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    wraps for luxury cars

    Wraps for luxury cars are available in hundreds of colours and finish that can be combined to transform your ride with limitless design options.

    Two Most Popular Styles

    wraps for luxury cars

    Chrome wraps and matte black car wraps are 2 of the most popular finishes to flood the streets lately.  One thing to realize is that you don’t need all new paint to have them.

    Luxury - Wow!

    The world’s first gold-wrapped Lamborghini Aventador, designed by Brett David of Prestige Imports in Miami, made its debut in 2012.  This Lambo takes your imagination on a wild ride leaving drooling car enthusiasts in its wake.

    Chrome Wraps for Luxury Cars

    wraps for luxury cars

    One cool thing feature of the highly reflective chrome wrap is that they’re considered ‘paparazzi proof’.  If you’re one of Canada’s elite – this may be a great choice to help with privacy.

    Chrome wraps also allow you to keep your car cooler as the sun is reflected off the surface instead of being absorbed.

    Chrome wraps are definitely not for the shy and retiring personalities, but if you like being noticed – the choice of chrome accomplishes that in a larger than life way.

    Matte Wraps for Luxury Cars

    wraps for luxury cars

    Matte black wraps look so classy, and cost much less than any matte paint job.  With matte wraps there are a few car care tips to keeping that wrap in pristine condition though.

    First, there’s no need to wax or polish.  Even when cleaning your matte wrapped vehicle make sure to use solutions that don’t contain waxes, silicones or optical brighteners.

    Always use a clean, non-abrasive cloth to clean and dry your vehicle watching out for any contaminants.

    Keeping it Clean

    wraps for luxury cars

    Wash your vehicle every 2 weeks and keep it under cover as much as possible.  Clean bird droppings, bug splatter and fuel spills off as soon as you see them.  If they’re left, your wrap could become stained or even damaged.

    Hand washing is the far better choice that any cars wash.  Try and clean your vehicle in a shady spot like the ‘do it yourself’ car wash or in your garage.  This will help to prevent streaking.  Keep a small spray bottle with a 50/50 mix of isopropyl alcohol and water for spot cleaning and preventing long term damage when you’re on the road.

    Never ever use engine degreasers, oven cleaner, oil based solvents, kitchen & bathroom cleaners, orange oil or solvents on any of your wraps.  This is especially not on a matte wrap.

    Call Mark at The Wraptastic4

    wraps for luxury cars

    If you’re seriously considering wrapping you vehicle, whether it is for branding or luxury, talk to Mark at The Wraptastic4.  Mark has done some of the most unique vehicle wraps around.

    Follow this link for even more info on wrapping your vehicle.

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

    Let us know what more you’d like to learn about in Auto wrapping by leaving us a comment.  Hope you enjoyed the read.

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