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…And We’re Back…At Skewers

And we’re back with Skewers…

With the careful re-opening of “All that is Barrie”, I think it’s time to revisit one of our favorite places.

I’m dreaming of a meal at Skewers on Clapperton Street.

Luke has sure made it enticing to hurry over!

We can choose from either a Lunch or Dinner Menu with a number of selections!

Lunch Specials

    $8.00 Lunch Menu                                                    $9.00 Lunch Menu  

1.  Rice, Salad, Drink with any skewer                                              1.  Beef Bulgogi Sandwich

2.  Grilled or Fried Chicken Sandwich/drink                                     2.  Pulled Pork Sandwich

Dinner Specials

$8.00 – 6 pc. Boneless Fried Chicken on Rice

$9.00 – Rice, Salad and any skewer or choice of Grilled Chicken

Breast/Fried Calamari/Popcorn Chicken

$10.00 – Beef Bulgogi on Rice with a side of Coleslaw

$13.00 – 12 pieces Boneless Fried Chicken on Rice

Add on Spicy or Sweet Sauce for $1.00

Skewers always seem to have both fun and healthy menu options.  That’s what great restaurants are all about!

And Addictive!  That’s what the thick and sticky sauces are when you order from Skewers!

Let me just say, when Luke tells you that you might become addicted – He’s not fooling around!

Not only are the sauces addictive; the Bulgogi Beef meals or Sandwiches are right up there!

You can find Skewers on Skip the Dishes, Uber Eats as well as Door Dash, but Luke invites you back in so he can say Hi!

Let’s do our best to support our Downtown…Drop into Skewers and let Luke know what you enjoy from the menu most of all!

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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Love Your Lunch: Liven Up The Noon Hour Break Part 2

The majority of us have almost exactly the same lunch EVERY DAY. In fact, more than a third of office workers in North America (pre-Covid) have eaten a variation of the the same midday repast… for the last nine months.

But how can we break out of our lunchtime auto pilot and indulge in something that will taste good and we’ll actually remember eating?

Barrie has a full menu of midday destinations that will inspire as well satisfy.

This week we’ll offer up a couple of cool destinations to put the zip back in your ziplock.

Liven Up Lunch – Skewers


There is no such thing as too much barbecue. Particularly when said barbecue is an exotic selection bringing the sumptuous tastes of a far away land to your own backyard.

Skewers on Clapperton offers up lunch in a Grilled Korean style. Drizzled in thick, sticky sauces, the eponymous skewer is a popular south Korean street food comprised of chicken and scallions grilled on a stick.

The Bulgogi sandwich, dripping in saucy sweetness

This is an ideal lunch locale because it’s tasty, it’s quick and it’s affordable.

The cozy eatery has a ton of variations on the addictive cuisine (be sure to try the Pulled Pork sandwich on one of your trips) as well as lunch specials for under $10.

It’s a cool joint that easily falls into workplace lore as a lunch place you HAVE to try. One of those unique places that newbies have to make a pilgrimage to before they are really accepted by the office crew. And when they do, they nod in understanding…”now I get why this place gets so many @ mentions”

And if you really want to wow your team, consider bringing everyone in the office to lunch here! Skewers offers catering.

Skewers is open Monday – Saturday 11:00am – 9pm. Find them on Insta and tag them when you dive into one of their dishes!