the leader in job postings from cannabis companies. A number of major cannabis companies have their headquarters in Ontario. And job openings have more than tripled since July 2017.

The wide variety of job positions are what makes the cannabis industry such a powerhouse. Clinics need workers to meet the increase in patients. Another major aspect of the industry is the marketing and sales, due to the rapid increase of companies, getting your name recognized is an ongoing battle.

“It’s really a candidate market, as opposed to an employer market” said Jennifer Ellis, the human resources manager at Canadian medical marijuana company Cronos Group.

Medical Marijuana Facilities in Simcoe

One of the major players in the Barrie area, MediPharm Labs are focusing on processing pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oils. MediPharm recently signed a $35 million, 13-month contract that will provide the company and its local employees stability to focus on growing. 

Another local company is The Peace Naturals Project. It produces extracts out of it’s 315,000 sq ft facilities in Stayner. Founded in 2013, the company was the first in Canada to receive it’s medicinal cannabis oil license. It has a custom-built extraction facility on-site which allows it to avoid ethanol refinement and creates what they believe to be a more complete product. 

“Simcoe County is historically a very agriculture-driven region, so it made sense from a labour-pool perspective. I think others will see that benefit as well,” said Jeff Jacobson, vice-president of business development on their reasoning behind choosing Stayner for their massive facility.

These are merely two examples of the cannabis facilities springing up across the Province. When you visit any of the company sites, you’ll see they’re all hiring for a variety of positions.

Peace Naturals for example, currently has over twenty open positions available on their site. MediPharm has a long list of jobs available on it’s website as well, including Payroll and Accounting or Security Guard positions.

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