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Uncover The Music Episode 17 – Scott Murray of the Highdives

In our latest episode, we chatted with Scott Murray of the Highdives!

We retraced his reluctant path to becoming a front man, recapped a huge 2019 and uncovered 5 truths, which included a confession about donut throwing during work.

This episode is exactly 31:47 and if you are easily offended, there are many swears.

The Non Lame V Day Playlist

We’re at it again!

Thanks to the glory of Spotify and Soundcloud, we’ve assembled another playlist featuring tunes from the killer local scene to help you celebrate a special day.

These are tracks for Valentine’s Day…but not necessarily of Valentine’s day.

Designed to be the soundtrack for a low key evening with your special someone; some of these tracks are melancholy, some are love songs, some are sad, some are pointed and some are just effin’ GOOD.

And if you’ve got some suggestions and tracks from the local scene that match up well, let us know!