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5 Things To Do This Winter in Barrie

5 Things To Do This Winter in Barrie



Let’s face it… winter is not everyone’s cup of mead. When it arrived on Monday, with news of another lockdown, we could hear the collective groans all over town.

BUT! Even in lockdown, you can break free of the icy induced despair. The season in Barrie brings cold weather events and experiences suitable for your entire clan. Hit the links on each event for more!


5 Things To Do This Winter in Barrie



The Uptown Theatre closed it’s door earlier this year, but the BFF will continue to show it’s programming online

Virtual Cinema will bring thought provoking international films to town every month, that can be rented for viewing at home. And you can get caught up on previous rentals that have been uploaded as well.



Bust out the snowshoes and blades and hit up the resplendent paths and rinks around town. Lackie’s Bush, Ardagh Bluffs and Sunnidale park are beautiful in town spots for a winter walk.

And if you are willing to take a car trip, there are plenty of gorgeous skating trails within driving distance of Barrie

There’s also city hall and the community centres if carving fresh ice is more your jam. Most rinks and outdoor parks remain open, but you should always check in advance for any restrictions. 




If hanging by the fire is on your list for this winter, might we recommend curling up with a good podcast? Of course we’ve got a variety of audio entertainment, but there are a plethora of equally cool local pods.

True crime junkies should have a listen to Whereabouts Unknown, hosted by local private investigator Ellen White. The ongoing series shines a spotlight on the stories of the missing and murdered in Canada, particularly cases from around the region.

Sequel Talk with local filmmaker Mitch Graszat is a pop culture-savvy chat where guests dream up imaginary sequels and talk about em! Recent episodes include bad ideas for classic movies like Heathers and the Princess Bride. And it’s not limited to just movies. Mitch and company also speculate on what could have been with classic songs and TV shows.



Did you miss Mayor Jeff’s red zone challenge? The Challenge is simple!

The latest restrictions will last 4 weeks (or more). So, for the next four weeks, the challenge is to do these 4 things each week (4 x 4): 1. Donate to a Barrie Charity 2. Order take out for pickup from a Barrie restaurant 3. Buy something from a Barrie shop/service 4. Reach out to someone in Barrie. Post the 4 things you did with the hashtag #Barrie4x4Challenge

Need some inspiration to get started? How about Christmas Cheer to donate to, Skewers for take out and one of the great local businesses from the Chamber of Commerce to buy from!



“Education is the passport to the future” said… someone much brighter than us. But you can put yourself on the path to recognizing or even saying profound quotes like that via the many adult education options in Barrie.

Georgian College has a number of evening and continuing education classes beginning in January, including online learning.

There’s also College Boreal, which provides full courses in French and Spanish as a second language.


What did you think of our 5 Things To Do This Winter in Barrie? Did we miss anything cool? Let us know! We are always on the lookout for events in Barrie, virtual or otherwise, to add to our events calendar








3 Online Things To Do Tonight



This will be the third weekend that we’re restricted to the confines of our living quarters. But as we reported on earlier this week, Barrie is coming up aces when it comes to coping with isolation.

And there are still plenty of online options to keep the distractions flowing. And remember that a whole whack of local restaurants are still delivering if you want to make a big night of it.


3 Online Things To Do Tonight


Live Stream w. B Knox

The Barrie music scene is absolutely killing it with online gigs during the Covid crisis, and tonight B. Knox continues the trend.

At 7pm Barry takes over the Rivoli’s Instagram for a live performance to promote the release of his new disc, Best Laid Plans.

You can hear a full interview with Mr. Knox about his improbable path to music on the debut episode of Uncover The Music.


Do A Work Out

In addition to the variety of yoga classes from local studios popping up online, a couple of gyms have virtually opened their doors to get your heart rate up.

And if you’re anything like us…the only exercise you’ve been getting is opening the fridge door. Might be time to stretch the limbs.

Tonight Beatz Barrie offers a free 30 minute work out on Instagram.


Take A Virtual Tour Of The MacLaren

Even though the MacLaren had to close their doors with the rest of us, that doesn’t mean you can’t access their galleries.

You can take a virtual tour of the current portraits hanging in the gallery through their website. The collection spans documentary photographs to commissioned paintings to enigmatic self-portraits, so there’s a plenty of diversity to check out.

Keep in mind you can still donate to the MacLaren (and other local charities) through online portals.

View this post on Instagram

The originals may be out of reach for now, but you can still explore artwork from our new season of exhibitions by taking a virtual tour of Portraits from the MacLaren’s Permanent Collection. Click the link in our bio to "visit the gallery"! #MuseumFromHome The art of portraiture is a subtle one, evolving over time from stately portraits of power to contemporary works that challenge notions of beauty and identity. This exhibition features works from our collection that demonstrate how artists working across diverse media approach this venerable genre. @mcgibbous @noor.means.light #maclarencollection #currentexhibitions #maclarenexhibitions #portraits #portraiture #contemporaryart #virtualexhibitions #onlinecollection #exploremuseums #stayhome #museumsandchill #startthinkingart #maclarenartcentre

A post shared by MacLaren Art Centre (@maclarenart) on

Bonus! Take a Virtual Rollercoaster Ride

Did you know that Canada’s Wonderland offers a full slate of YT versions of their biggest rides?

All the fav’s are there: Minebuster, Levithan, Silverstreak.

Just pull a chair up to the TV and off you go! All the fun of the rollercoaster without the puking (probably)

We know it’s tough right now. We’re here to help as much as we can! If you have an idea for a blog or would be up for contributing as a guest blogger, let us know! Email [email protected] or shoot us a msg through FB. 




Band Battles! Documentaries! Rock Climbing! 5 Things To Try in Barrie This Weekend

5 Things To Try in Barrie This Weekend



We are now less than a month away from the official arrival of Spring. And naturally…we got a pile of snow from Mother Nature to remind us that the bleary bluster of winter has no intention of leaving the party early.

Luckily, the final vestiges of February are replete with for the entire fam-jam to distract from the cold and ice.

Hit the headline on each event to learn more!


5 Things To Try in Barrie This Weekend


Battle of the Bands

The Ranch plays host to one of Barrie’s most celebrated music events of the year on Friday.

Battle of the Bands returns for an electric evening of live music, cowboy hats and fundraising. Proceeds from the night (which last year included the Mayor going full Young MC) support KICX 106 & 104.1 The DOCK‘s Radio for Cardiology, Kempenfelt Rotary Club and the MacLaren Art Centre.

This year’s lineup features The Bailouts, Bunker, Code Blue, Sonic Coalition, Steve’s Garage and Table Nine.

Doors at 7 pm.


Reel Stories

The Barrie Film Festival’s Reel Stories festival returns to the Uptown theatre today, running through Sunday

The 4 day film event aims to discover extraordinary things about the world through documentaries and dramas inspired by true events and real people.

Reel Stories will screen 10 films over four days at Uptown Theatre.


Clothing Swap

Swap out that hoodie you’ve had since Paul Martin was Prime Minister and help keep textiles from going to the landfill! Living Green Barrie hosts this event in partnership with SwapaholicsCanada and Spool Lounge

Join the clothing swap on Saturday, February 22nd from @10:30- 11:30 am at the Painswick branch of the library.

Cost for everyone: Up to 10 items of clothing (adult sizes only, must be clean and in good condition.


Ladies Night at Alt. Rock

Grab the gal crew and scale the (indoor) heights of Mount Alt. Rock. Friday night they are offering facility passes for just $10.

First Responders Snow Tubing Night

In celebration of all first responders, Snow Valley hosts a fun night of snowtubing on Sunday February 23rd from 6pm-9pm!

Bring your 911 responder badge or id card, you and your family can tube from 6pm-9pm for just $10. Extended to all emergency workers and their immediate families.



We are always on the lookout for cool and unique events happening in Barrie. Let us know about your event and we’ll add it to our calendar! Email us at [email protected] 



The Freebie: 3 Free Events in Barrie For The Week Of Jan. 13th

Free Events in Barrie


Ya know what makes life livable?

Ice cream.

Also bacon. Bacon ON ice cream.

Oh, and Poutine. And wine…whisky. Firefly reruns. Wine. Anything written by Brett Ellison. Wine.  Preferably all at once!

And things that are FREE.


Cicco’s Trivia Night

Town Trivia’s makes their first appearance at Ciccos! 🎉

It’s pub trivia, all kinds of questions, from a wide variety of topics. Totally free to play, with prizes available.  Happening on Wednesday @ 7pm.



BCKC Presents – Cell Phone Photography

Would you like to learn how to take better photos with your cell phone? 

Barrie Canoe and Kayak present professional photographer, Jeff Buchannan’s free tutorial to learn the basics of cell phone photography, techniques for capturing the best pictures and apps to do quick editing. Find out how to waterproof your phone and how to keep it charged on extended wilderness trips.

Happening tonight at the Southshore Centre.


Art for Lunch with Bewabon Shilling

The MacLaren is offering another Art for Lunch event on Friday.

Between the Forest and the Sky is a major solo exhibition of recent paintings by Bewabon Shilling depicting the forests and skies around the artist’s home at Rama Mnjikaning First Nation.

Working from the studio built by his late father, the works reveal a landscape that also inspired his father but rendered in a style that is entirely his own.




Got a free event (or any event) coming up in Barrie? We want to know about it! Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll hook it up on our events calendar!


A Guide To Rainy Saturday Fun in Barrie

A Guide To Rainy Saturday Fun in Barrie

Rainy Saturdays got you down? We’ve got you covered!


What to do on a rainy Saturday in Barrie? Barrie Uncovered has got you covered! No, but really, we found some places you can check out on a rainy Saturday, with roofs to keep you dry!


A Guide To Rainy Saturday Fun in Barrie


400 Market


Much to our own belief, the 400 Market is just a five minute drive away, it is covered and has a hard floor. Perfect for staying dry but also looking awesome. When it’s Saturday, people tend to like to wear clothes they can’t wear to work so we get it if you don’t necessarily want to walk around in rain boots and a raincoat all day. You want to go out and show off your weekend clothes! Perhaps you need some new clothes? Then the 400 Market is the place you want to be. 


What Else?


Perhaps you need some new decorations or plants for the house? 400 market has you covered. Not to mention you can even enjoy an alcoholic beverage while in the building but if you’re not into alcoholic beverages, you can have water, pop, smoothies, Etc. That’s why the 400 Market is a great place to check out when it’s raining.


What about Food?


Bonus, they have such a huge variety of food! We uncovered some of their pierorgies and they were absolutely delicious! They have different options such as plain potato and cheese, or pork, so of course we tried both! I have to say, as a hard core plain Jane pierogi fan, the pork ones were just as delicious!


Next Stop!  


On to our next stop… Redline Brewery! It is Saturday after all. I understand it’s patio season, but we’re uncovering things to do while it’s raining! Don’t let the word Brewery scare you if you don’t drink brew, their wine is absolutely fabulous as well! If you got rained on from your journey from the car into Redline and are a little cold…. no worries! Redline has got you covered, no but really again, cover yourself up after purchasing one of their many style sweaters or shirts! 


On to the food, man oh man the food! Such great comfort food for a rainy day. Burgers, beef dip, fajitas and fish tacos, do we need to say much more?! Plus their atmosphere and service was spot on. Come to Redline!



Saturday’s Not Over Yet!


So you’re Saturday and evening are over, but what about if your still interested in doing something on a rainy Saturday night?! Well, we would recommend checking out one the many awesome pubs in our lovely downtown Barrie such as The Foxx! They are always packed with live music on the weekends. 


What did you think of our Guide To Rainy Saturday Fun in Barrie? Let us know about your fav cold weather hangout in the comments!