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Zombies, Trivia and Art at the MacLaren

Zombies, Trivia and Art at the MacLaren

Zombies, Trivia and Art at the MacLaren

Do you have what it takes to survive a Zombie apocalypse?

Join the MacLaren along with the Barrie Public Library, Shak’s World and the Barrie Native Friendship Centre for an evening of art, as you plan your path to survival! Play trivia and collect some brains.

The scary fun happens Thursday, April 15th 5:30-7pm. Volunteer hours available for those that attend through the BNFC and MacLaren Art Centre.

This is an online FREE youth event, although registration is required. What you’ll need: paper, colouring pencils or markers. Hit up the MacLaren’s website to register!

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Biking in Barrie – Getting Started

Biking in Barrie – Getting Started

As the warmer climes arrive and Spring reaches it’s full potential, half wheelers can haul their cycles out of storage and hit the open paths.

Cycling is a fantastic option for fitness, health and fun. And for many it’s increasingly becoming their go-to method of commuting to work, even in winter.

Whether you’re a rookie on the local circuit or have been cycling for years, Barrie has plenty of options to level up your bike game. Here’s a quick starter kit to get your gears going!

Getting a Bike

Naturally, picking up a new two wheel ride is step one. There are a host of cool spots to check out across town, including Trek Bicycles, Bikeland, and The Bike Zone. All provide an array of cycles for all levels of experience, as well as the accessories (helmets, bags) to complete your collection.

Choose The Right Merch

Riding in comfortable swag can make the difference between misery and fun. The best clothes for biking are snug fitting jerseys and shorts.

If a jersey isn’t your bag, try an exercise shirt. A helmet is mandatory by law, and it’s not an exaggeration to say it could save your life, so be sure to pick up something cool and safe. Most of the bike shops will have plenty of clothing options for your riding career.

Another key ingredient is the right pair of shoes. Locally, the Running Room is a terrific spot to source for high end pad protectors.

Fuel Up

Cycling requires alot of energy. It’s no different that going to the gym for a workout or doing cardio at home, so your body needs fuel! First off, drink LOTS of water, regardless of how warm or cold the weather is.

Depending on how long your ride is, you’ll likely need snacks along the way as well. Nuts and fruit are ideal, as they provide a punch of protein to power you up. The most important part of fueling while riding is eating something every 45 minutes to an hour.

Choose Your Path

Now it’s time to choose your path. This will be determined mostly by what your goal is for any given ride. Think about which streets to avoid based on traffic and how busy bike paths tend to be at the time you’ll be biking. There are plenty of nature based trails, like the Ardagh Bluffs, but keep in mind that hills and rougher terrain can be challenging.

Further, there are a few Barrie based cycle clubs you can join to connect with other two wheel lovers.

Firebird Community Cycle is not-for-profit Corporation, dedicated to the promotion of bicycle education and culture through the sustainable and accessible rebuilding, reusing, recycling and redistribution of all bicycle products. They meet and bike regularly and provide access to bicycle ownership and maintenance for those in need.

There’s also the Barrie Cycling Club. Registration for membership is required, so be sure to check out their website if you’re keen to enroll.

What did you think of Biking in Barrie – Getting Started? Are you hitting the paths this week?

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5 Things To Do This Spring in Barrie

5 Things To Do This Spring in Barrie

Spring has sprung (yeah, we know…you heard that pun about 700 times already) and with it, a merciful end to the longest winter in history.

And while things are far from back to normal, the warmer climes at least mean we can give Netflix a rest and escape outside.

We’ve collected a list of 5 Things To Do in Barrie this season! And keep in mind that if you have an event coming up, we have an event calendar to fill! So let us know and we will add it!


Like you needed any more incentive to get on to outside dining. Capacity limits are going up (yay!) and the range of cool patios in Barrie make for a fantastic afternoon/evening out. Downtown, you’ve got the stalwarts; Donaleigh’s, Kenzington, Flying Monkey’s. And to the south you’ve got newer additions like Steyn House and Jack Astor’s.


If hanging on your own patio is on your list for this season, might we recommend curling up with a good podcast? Of course we’ve got a variety of audio entertainment, but there are a plethora of equally cool local pods.

True crime junkies should have a listen to Whereabouts Unknown, hosted by local private investigator Ellen White. The ongoing series shines a spotlight on the stories of the missing and murdered in Canada, particularly cases from around the region.

Comedy fans will get a kick out of local Yike’s Sketch Troupe alums in the Dilemma Dudes pod, exploring topics like “should you expose your friend’s cheating husband?”

Sequel Talk with local filmmaker Mitch Graszat is a pop culture-savvy chat where guests dream up imaginary sequels and talk about em! Recent episodes include bad ideas for classic movies like Heathers and the Princess Bride. And it’s not limited to just movies. Mitch and company also speculate on what could have been with classic songs and TV shows.


“Education is the passport to the future” said… someone much brighter than us. But you can put yourself on the path to recognizing or even saying profound quotes like that via the many adult education options in Barrie.

Georgian College has a number of evening and continuing education classes, including online learning.

There’s also College Boreal, which provides full courses in French and Spanish as a second language.


Not literally. Well actually, yes literally in the sense of hiking outdoors as opposed to the insult.

The greens and the temperatures are the perfect combo to take advantage of the plethora of wooded walks in and around Barrie. If hiking isn’t your thing, picnics or reading in the parks will fill your outdoor recharge quota.


The Farmer’s Market will welcome back the outdoor portion of their year in May, meaning all the fruit and veggies from the local farmers will be at your fingertips under the glowing sun. In addition to the food and vendors, there’s live music (restrictions permitting)

And when the heat gets high enough, be sure to cruise by Swirleez and/or Ripe Juicery (among others) for a frosty smoothie or frozen yogurt.

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Talk Is Free Theatre Brings The Stars For Live Reading OF The Great Gatsby

Talk Is Free Theatre Brings The Stars For Live Reading OF The Great Gatsby

Talk Is Free Theatre has announced the title and star-studded cast of one more reading as part of Dinner à la Art. Streaming for one night on April 11, 2021 at 7 p.m. is a new adaptation of the seminal novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The classic novel was adapted for online audiences by Richard Ouzounian, who also directs.

Playing the role of the enigmatic Jay Gatsby is international star of Broadway, Film and Television, and best known for his role as Will Truman on NBC’s smash hit sitcom Will & Grace, Eric McCormack. Star of Broadway’s Beautiful: The Carole King Musical Chilina Kennedy will be playing debutante ‘Daisy Buchanan’.

The cast also includes TIFT co-founder and Stratford leading actor Mike Nadajewski, Kimberly-Ann Truong, best known for her featured role in the Stratford Festival’s The Rocky Horror Show, Autumn-Joy Dames, who has been featured in Legally Blonde, and Sister Act; Griffin Hewitt from TIFT’s production of Into the Woods; the Stratford Festival’s Aidan deSalaiz, and Montreal-based Gabe Maharjan, who has performed with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

The price of admission to any of these exclusive readings is a $30 CAD minimum purchase from one of the local participating restaurants or retailers.

To see the complete list of participating businesses, please click HERE.

Technical Requirements

  • A valid email address.
  • A good internet connection.

The titles and stars of the remaining three readings will be announced every two days continuing February 26, 2021. Please follow Talk Is Free Theatre’s social media channels for updates.

Play readings for Dinner à la Art were selected and curated by Richard Ouzounian.


5 Things To Do in Barrie Before Winter is Gone

Spread The Cheer Before Year's End


Winter in Barrie is almost over (praise be) but the final mile is always the longest. And with storm level snow coming this week, we are in definite need of some distractions from the ice and wind over the next few weeks.

Luckily there are plenty of events, places and happenings to check out before Spring arrives on March 19th.

5 Things You Have To Do in Barrie Before Winter is Gone


Both city operated rinks are open, with Covid restrictions in place. It requires a bit more planning (change rooms and washrooms are closed) but still well worth a visit with the famjam.


Horseshoe Resort and Snow Valley are just a few of the nearby locales where you can rent snow shoes and traverse the snowy wilderness. You can make a weekend out of it at both and try your hand (or foot) at skiing while you’re there, with hills and trails for both downhill and cross country.


Be honest…one of your #lifegoals is to stand behind a dog sled and yell “mush!” at the top of your lungs. (No judgement)

You can experience this unique winter adventure and explore Barrie’s snowy countryside on pristine trails through local kennels, including Winddrift. During the tours there is time to stop and enjoy the scenery, as well as warm drinks and snacks along the way. If you do the full day experience, you’ll be treated to a hot chili lunch.

5 Things You Have To Do in Barrie Before Winter is Gone



If you haven’t already, grab a java from one of the great local cafes and take a stroll through downtown. The festival of lights around Heritage park goes until the end of winter, and you can end off the walk with a warm up at outdoor fire pits.



What did you think of 5 Things You Have To Do in Barrie Before Winter is Gone?

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