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Life Is But A Stream

Life Is But A Stream

Life Is But A Stream

4 Ideas To Upgrade Movie Night

Although we are under Lock and Key (again) the day will soon come when we can gather to celebrate birthdays or christen a new barbecue.

Until that day, we’ll have to make do with house only entertainment limited to you and the famjam. Luckily, the 21st century has been very kind to the audio-visual industry. A wealth of cool AF innovations and inventions designed for home entertainment are available for order or for pickup.

Moreover, be sure to check out the range of great local electronics/audio visual providers for more home entertainment options. Places like Multi-Tech Audio Visual, Simcoe Audio Visual, Michael Enterprise Audio Visual (find more local spots here) specialize in rentals and equipment that can upgrade your next bash.

Read on for a quartet of ideas to level up this week’s showing in your home theatre!

Portable Projector

Getting full value out of movie nights means having all the trappings of a cinema, projector included. You can find cool and reasonably priced projectors just about anywhere you get tech these days. Need some inspiration? Check out the Nebula Astro!

About the size of a softball (seriously) the Nebula projector is a portable and powerful projector. The only major drawback? It lacks in HD. That’s offset somewhat by the long lasting battery and range: it can blast, say, the latest Marvel epic on a 100 inch screen from a healthy distance. It makes for a great gift for the kiddos, as it could easily fit into the bedroom.

Inflatable Movie Screen

Really want to push your backyard season to new heights? Consider adding an inflatable screen into the mix. You might be intimidated by the scale or size, but there are affordable options (rentals or purchases) for most backyard sizes. All you need is a fan and a projector to make your patio a full on theatre this summer. Furthermore, you can invite neighbours to join your screening from a socially distant location!

Keep in mind that the Barrie Film Festival and the Downtown Barrie BIA partner for outdoor screenings every Wednesday in the summer (when not in a pandemic) if you need some reminders of how cool outdoor movies can be!

A High End Soundbar

Half the experience of a movie on a home theatre is the sound, but sub-par speakers in a TV aren’t good enough. On the other hand, you don’t need to go into debt on a full on surround sound system. Soundbars can provide a theatre experience without breaking the bank.

We like The Vizio SB2920. This baby is an affordable, gift-friendly soundbar that will enhance anyone’s viewing experience whether they are watching a movie, streaming binge worthy Netflix series, or trying to get a leg up on the competition in Fortnite. 

Popcorn Maker

You knew this was coming, right? Movies and popcorn go together like…movies and popcorn. So grab a popcorn maker at most any home décor joints. And if you are thinking more of renting, in Barrie you can check out Tiffany’s Party Rentals for party related items, including popcorn makers!

What Did you think of Life Is But A Stream? Let us know in the comments! If you are a Barrie based business, reach out today! We will get you Uncovered with unique content to expand your digital footprint!

The Uncovered Holiday Movie Guide

Every year, the TV powers that be (we’re looking at you Hallmark) curate a selection of Christmas movies for families to enjoy over the holidays. Alot of your selections matched up with those.

And yet, there are a plethora of alt-Christmas movies out there. Films set in the Holiday universe… but decidedly contrary to the traditional warm and fuzzies we expect from festive cinema.

So we’ve compiled the best of both worlds! A Traditional and Uncovered Holiday Film Guide; with picks from either side of the aisle.

Spice up your holiday viewing with selections from both categories this year. (Just check the ratings beforehand)

The Uncovered Holiday Movie Guide



In what must be the most watched claymation movie ever, the well known tale details Rudolph’s quest  to overcome intolerance and a perceived deformity to rescue Christmas. And helps an Elf become a dentist.



In Tim Burton’s quasi monster movie, similar themes of tolerance and acceptance are explored, as Edward tries and fails to assimilate into American suburbia. The movie culminates in a Christmas Day showdown involving an angelic ice sculpture where, like Rudolph’s nose, Edward’s perceived impediment wins the day.



Featuring every working actor in the UK, this now classic rom-com weaves together a series of overlapping stories and interrelated characters navigating obstacles on the way to a Happy Christmas. Also, Hugh Grant dancing.



Doug Liman’s 1999 cult movie tells a similar set of intertwining plots and cross story characters. Although instead of a school play, GO culminates in an ecstasy-fueled Christmas rave gone awry.



We can only assume that James Stewart’s iconic role as the self pitying George Bailey is by now legally mandated watching in North America. His journey from suicidal to spirited is bridged by a guardian angel showing him alternate universes devoid of his good deeds, leading to a renewed lease on life. And every time a bell rings…



Yes, we found a way to insert geek culture into this list! Like Bailey, in Iron Man 3 Tony Stark is forced to confront his past and recognize what’s important in life. He is aided by a pseudo guardian angel (in the form of a smirking side kick kid). And by the end of the movie he gets a literal renewed lease on life through an operation to repair his heart.



Whoville’s resident super villain pulls off the ultimate holiday heist, but is charmed to the good side by his victim’s purity of souls.



In this Christmas heist story, Ben Affleck follows a similar Grinch like path from hardened criminal to loved holiday bringer. Although in this case, he’s robbing Casino owners instead of innocent townfolk. But you get the idea.

What did you think of The Uncovered Holiday Movie Guide? Did we miss any gems? Let us know! And if you are a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint, we want to hear from you! We will get you Uncovered! 

3 Things To Do This Weekend

3 Things To Do This Weekend

A glorious weekend of warmer temps means you have absolutely no excuse for staying in. This time next week we could be looking at snow and ice, so get out and get active when Friday hits! We’ve got a trio of events you can try.

3 Things To Do This Weekend

Cup Of Cheer Movie Premier – Sunset Drive In

A outdoor movie this late in the year? You bet. And it’s a local film! The premiere of the made-in-Orillia feature comedy CUP OF CHEER happens on Friday. The show runs through the whole weekend in socially-distanced screenings. The Friday screening includes a live Q&A with the cast and crew. All screenings include a double feature with BAD SANTA.

Paint Your Tree – Creative Cafe

Speaking of holiday cheer, you can create a Ceramic Xmas Tree at the Creative Cafe. The art studio hosts their annual ‘PAINT YOUR TREE’ event on Saturday at 5:00 pm. The day includes activites for the whole famjam, Xmas Music and Hot Chocolate. Reservations are needed, so be sure to hit the link to get your spot.

Barrie Ski Swap

Snow Valley is partnering with Volunteers of the Canadian Ski Patrol to bring you the Barrie Ski Swap and Open House. It’s also a pre-booked and Covid friendly event. But in addition to the swap, the Wideload Chair will be running, and the Kidz Village Carpet will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-2pm. You can enjoy a chairlift ride and take in the fall views. Hit the link to register!

What did you think of 3 Things To Do This Weekend? Any cool events we missed? Be sure to let us know!

And if you have a special Xmas or holiday related event in support of a local cause, let us know that too! We want to help spread the cheer this year.