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HAPPY DIWALI (Deepavali) 2020


Celebrate! Celebrate! This weekend in Barrie, Tandoori Kingdom invites you to celebrate Diwali with them. Diwali is the Indian Festival of Lights, this year falling on November 15th. Tradition tells us that Diwali is observed on the 15th day of Kartik – the holiest month of the Hindu religion. The word Diwali means “rows of lighted lamps” in Sanskrit.

Diwali is actually a five day Hindu originated celebration that signifies the victory of good over evil.  It has become a huge celebration regardless of faith.  Celebrating normally with new clothing, fireworks, candles and the exchange of small gifts and sweets – this year Diwali celebrations are necessarily smaller. The staff at the Tandoori Kingdom at 428 Blake Street in Barrie have been very busy getting everything ready for your celebrations.

The five days of celebration are very similar to getting ready for New Year on January 1 in our calendar.  Day one is cleaning the home and shopping for gold, while Day two is decorating at home with lamps and coloured sand.  The main festival is celebrated on the third day with feasts and prayer.  The New Year is celebrated of the fourth day – that’s when you exchange gifts and sweets with everyone.  Finally, the tradition on the fifth day is to have brothers visit their married sisters who welcome them with a meal.

Getting ready for Saturday’s gift-giving should really include a trip to the Tandoori Kingdom. They are ready with an incredible array of beautiful Indian sweets. Choose your favourites and try some new ones. The staff will package them for you in beautiful gift boxes ready for presents. The gifts are very significant to the Diwali Celebration. Each gift is given to strengthen the feelings of fellowship and companionship while defining the bonding and connections between individuals.

So if Diwali is on your family calendar, or you’ve never tried any of the delicious Indian sweets, head over to the Tandoori Kingdom, Share a meal, order takeout, or have them cater for you…but most of all pick up some of those tantalizingly delicious Indian sweets! Better yet – call! (705) 503 1400 to make your reservation now!

Get Yo Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas and more, made just the way you like it!

Yo!! If you’re in the mood for some tasty Mexican style food then head over to Yo “Loco” Taco & Burrito Shoppe. At Yo!! Taco, they offer great Mexican style food made just the way you like it, with fresh ingredients.

Try the traditional ground beef tacos or test your tastebuds with other flavours such as pulled pork, steak or butter chicken. Don’t eat meat but still want to enjoy some Tacos, Burritos or Quesadillas? No worries, they have you covered! They now offer a beyond meat beef crumble option.

For an extra boost to your Mexican feast, add a side order of Tortilla chips with your choice of Salsa, hot cheese, or Guacamole. other sides include Yo!! Salad with a variety of toppings available. But that’s not all! Do you have kids? On Sundays, kids eat free!

Yo!! Taco is located at 3 Clapperton Street Barrie Ontario and is now open until midnight on Friday’s and Saturday’s.

Follow Yo!! on Facebook for news on upcoming events, contest specials and their daily specials.

What’s on the menu at Skewers, the South Korean BBQ Destination in Downtown Barrie

What’s on the menu at Skewers, the South Korean BBQ Destination in Downtown Barrie

A trip to South Korea isn’t possible right now, but you can experience the next best thing in the heart of downtown Barrie.

Skewers offer authentic, barbecued meals on a stick inspired by South Korean cuisine. The kitchen churns out live fire items designed to excite and intrigue foodies and those in search of some much needed zip for their lunch or dinner.

The Bulgosi sandwich, dripping in saucy sweetness

Relatively new to the downtown core, co-owners Luke and Miles have brought a unique blend of barbecued tastes to the restaurant scene in Barrie. 


Inspired by the street food industry in South Korea, and by the recipes and techniques crafted in the kitchens of Mile’s grandparents, the menu is a mixture of tasty sauces and fresh food that stands out with enticing aromas and potency. It’s also one of the only places in the region where you can get all kinds of food on a stick! 

In particular, they’ve got a delicious spread of rice, salad, a drink and a choice of any skewer for just $8 bucks, making for an addictive and affordable meal.

Skewers is on Clapperton, with plenty of street parking. Cool and inviting, the cozy spot has a late night vibe with lots of light and bright walls. It’s prime location downtown makes it ideal to pick up your meal and go for a stroll to the lakefront or along Dunlop. 

 Hit up Skewers website for more on their sumptuous selections. And be sure to hit up their Insta for more mouth watering pics. Tag them (and us) when you sample one of their amazing meals! 

Get Skewered!!!!

If you’re looking for a tasty meal then go get Skewered!!!

Food on a stick is a pretty popular choice for cooking over a grill in the summertime! But what do you do if you’re in the mood for skewers and have no time to cook? A fantastic place to get this tasty style of food is at a small, local restaurant called Skewers!! We met with the Restaurant owner Luke, and had a chance to speak with him about this fantastic restaurant.

Food in Korea is commonly sold by street vendors. They wanted to bring that experience here to Barrie! It’s one of the few places in town where you will find this style of food. With their great prices, deals, and amazing quality, you will not be disappointed. Skewers is located in the heart of Barrie, at 9 Clapperton St.

They focus on take out, and they are on Skip the dishes, Uber Eats, Door Dash. If you’re wondering what to try, one of the favourites is the fried chicken. They also have these unique cups that hold your drink, and either popcorn chicken or fried calamari if you’re looking for a quick snack. They make all their own sauces! “We do everything fresh & do all the cooking right in front of our customers.” Says Luke

Find out more about Skewers menu items, hours of operation, and contact information here.

Simmering Kettle: A fun place to order a comforting meal!!

With stage 3 kicking in, restaurants are opening up their dine-in, in addition to takeout and patios. We have uncovered one of Barrie’s hidden gems, Simmering Kettle. It was founded in 2015 when They wanted to rebrand the family business Country Kettle family restaurant. It is located in the south end of Barrie at 531 Bryne Drive. Opening hour is always at  8:30am and closing is at 8:00pm Monday-Thursday, 9:00pm Friday-Saturday and 7:00pm Sundays.

“Simmering Kettle is all about comfort food at its best. Our traditional values of flavour, family and fun and our sincere hospitality remind you of simpler, happier times” says Shalu. The menu includes fresh roasted turkey, Burgers and fries, delightful dinners and freshly baked pies. They offer all day breakfast with traditional and unique options. An extensive lunch and dinner menu features a wide variety of classic favourites and exciting and unique dishes you wont find anywhere else.

Now that many of us are back to working full time, it’s a great opportunity to check out their weekly meal plans. Their Plans are offered at a fantastic introductory rate for anyone choosing to buy for either themselves, a friend or a neighbour. If the person is unable to use the dinner they may choose to bank the meal for another day, gift it to a friend or neighbour that night, or donate it. When we have enough meals, we will treat the Busby centre” says Shalu.