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5 Things To Do This Spring in Barrie

Spring has sprung (yeah, we know…you heard that pun about 700 times already) and with it, a merciful end to the longest winter in history.

And while things are far from back to normal, the warmer climes at least mean we can give Netflix a rest and escape outside.

We’ve collected a list of 5 Things To Do in Barrie this season! And keep in mind that if you have an event coming up, we have an event calendar to fill! So let us know and we will add it!


Like you needed any more incentive to get on to outside dining. Capacity limits are going up (yay!) and the range of cool patios in Barrie make for a fantastic afternoon/evening out. Downtown, you’ve got the stalwarts; Donaleigh’s, Kenzington, Flying Monkey’s. And to the south you’ve got newer additions like Steyn House and Jack Astor’s.


If hanging on your own patio is on your list for this season, might we recommend curling up with a good podcast? Of course we’ve got a variety of audio entertainment, but there are a plethora of equally cool local pods.

True crime junkies should have a listen to Whereabouts Unknown, hosted by local private investigator Ellen White. The ongoing series shines a spotlight on the stories of the missing and murdered in Canada, particularly cases from around the region.

Comedy fans will get a kick out of local Yike’s Sketch Troupe alums in the Dilemma Dudes pod, exploring topics like “should you expose your friend’s cheating husband?”

Sequel Talk with local filmmaker Mitch Graszat is a pop culture-savvy chat where guests dream up imaginary sequels and talk about em! Recent episodes include bad ideas for classic movies like Heathers and the Princess Bride. And it’s not limited to just movies. Mitch and company also speculate on what could have been with classic songs and TV shows.


“Education is the passport to the future” said… someone much brighter than us. But you can put yourself on the path to recognizing or even saying profound quotes like that via the many adult education options in Barrie.

Georgian College has a number of evening and continuing education classes, including online learning.

There’s also College Boreal, which provides full courses in French and Spanish as a second language.


Not literally. Well actually, yes literally in the sense of hiking outdoors as opposed to the insult.

The greens and the temperatures are the perfect combo to take advantage of the plethora of wooded walks in and around Barrie. If hiking isn’t your thing, picnics or reading in the parks will fill your outdoor recharge quota.


The Farmer’s Market will welcome back the outdoor portion of their year in May, meaning all the fruit and veggies from the local farmers will be at your fingertips under the glowing sun. In addition to the food and vendors, there’s live music (restrictions permitting)

And when the heat gets high enough, be sure to cruise by Swirleez and/or Ripe Juicery (among others) for a frosty smoothie or frozen yogurt.

What Did You Think Of 5 Things To Do This Spring in Barrie? Let Us Know in the Comments!

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