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    stressing out about Christmas

    Are you stressing out about Christmas?

    Holiday stress is synonymous with the start of December for many.
    This added stress is because we often end up in the pitfalls of comparison and feel the need to ‘keep up’ with everyone around us and on social media.

    Managing Christmas Stress

    stressing out about Christmas

    Managing stress only gets more complicated as December comes around. Suddenly, we have a million presents to buy, dishes we need to learn to cook, and parties we need to attend. We’re exhausted just thinking about it.

    Enter December

    stressing out about Christmas

    The holidays can be a hot mess, and the start of December kicks that all into gear. Keep calm and giggle on by thinking with humour every day!
    I have a confession to make; I’m a recovering Christmas junkie. I have struggled for years. And if I’m not careful, I will fall back into that black hole of tinsel and holiday baking.
    Too many decorations. Too much cooking. Too much shopping. And that’s just the beginning.
    The wrapping has to match the tree. And I have to make goodies for the neighbours. And host the Christmas coffee. And the Sunday School Christmas party.

    Exhaustion Sets In

    stressing out about Christmas

    Then a few years ago, on Thanksgiving weekend, exhaustion hit. I realized I was already dreading Christmas; it totally shouldn’t be that way.
    So, I gathered the family and started asking questions about what was most important to them.
    Big Christmas dinner? Not necessary. Soup would be fine.
    Tree? Oh yes. That’s important.

    So, we put up the tree but skipped the big dinner. Wow! Brilliant. And that was just the beginning of taking back Christmas. We decided to keep the things we enjoyed the most and forget the rest. Less stuff and activities would mean less stress!

    Clutter - Free Christmas

    stressing out about Christmas

    “A clutter-free Christmas says that we are doing only those things that are truly important. We are not getting weighed down by unnecessary expenditures, obligations, or craziness.”

    Too Early?

    stressing out about Christmas

    Too Early to Think about Christmas?
    You may be wondering why I’m talking about Christmas now.
    We need to talk about this before Thanksgiving. After will be entirely too late. By then, you’re already in the middle of it.
    So, before I get all worked up, and all stressed out, I’m going to take a step back and purposefully give Christmas some thought before I dive in. Will you join me?
    Today, I encourage us to take a few action steps:


    Ask yourself and your families what’s essential and what’s not. What Christmas traditions and activities are “must-haves” for you and your family? What isn’t that important? You may be surprised!


    Plan a leisurely day of shopping, if that’s necessary. Make it a family day if you like. Choose one destination that everyone agrees will be enjoyable and plan on a nutrition break at some point during the day.


    Before Christmas, talk with everyone who will be joining you. Many of your guests would be honoured to be asked to bring their special salad or dessert. Doing this will not only make your day a bit easier and pleasant to share; your guests will feel even more a part of your family.

    For more tips on handling stress at any time, click here.

    stressing out about Christmas

    Written By: Jane Laker

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