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Calling all Barrie Residents!  The City has been invaded by mega sized snow people!  I have been receiving pictures of snowmen that have popped up all over the place.

Finding myself in a humorous mood I decided to ask “Siri” how to build a snowman!  What fun that was.  I was directed to a couple of sights that were quite informative.

Building a Snowman

  1. Check for snow that’s moist and packable
  2. Find a flat section of lawn
  3. Build the snowman in the shadiest spot possible to last longer
  4. Lift the middle section onto the bottom section
  5. Make a one foot snowball for the head
  6. Pack snow between the sections to act as glue
  7. Decorate your snowman; carrot for nose, buttons, pebbles or charcoal for eyes, pebbles or charcoal for mouth
  8. Add two sticks for the snowman’s arms
  9. Top off the snowman with a hat and scarf.
  10. Add a tie, sunglasses or any other accessories to make the snowman stand out from the rest.

Now these wonderful families certainly went far beyond “Siri’s” instructions!  Some of these “snowpeople” are massive!

Take a look!  If you are out for essentials and happen to pass by one, give a good honk to let them know how they’ve brightened your day!

I’ve seen them on Lawry Court and Frost Trail.  If you see more that are picture worthy let us know here at Barrie Uncovered!