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Staying Healthy During Lockdown

As we wait for the world to return to a little bit of normal – there are still some things that we can do to better our spirits.

Holistically there are treatments and products available to help take the edge off.

According to the list of businesses permitted to open, regulated health professionals may still provide treatment providing they follow all protocols.  They are allowed to provide in-person service when the anticipated benefits outweigh the risks.

Jeevanaya Wellness at 40 Bell Farm Rd. # 14 has set in place strict COVID protocols for any allowable services.  There are also health related products available as well for curbside pickup.  For more information call Anita!

Here's What's Available at Jeevanaya Wellness

Anita Kaur R.C.R.T

Anita Kaur is a holistic wellness practitioner, trained in Ayurvedic practises from a traditional Ayurveda School in India.  In May 2014, she started Jeevanaya Wellness with a passionate aim to bring Ayurveda to Barrie and surrounding areas.  Ayurveda and Yoga being sister sciences, Anita saw the need to educate the community on this science, which is know as the Mother of Traditional Medicine.  Since then she has given numerous workshops and talks at Georgian College, Yoga Studios and Health Food stores on the subject of Ayurveda.  Anita is also an RCRT (Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist) from RAC.  She combines her Ayurvedic knowlege with conventional reflexology to treat her clients.  As a Yoga teacher, Anita helps her clients with tailored packages combining treatments to heal mind, body and spirit.  She follows her passion by assisting with lifestyle and diet changes, meditation and yoga practises to manifest your best health. This is done through group and on-line classes.  Anita is continously working to expand her circle of wellness and bring like-minded, holistic practitioners to Jeevanaya Wellness Centre.  This will help establish a happier and healthier community.  She continues to study Ayuverda which, she says, “is a vast subject to learn in just one lifetime.”

Stacey Shaw R.M.T.

Stacey Shaw, a registered massage therapist, prides herself on treating the body as a whole.  She puts a strong focus on therapeutic relaxation methods to manage the fight or flight response of the sympathetic nervous system.  Stacey can help you to manage most soft tissue conditions to relieve pain and increase range of motion.  She will treat conditions including tension headaches, stress relief, posture support, sprains, strains and more.  Stacey graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 1994.  Her deep passion for  learning has driven her to take many post graduate studies including labour support, Reiki, orthopedic massage, Bowen Therapy, Sacred Lomi massage and Egoscue postural alignment.

Ruth Phillips

Ruth inspires others to embrace personal growth, and to achieve fulfilment in their personal and professional lives.  Ruth is a healer, holistic educator and an inspirational speaker.  She has been helping women for over 24 years to become healthier physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  She is a certified Jin Shin Jyutsu Practioner and teacher.  She is also a Reiki Master, Reflexologist and Rain Drop Therapy therapist.  Recently she has become a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach ready to help you on your road to being the best healthy you.

Reverend Jessie Brandon

An ordained Metaphysical Minister well known for her time hosting Epiphanies on our local television station, Rev. Jessie offers you the Truthwell Community.  

Truthwell offers spiritual gatherings on the 2nd and 4th week each month.  This is a non-denominational gathering place with guest speakers, meditation and spiritual information and learnings.  Truthwell offers a host of very insightful workshops to attend as well.  This is a wonderful place for anyone who is on a spiritual path or is searching for answers.  The Truthwell Community also offers the Healing Parlour where Rev. Jessie offers intuitive energy healing in her in-home parlour. Lastly the Community also offers Touchstone Moments where as a Life Cycle Celebrant, Rev. Jessie performs Weddings, Celebrations of Life and Blessings for many occassions.

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At Jeevanaya Wellness Centre there’s excitement in the air!  We all know that Christmas is the Season of Giving – and they have you covered!

Anita Kaur, owner of Jeevanaya Wellness knows just how stressful this year has been!  Opening a new business during 2020, (the COVID year) has been a lot of hard work and hesitation.

It has paid off though.  Anita welcomes everyone to her beautiful centre to experience treatments.  These treatments will not only relax you, but better your health in many ways.

Save 10% on your gift card purchases!

In the spirit of the season, Anita is offering her community a 10% savings on holiday gift cards.  Choose from Yoga, Reiki and Reflexology or gift a variety of Ayurvedic therapies.  Choose from Shirodhara (head flow massage), or maybe Kati Vasti (a warm oil treatment specifically for lower back and leg pain).

Jeevanaya Wellness Centre offers something for everyone.  Some think of it as pampering while others understand it to be an integral part of their health care regime.

Anita is well-trained in Ayurvedic Therapies, understanding the need to heal mind and body equally.  Each therapy is meant to heal your body and relax your mind, giving you the best of both!!

For those hard to buy for on your list Jeevanaya Wellness offers fresh, feel good ideas.  Check out their website for all available options!

If you yourself want to experience the benefits of these ancient practices – gift yourself.  Often relieving some of our own stress makes happier holidays for everyone!

Drop in or Shop On-line!

You can choose to drop in and purchase a gift wrapped certificate or visit this link to shop online.  Either way you’ll receive the savings!

The gift certificates are available with this discount until January 15th…what a perfect gift for your loved ones this year!

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Jeevanaya Wellness

- YOGA -

There are many exercises that are marketed to entice us into movement, however for lifelong benefits perhaps the simplest and most affordable is Yoga.

Anita Kaur, or Jeevanaya Wellness in Barrie is an ayurvedic Wellness Consultant/Yoga Teacher who schools us today on particular styles of Yoga and who they benefit the most.  Amongst the numerous styles of Yoga available, Anita brings it back to the basics for us.

She starts our lesson with Power Yoga.  A Yoga that is especially good exercise for the Kapha Dosha people.  In Ayurvedic practice these are the people that sit long hours at their work stations, that don’t move, but need movement, are highly creative and involved in their work.  Power Yoga moves their body, increasing blood flow, lymphatic drainage, proper muscle strength and breathing techniques.  It is the most invigorating style of yoga.

The second lesson takes the Pitta Dosha people to task.  They are the  Type A personalities who are highly competitive which goes hand in hand with higher anxiety and stressors.  Anita would have these very busy people take part in a Yin Yoga class.  She tells us that Yin Yoga is a very slow, meditative and relaxing yoga.  It helps to still the busy mind through meditation and movement, bringing deep cleansing breaths to connect mind and body.  Yin Yoga is also very helpful in restoring balance to those who suffer injuries.

Lastly, Anita discusses Restorative Yoga for the Vata Dosha people.  These are the people in high stress jobs, enough to cause headaches and migraines.  The Vata Dosha type tend to have a lot of anxiety and restlessness which requires deeply relaxing body moves to remove toxins from body and mind.  Restorative Yoga is wonderful for any people with these issues or chronic pain as it helps healing through blood flow and again the use of props to support movement.

The Yoga teachers at Jeevanaya Wellness train their students that any Yoga teaches proper breathing, mindfulness, a joining of body and spirit without judgement.  Each type builds strong immune systems, strengthens muscles and mobility allowing us to partake in life to the fullest.

In closing, the staff at Jeevanaya Wellness invite you to sample their most exclusive Ancient treatments or even better, gift a Yoga Class or a Treatment to a boss or loved one for Christmas.

Exclusive Treatments:

  1.  Abhyanga Massage – a 5,000+ year old Ayurvedic practice of Dosha specific warm herb-infused oils.
  2. Lomi Lomi Massage, a 3,000year old Hawaiian practice which is done in long flowing motions and generous amounts of oil to promote harmony and balance.  (This is done by a Registered Massage Therapist so insurance benefits will cover this treatment.)