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Braining and Adulting. Yeah, we said it.

Have you ever been stuck in a fuzz?  Braining is hard work, and it goes hand in hand with Adulting.  Some days you’ve got the brain and some days you just don’t.  This is where we step in and help you keep your brain active and healthy in Barrie. After doing some research, we found that there are 5 sure fire ways to keep your brain at its top form. Let’s go thru them:

#1 Werk your body!

Exercise gets the blood flowing and that translates to more oxygen to your brain cells.  Last we heard; oxygen is a good thing.  There are many places to go for a vigorous walk in Barrie.  Try Sunnidale Arboretum.

9 Things To Do in Barrie This October

It’s looking gorgeous this time of year.  If indoor is more of your workout plan,  then maybe it is time to build that home gym that you’ve always thought about.  Have you checked out Fitness Avenue?  Head down to Bryne Drive and check them out for all your home gym needs.  They’ve got it all!

#2 Learn to play an instrument

This is a great idea!  Look, we aren’t saying learn to play piano and go all Mozart on us – what we are saying, is that you have got to start somewhere. 

Guitar or even Ukulele is a decent idea to start with.  If Kazoo is more of what you are thinking, then go ahead and go all Kazoo!  We have heard all sorts of good stuff about Spaulding School of Music, so how about starting by giving them a call? Just a little Uncovered Secret to share – you can also sign up for their online programs.

#3 Go to School! (Or back to it!)

With the myriad of courses that you can take at Georgian College, there really is no excuse.  You have to be able to find SOMETHING that gets your Noggin’ nourished! Think about it for a little while and perhaps sign up for Experience Georgian on Saturday, Nov 16th, 2019, and attend the Open House.  You could win up to $5,000 towards tuition!  Also, don’t forget about Liaison College on Dunlop Street!  They call themselves Ontario’s Largest Trainer of Chefs & Cooks!  Is it time for you to discover the Culinary Arts?

#4  Ssshhhhhh, catch some zzzzzzz’s!

Did you know that while you are sleeping that neural connections are physically made?  You’ve got to get enough sleep!  Here’s what we suggest, Head over to Spotify and listen to the Barrie Uncovered Set List to help you relax.  What’s better than listening to music comprised entirely of local artists?  Not much, if you ask us.

#5  Get out with friends!

Socialize.  Us humans are social creatures and we need to be connected with others to maintain good mental health.  Check out our article on “9 Things To Do in Barrie This October”.

Studies have shown that socializing improves cognitive performance.  Hanging out with Friends and Family will release all them good Endorphins! Why not do something different!  You got this!

Barrie has a lot to offer and all it takes is a thorough read thru our blog to realize it.  We haven’t even tipped the iceberg yet! (Is that the right phrase?) Get out into Barrie and discover all that this wonderful city holds.  If you find something new, send us a line so that we can check it out.  (we love NEW things!)  That’s all we’ve got to say about that!  For the time being, we are going to better research point # 4.  Zzzzzzzz……….

Written by Sharon Johnston | Images by Stephen Elliot

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