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Cinema Smackdown Episode 14: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Cinema Smack Down

In our final Summer Smackdown selection, Fraser and Scott navigate the sewage that is I Know What You Did Last Summer. A movie so stiff they had to had their own adult movie scenarios into the review to keep it interesting.

If you are easily offended, there are multiple swears.

Cinema Smackdown Episode 13 – Speed: Cruise Control

Cinema Smack Down

In our unlucky # 13 episode, Fraser and Scott have the bad luck to endure Speed: Cruise Control, possibly the most unnecessary sequel of all time. Along the way they offend a Canadian Icon, shout-out to comedian Jeremy Hotz and explore ornithological sexual orientation.

If you are easily offended, be aware of the swears.

Cinema Smackdown Episode 10 – Daredevil Vs. Elektra

Cinema Smack Down

In episode 10 (and really…did anyone expect us to get past one?) Fraser and Scott present a special head to head version of the Smack Down, by pitting the pathetic productions of Daredevil and Elektra against one another to decide which is the worst.

Along the way Fraser attempts to link diabetes to superpowers, and Bette Midler gets involved.

As per usual, there is some racey language for the easy to offend.