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Shari Elliott Explains Remote Real Estate

Real Estate Lawyer, Shari Elliott, has embraced the health and safety of her clients, friends and family completely over the past year.

Ever mindful of the COVID threat to everyone’s health; she has created a wonderful virtual client experience.


There seems to be no clear answer on when “normality” will be back.  Shari feels working remotely simply works better for everyone.

Imagine even 2 years ago.  You’ve decided to sell your home in Barrie and shop for a new “forever” home.  You’re a commuter; you’ve gone out weekends and evenings to search out and find your new abode.  An offer to purchase is written and it’s time to involve a lawyer.

Phone calls back and forth get everything into play; however you’ve needed time off work for appointments and signing.

Everything is Changing!!

Not so anymore!  Absolutely everything legally necessary to purchase a home can now be done virtually.

Closing a real estate deal is a complex process that requires knowledge and familiarity with local, provincial and federal laws.

A lawyer helps you protect your investment while ensuring everything is being done legally.

Make sure that your lawyer – like Shari Elliott – is fully experienced with remote sales and has working hours that fit your schedule.

Once you’ve done your due diligence there; everything else is simplified.

You no longer need to take time from work to travel to appointments; you actually have more time to read any document and make notes.  However, best of all is you are keeping yourself and everyone involved safe and secure within your own bubble.

Imagine the New Scenario...

Your offer to purchase has been accepted.  Your real estate agent will send you all the pages of the contract electronically.

Sitting back in the comfort of your home relaxing with a cup of java – you are able to read through everything in a much more leisurely fashion.

You call your lawyer; forward the documents on to have them do their part.  You may or may not even have another phone conversation!

Documents can now move back and forth instantly and electronic signatures are legal too.

No longer do you need to drop off a cheque – that can be wired.  Lastly, the keys to your new kingdom are left for you in a lockbox.  How simple is that?!

Own the Process

Pre covid in the office
Post covid working remotely

Shari feels that this new virtual experience allows her clients to “own the process”.  “They have more of my undivided attention and I can take enough time to make sure that all of their questions are answered.

“I just find the whole process is more humanized as clients are so comfortable in their own space; things are easier to understand and they are able to better grasp the process.”

One client says, “It’s so wonderful to have my questions heard and answered distinctly for me.”

So if a real estate closing is on your horizon – take a moment – make that call!!

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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