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3 Online Things To Do Tonight



This will be the third weekend that we’re restricted to the confines of our living quarters. But as we reported on earlier this week, Barrie is coming up aces when it comes to coping with isolation.

And there are still plenty of online options to keep the distractions flowing. And remember that a whole whack of local restaurants are still delivering if you want to make a big night of it.


3 Online Things To Do Tonight


Live Stream w. B Knox

The Barrie music scene is absolutely killing it with online gigs during the Covid crisis, and tonight B. Knox continues the trend.

At 7pm Barry takes over the Rivoli’s Instagram for a live performance to promote the release of his new disc, Best Laid Plans.

You can hear a full interview with Mr. Knox about his improbable path to music on the debut episode of Uncover The Music.


Do A Work Out

In addition to the variety of yoga classes from local studios popping up online, a couple of gyms have virtually opened their doors to get your heart rate up.

And if you’re anything like us…the only exercise you’ve been getting is opening the fridge door. Might be time to stretch the limbs.

Tonight Beatz Barrie offers a free 30 minute work out on Instagram.


Take A Virtual Tour Of The MacLaren

Even though the MacLaren had to close their doors with the rest of us, that doesn’t mean you can’t access their galleries.

You can take a virtual tour of the current portraits hanging in the gallery through their website. The collection spans documentary photographs to commissioned paintings to enigmatic self-portraits, so there’s a plenty of diversity to check out.

Keep in mind you can still donate to the MacLaren (and other local charities) through online portals.

View this post on Instagram

The originals may be out of reach for now, but you can still explore artwork from our new season of exhibitions by taking a virtual tour of Portraits from the MacLaren’s Permanent Collection. Click the link in our bio to "visit the gallery"! #MuseumFromHome The art of portraiture is a subtle one, evolving over time from stately portraits of power to contemporary works that challenge notions of beauty and identity. This exhibition features works from our collection that demonstrate how artists working across diverse media approach this venerable genre. @mcgibbous @noor.means.light #maclarencollection #currentexhibitions #maclarenexhibitions #portraits #portraiture #contemporaryart #virtualexhibitions #onlinecollection #exploremuseums #stayhome #museumsandchill #startthinkingart #maclarenartcentre

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Bonus! Take a Virtual Rollercoaster Ride

Did you know that Canada’s Wonderland offers a full slate of YT versions of their biggest rides?

All the fav’s are there: Minebuster, Levithan, Silverstreak.

Just pull a chair up to the TV and off you go! All the fun of the rollercoaster without the puking (probably)

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