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Ladies Night out in Barrie

Things to do in Barrie – Ladies Night Out on Dunlop Street

Sitting around looking for things to do in Barrie on your Thursday Ladies night? We know that life can get really busy, and it can be hard to find the time to spend with your friends. So when you’ve finally carved out a night, you definitely want to make the most your precious time together.

You’re looking for a full night of fun activities, you’re looking to bond and share. Barrie Uncovered has done the hard work for you, all you have to do is bring yourself, your two besties and get ready for some fun on Dunlop Street!

Ladies Night at Gyms in Barrie

Your night on Dunlop is going to start out with a little action and adventure by taking everyone to Alt Rock. This is Barrie’s Rock-Climbing Gym, you can see more information about it on our previous post: Barrie Fitness Studios. Barrie Uncovered has a secret to share about Alt Rock – Thursday is Ladies Night!  Get there by 5:00 pm and only pay $15 each! You can spend a couple of hours with your best friends, working on your fitness and having fun. We would suggest that you cover the bill for this adventure, then the next two stops can be covered by your two friends. No divvying up the receipt, no mathematical equations, nice and simple – and who doesn’t like that?

Head to the Uptown Barrie Theatre

The next stop is the Barrie Uptown Theatre. Get there before 7pm as their evening showtimes start between 7:00 – 7:30. Barrie Uptown Theatre has a Recliner Comfort Lounge – which means you really don’t want to miss out seeing a movie in this theatre. Imagine 50 black leather chairs that recline to an almost horizontal position, after your climbing adventure at Alt Rock this is exactly what you need.

We have another secret to share, before you buy your tickets tell them you’re on a Ladies Date Night.  Bing! Bang! Boom! Your tickets are reduced to $6.00 each. Let one of your friends step forward to pay this bill, and then spring for the popcorn and drinks. This should come out to the same $50 that you spent at Alt Rock. Fair Square and all that jazz!

Barrie Restaurants to End your Night

Your night continues – are you hungry yet?  After all your exercise and recliner comfort, it’s time for some ambience.  Take yourselves to Il Buco Ristorante and tell that third friend to get their wallet ready because this bill is on them. Now don’t get too excited, we’re trying to make sure that you only spend $50.00 each. Here are our favourites that the three of you can share, after all sharing is caring!

Here are our suggested apps and entrée’s for your Ladies Night Out:

  • Antipasto Misto Platter
  • Lemon Garlic Shrimp
  • Enrico’s Famous Garlic

Well there you have it, we planned the perfect night out starring you and your besties. A perfect combination of activities, relaxing and food! We hope you’ll take this ready planned adventure with your friends, make some amazing memories and let us know how it went!

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