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    The older generations that were kids in the 70’s lived in the ‘golden era’ of retro arcades.  Of course, they weren’t considered retro at the time.  There seemed to be one on ever other corner along with a group of kids – their pockets heavy with quarters.

    Soon home gaming systems became more affordable and the arcades as many knew them faded into oblivion.

    It’s interesting to watch the resurgence of retro arcades now – along with parents who feel this is one of the better occasional activities for their kids.  Reasoning tells us that the visit to the retro arcade is very different for sitting for hours in front of today’s gaming consoles.  Read on to learn why.

    Supports Family Bonding

    retro arcade

    Parents introducing their kids to Pac Man for the first time, show them the thrill of chasing those dots and evading pesky ghosts to rack up points.  As the older generation, you may sweat a little when all of a sudden you realize that the kids just might be a lot better than you were.  Bonding over retro board games can be hilarious as well.  Your family may realize many ‘Kodak moments’… in ‘retrospeak’.

    Retro Arcade Games aren't Violent

    retro arcade

    Think about the retro arcade games you used to enjoy so much.  How many of them were about killing or other extremely graphic violence?  Not many that we can recall.  Pac Man eats dots.  Tetris is all about building blocks, while NBA Jam is all about scoring points.  Sure there were some of that bad bits of violence, but old school graphics made them much tamer than today’s graphics.

    Part of what makes the retro arcade exciting to visit is the sheer number of non-violent games to choose from.  This really allows parents to feel guilt free when the kids are clamouring to go.

    Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

    retro arcade

    Try not to feel too old hangin’ with the kids at your local retro arcade.  Remember – these were the ‘in places’ when you were young.

    If you take your favourite little people, your stroll through the nostalgia of the past can do a myriad of things.  First is the friendly competition of teaching and then playing the games. (Remember some of your personal bests).  Then those important things in life…like how not to get eaten by a ghost or how to fit the shapes together in your Tetris tower.

    Your kids might think you’re a dork at first, but we’re pretty sure by the time you’ve all spent an afternoon down your memory lane, a passion for these games will evolve.

    Retro Games are Fun

    retro arcade

    Really, the bottom line is retro games never disappoint.  Whether it’s the dot eating circles, floating puzzle pieces or frogs crossing roads, their fascinating game play is one of their most enduring qualities.

    Maybe it’s how easy they seem to be to play, but baffling to beat.  We love the charm of the old school graphics and trying to beat our own high score.

    retro arcade

    Even if kids roll their eyeballs, call you a geek or dork, non-violent games that allow for family bonding, a walk down memory lane and unforgettable fun are a great way to spend time and share space with the kids.   This creates memory making moments for sure.

    Check Out Last Level Lounge

    retro arcade

    Here in town, one of the coolest retro arcades is the Last Level Lounge on Dunlop Street.  With their very affordable flat rate entrance fee, it’s not only great fun, but very affordable.  Unlike our arcades of the past, at Last Level Lounge you’re able to enjoy a drink, or great menu offerings as well.  Make sure to try the pizza…to die for.

    Last Level Lounge is filled with nostalgia.  The owners have a serious collection of past and present movie, game, and just plain fun pieces to check out.

    Take kids and head down to Dunlop Street to check it out.  This could be the perfect solution to the next P.A. day at school.

    retro arcade

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    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credits: Steve Elliott

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