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5 Things To Do For Halloween in Barrie

5 Things To Do For Halloween in Barrie

Covid has killed alot of fun this year, and Halloween is among it’s casualties. Although there isn’t a ban on Trick or Treating, many families will be staying home, and the usual crowd gathering events have been curtailed or cancelled.

But there’s still plenty of Halloween happenings around town. Scroll on for a few ideas to up the scare factor this week!

5 Things To Do For Halloween in Barrie

Drive by some of Barrie’s most epic lawn displays

Trick-or-treat 2020 might not happen, but that hasn’t stopped enthusiasts from spooking up their front yards with Halloween props.

5 Spence Avenue in Midhurst, 212 Foster Drive and 288 Browning Trail have all gone above and beyond the call for creep this year. Be sure to keep social distancing when checking them out but even a quick tour can heighten the Halloween horror!

Hit the Alley

Despite having to close their way cool big tent experience, the Alley will be re-opening (with social distancing in place) for Halloweekend. It’s reservation only though so be sure to book in ASAP. The doors open Thursday night and run right to Saturday evening.

Take a Drive

There are a couple of eerie live haunts within driving distance, including a great lights show in Vaughan. It’s a pay per car basis, so load up the famjam and crank up the speakers! Spooky tunes and eerie sightings make for a fun family night trip.

Sink a Mini Putt

Bring your bubble and celebrate Halloween by sinking a few putts. Glow in the Dark Mini Putt will be open Saturday for a family friendly event, with treats at a few holes.

Escape Room Action

If you really want to up your fun/fear factor, consider booking in an Escape Room this weekend. Nothing says Halloween like trying to escape a locked room on the eeriest weekend of the year! MindBuster Escape Rooms is offering escapes through the weekend, although spots must be reserved in advance. (Just don’t watch any of the SAW movies before arriving)

BONUS! Listen To a Creepy Podcast!

Take an audio tour of some of Barrie’s most haunted spots in our latest podcast! Best listened to with headphones…and in the dark.

What did you think of 5 Things To Do For Halloween in Barrie? Let us know in the comments!

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