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Open for business!!

Barrie uncovered would like to congratulate Jeevanaya Wellness on having their grand opening. They were the first business to have a grand opening and ribbon-cutting event in Barrie in the past 6 months. We would like to wish them much success in their endeavor. The event was a great turnout, and Multiple vendors from local businesses were set up. They had food from Tandoori Kingdom, and dancers entertained the crowd!!

Jeevanaya wellness practices traditional Ayurvedic treatments. Ayurveda is traditional medicine and natural healing system that came into existence about 5000 years ago in India. Ayurveda a life science designed to educate people on how to take care of their health on their own and live a healthy life. Ayurvedic therapy helps to promote human happiness, inner peace and calmness, a balanced mind, and an uplifted spirit. Ayurveda helps to rejuvenate the body and enhances the feeling of well being. People came to the event to gain knowledge of this unique medical practice.

The event offered education and consultations from their highly skilled and well experienced Ayurvedic professionals and therapists. They offer an extensive range of treatments and therapies including…

  • Yoga & meditation
  • Hot stone massages
  • Spine therapy
  • Head massages
  • Ayurvedic back massages
  • Deep tissue sports massages.

For more information you can visit their website, Facebook, or Instagram page

4 Online Things To Do This Week

4 Online Things To Do This Week




Star Wars fans; time to show off how much you know about a long time ago, in a galaxy far away! 🧠🎉

Channel your inner Yoda and join the Town Trivia crew for an online quiz via Zoom.

Tickets are $10 per household, and there are a limited number.

There will be some amazing prizes, and lots of different Star Wars categories. Happening tonight!


Barrie Virtual Community Day

This online event features live entertainment and activities with 100% of the profits going to RVH and the Barrie Food bank.

✅ At-home DYI and wellness tips
✅ Resources for positive and productive living during quarantine
✅ Live Entertainment brought to you by local musicians!
✅ Healthy Social Engagement

Presented by local organizations, over 100 Businesses are taking part across 12 different business sectors.

You will hear their stories and how they can help you now and in the future!

Tickets are $3, and it’s happening on Friday.



Anahata Yoga from the Heart presents a fusion class will introduce you to the principals of Barre (ballet/dance inspired sculpting and toning class with a focus on postural muscles), and help you find your zen.

This class is open to all.

Happening today and Sunday.


Scan old family photos

They’re probably sitting in dusty old albums in your attic or basement, but now more than ever a lot of us are thinking about who and what really matters in our lives. So what better time to go through those treasured memories and preserve them digitally?

Not only will you be making sure they’re safe from deterioration, but they’ll also be a fun way to liven up your family WhatsApp chats.

There are tons of free photo-scanning smartphone apps out there from companies like Google.



Distance Fitness: Online Yoga Classes in Barrie

Free Events in Barrie



The shutdown of local yoga studios might have you down, but it doesn’t mean you have to abandon all fitness. (As tempting as it is to stream Netflix and eat twinkies all day)

A number of Barrie Yoga locales are switching to online delivery, with instructor led or virtual programs being offered.

Scroll on to learn more!



Online classes being offered through membership.


Lots of online classes being offered through FB Live the week.




Offering instagram classes.



Offering regular online classes through membership.


Anahata Yoga From The Heart

Online classes available on their YT Channel.




3 Free Events in Barrie For The Week Of Jan. 27th: The Freebie!


Ya know what makes life livable?

Ice cream.

Also bacon. Bacon ON ice cream.

Oh, and Poutine. And wine…whisky. Firefly reruns. Wine. Anything written by Brett Ellison. Wine.  Preferably all at once!

And things that are FREE.

Read on for more events this week you can partake in sans money.

And be sure to hit our events calendar for more events this week/month.


3 Free Events in Barrie For The Week Of Jan. 27th



There’s a ton of great Jeopardy-esque trivia nights happening across town right now, thanks to Town Trivia. And the best part is that it’s no extra charge to take part. Actually, maybe the best part is that there are prizes to be won.

This week the challenge comes to British Arms, tonight at 8pm.


Yoga For Everyone @ Nutrition Plus

Sarah Melody of Anahata Yoga From the Heart leads this introduction presentation, happening at Nutrition Plus.

The workshop will introduce you to the 3 aspects of yoga: breath, mind, and body. Focus will be on tools to incorporate yoga into your everyday life to help you de-stress and start your day off right.

Participants are welcome to practice on their mat or from a chair.

Begins tomorrow at 1pm.


Free Standard for a Box

OMG! Games hosts a free day of standard play at their store, with a box giveaway included.

This is a Double Elimination Standard Constructed Event. After round 2 every match winner will be awarded a booster.

Happening Saturday at 6:30pm!

We are always on the lookout for events in Barrie! If you have a “happening” coming up, be sure to reach out to us!

We can add your event to our calendar, and help advertise and promote it through our wide range of podcasts, blogs and unique content.