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Trivia Nights In Barrie – We Have Ways To Make You Answer!

Do you like to answer quick-fire questions? Trivia nights in Barrie are a great way to spend a night. They are lots of fun, answer general knowledge questions while having a meal and drink, how bad can it be!! Here are some of the places where you can go to Barrie. You play with friends or family.

The Queens Hotel Trivia Tuesdays

Every Tuesday night at the Queens Hometown Pub come and enjoy their trivia night. What else are you to do on a cold October Tuesday night? The food is good and they have plentiful drink selections. Warm and friendly atmosphere and you can win prizes and it’s free to enter! So if you want to have a night out get down to the Queens Hometown Pub.

Queens Hometown Pub Trivia Night Tuesday 13th Oct

Cicco’s Ristorante Trivia Wednesdays

As well as having great Italian food, Cicco’s now has regular trivia every Wednesday night! It’s a ton of fun, free to play, with prizes to be won! Best of all, you don’t need an IQ of 300, with a wide variety of new categories every week, so eat, drink, answer questions and have fun!

The Bull and Barrel Trivia Saturdays

The Bull and Barrel Fall 2020 trivia season has been officially launched. PubStumpers LIVE Trivia is on a new night – every Saturday. Test your knowledge of Geography, Science, History, Literature, Pop Culture and more. It’s a potent blend of entertainment and healthy competition. With all-new questions and prizes, this will surely be an exciting season. They are looking forward to seeing all of their regular friends and making new ones too!

Friends and family at the Bull and Barrel playing trivia.

British Arms Pub Trivia Mondays

Come and experience the Britain ambience with an energetic crowd, unparalleled beer, cocktail choices and every Monday they have free to enter Trivia. The British Arms is one of the favourite pubs of downtown. They also have a special of 2 appetizers for $20 on Monday’s. For us, we love their fish and chips, but that is only us they have lots more to choose from their menu.