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The history of starting a fresh slate for the New Year dates back to Roman times.  We’ve changed the vision slightly by creating uniquely personal goal resolutions.  Now, however, it seems to be a habit – not necessarily followed.  In doing some research we noticed repeatedly that only 8% of those who make resolutions actually follow through.  We’re not sure where the numbers come from – but we read it so it must be true. (LOL)


Angel Powers of Mainstream Therapy feels that making resolutions is ultimately a very personal choice. First of all, Angel believes that we’ve been cognitively wired for the start of a new year to be September.  This has a lot to do with the unwinding of summer and the new school year for our youth.  Many of us make real plans for starting new things once children are back in classes.  So take a look and you might notice that you’ve already started to implement different organizational things in your life that you weren’t doing.  All of this relates to the Sept.- June conditioning. This can make it doubly difficult to “re-start” once again in January.   The fresh slate of a brand new year can be very alluring, but take care to look at it with gratitude.  Each new day is a gift – one to be welcomed and cherished.

There are certainly both pros and cons when deciding on making your resolution list.  Mainstream Therapy thinks that for some, we’re best when we set resolutions on an ongoing basis.  We could try to use “SMART” goals. (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebound).  Angel finds that this formula works best for many of us.


  1. Some people need time to prepare themselves in order to attain goals.
  2. There may be some financial incentives starting in January (ie. Special pricing on gym memberships)
  3. Self awareness – Reflecting on what we’ve accomplished over the past year, allows us to be able to set specific goals.
  4. January/September are fresh starts to a new year with new beginnings. This feeling of a fresh slate can be very liberating.
  5. The empowerment we feel when we can control our own goal-setting is amazing.


  1. It can be overwhelming to set out realistic goals.
  2. Maybe the start of a New Year or winter months doesn’t motivate you, and September works better.
  3. Possibly we make unrealistic goals without an effective plan in place.
  4. Deadlines may create procrastination. You’ve given yourself a whole year, haven’t you?

Many of us see new goals as exciting or many of us can experience the “daunting” effect.  By making micro changes, it can help our bodies adapt to synchronistic changes that become regular.  For example, kicking up a workout routine…I think we’ve all been there.  Start kickboxing every day and our bodies hurt.  Some of us need slower changes/small increments which ties into your S.M.A.R.T. goals.

We think that we should take the time to reflect on our accomplishments and continue to motivate our selves, whether we’re setting resolutions or not.

“Happy New Year from everyone at Mainstream Therapy!”

(705) 717 2107

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"When we hold ourselves back, we deprive the world of the gift that is you.
-Angel Powers

FrontLine Workers

Today I had the opportunity to speak with Therapist Angel Powers about the increasing need for seeking therapy during this Pandemic.  We discussed the shifts happening in mental health with various populations in the City.  According to Angel, our front line workers are starting to understand more than ever that therapy is a very important part of their personal health care regime.  The fear of many is that when the Pandemic is finally under control we’ll see many more front line workers breaking down once their “fight or flight” mode ceases to be necessary.  Angel firmly believes that everyone needs to be proactive and wise enough to start self-nuturing… front line workers most of all.

Our Youth

The next concern is for the youth of today.  During the summer Angel was able to hold youth circles outside with great success.  She now has set two platforms for youth circles via Zoom; children ages 9-12 and 13-16 years old.  She finds that there is a distinct increase of anxiety in our youth today.  Most noticed is that there is much more impulsive behavior and a lack of connection with their community.  This often ends up in our youth feeling harassed by adults over choices being made.  Angel understands the need for physical outlets so well that she’ll meet her clients at the batting cages, on the track or even hiking.  For this age group – that’s a definite plus!

Couples Therapy

Mainstream Therapy offers Couples Therapy as well, but notice that women in general recognize the need for therapy sooner.  They seem to understand when they are in an identity crisis and emotionally bankrupt.  Angel and her staff work diligently in de-stigmatizing the therapy process.  The therapists use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focus Therapy as well as Energy Work, including Reiki, Intuitive Training Therapy and Timeline Therapy.

Angel's Story

Angel’s own life story has compelled her to become a therapist, having been born into addiction and domestic violence.  By 8 years of age, Mom, Angel and her brother were in hiding in a women’s shelter, landing later in Vancouver where their names were changed.  During a freaky moment they were discovered in Vancouver causing them to flee with new names once again, to the East Coast this time.  Returning to Vancouver later, the family underwent intense therapy.  To make matters even more difficult Angel suffered a very nasty dog attack causing years of PTSD.  She attests to the value of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helping her to overcome her fears.

By 2012 Angel had started her career as a therapist, finally opening Mainstream Therapy in 2019.  She aspires to be Canada’s #1 Hub for Mental Health, Personal Development and Spiritual Growth.  During the Pandemic their business has moved online through Zoom, Facetime or over the phone.  As one client said, “The very fact that kept me from therapy was face to face.  The fact that it’s over the phone – that’s what I like the best.”


  1. Talk about your concerns with a professional if possible.  They are unbiased and can be openly honest.
  2. Monitor your “Check-outs”.  How often are you using alcohol, drugs, social media, t.v. or shopping to escape your reality?
  3. Take care of your body – it’s the only one you have.  Sleep, nutrition an exercise are vital.
  4. You are the average of the 5 people who surround you – connect with people who nurture you.
  5. Love yourself first – you’re better for everyone else when you do.

In closing, Angel tells me that at Mainstream Therapy it’s always about the client and navigating change.  It’s people helping people as we’re in this journey of human life together.  Make a choice and call Angel at (705) 717-2107.