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3 Things To Try in Barrie This Weekend

3 Things To Try in Barrie This Weekend

October’s coming in hot; at least as far as the weather is concerned. With temps pushing well above 15 for the impending weekend, it’s a perfect excuse to get out and enjoy the sun while it’s here.

Here’s a trio of happenings this weekend to check out…

3 Things To Try in Barrie This Weekend

Open Air Dunlop

Another Saturday with traffic free streets happens in downtown Barrie. Dunlop is closed to vehicles, giving you the chance to check out the new streetscape and get a coffee or a pint at the fab downtown eateries.

You c an also enter the We Dig Downtown contest to win a $250 Lifeline E-Gift Card to the downtown businesses of your choice! Take in a self-guided historic walking tour as well as some incredible public art. Happening all day.

Live Music

The gigs, they are a happenin;.

North Country plays host to live tunes Thursday – Saturday, including country talent Rob Watts and Dean James. Over at Donaleigh’s The Week Ends take the stage on Saturday. Courtney Bowles is on the mic and guitars over at Flying Monkey’s.

You can also hit up the Common Good Cafe for Sunday morning jams. And if karaoke is more your speed, hit up Steyn House on Mapleton in the south end on Friday night.

Retro Arcade

While you’re downtown for Open Air, consider booking in to Last Level Lounge for some retro gaming. In addition to the patio being open, you can book in for an evening or in blocks of hours for $15 per person. That gives you access to free play on all the games, including the pinball machines.

Anything to add to 3 Things To Try in Barrie This Weekend? Let us know in the comments! And if you are a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint through creative, hyper local content, reach out today! We will get you Uncovered!

Barrie Retro Spots: Go Back In Time Before You Spring Forward

Barrie Retro Spots


Daylight savings returns this Sunday to disrupt our sleep.

The annual Spring forward usually comes and goes without much fanfare (besides complaints about the universe snatching away an hour of Netlfixing and Dorito time)

So with all the weekend chatter centered on moving forward in time, why not take a moment to look back?

Barrie is replete with cool options to put the calendar on repeat and get your retro on. Try a few this weekend before time recaptures that extra hour!


Barrie Retro Spots


Last Level Lounge

This 80s inspired arcade and museum is THE place to settle, once and for all who the Arkanoid Champion of Barrie is.

Loaded with classic pinball and video games, Last Level reverberates with tokens of prior decades that we knew and loved. And wore knee high socks in.

On top of the gaming, they’ve got a wicked assortment of era appropriate statues and toys scattered throughout the joint.

Open all weekend and evenings.


BJ’s Records 

If Vinyl is more your speed, BJ’s Records & Nostalgia (they even have it in their name!) is your go-to.

We had a chance to visit this vintage venue a little while back, and the selection of merch is as impressive as ever.

Almost as remarkable as the collection of EPs is the catalog of vintage movie posters and Tshirts. And if you have some swag or tunes from your glory days that you aren’t keen on keeping, bring it here! BJ buys and trades in yesteryear gear.


Flashback Diner

Okay, you’re going to need some nourishment on your time travel journey. But you don’t want actual food from eras gone by…unless you have some unique interest in food poisoning. (Not judging)

The next best thing is an old-school themed greasy spoon. Flashback Diner on Bayfield is the ticket!

The menu is packed with comfort foods and all day breakfast options (including traditional milkshakes) and the layout of classic-era booths will have you jitterbugging to the washroom.



Bonus Barrie Retro Spots!

Be sure to hit up Mantiques, Sanford & Sons Antiques and the 400 Market for more throw back options.


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