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Valentine’s Advice From An Expert

Valentine's Advice

Make Today Special With These Romance Positive Tips

Carolina Brink is a local relationship and dating expert. You can read more of her advice and blogs at Caro’s Wife Life.

Sugar and Ice, and Valentine’s Spice: Valentine’s Advice From An Expert

Running out of ideas on what to do for Valentine’s day this year? Sometimes it’s hard, especially if last year you went above and beyond, and the year before that, and the one before that, and so on. The funny part is; your other half feels the same way, especially if your relationship is new and causing a “big impression” is still key. It’s almost a competition with yourself and your spouse: “who surprised who the most!?”. Let’s be real, things really do NOT have to be that complicated.

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If you are anything like me, I prefer something more sentimental. Something that needed thought and planning, rather than something material or the usual date: movies, dinner, a bouquet of flowers that soon will die, and chocolates that will only make you gain that extra weight you’ve been trying to keep off ,will make your skin break out, you hate so much you end up re-gifting them, or sit in your pantry forever “just in case” (trust me, we have all been there)

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So here’s my advice. Make the day special and original, not boring or material. Put time and thought into it, because those worth being in your life should be worth the time. Show him or her how important they are to you, because sometimes we get caught up with our daily lives and we forget to do so.

Use this day as an opportunity to make him/her feel like the true king/queen. Think of things that you don’t usually do, together or for each other, or explore ideas outside of your comfort zone and trust me, he or she will be impressed. So take advantage of that day, the opportunity and of course make sure to make it extra spicy!

What are your plans for today and this weekend? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to follow us and Carolina on Instgram! 




The Non Lame V Day Playlist

We’re at it again!

Thanks to the glory of Spotify and Soundcloud, we’ve assembled another playlist featuring tunes from the killer local scene to help you celebrate a special day.

These are tracks for Valentine’s Day…but not necessarily of Valentine’s day.

Designed to be the soundtrack for a low key evening with your special someone; some of these tracks are melancholy, some are love songs, some are sad, some are pointed and some are just effin’ GOOD.

And if you’ve got some suggestions and tracks from the local scene that match up well, let us know!