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Another Great Line Up!

Just over a week left!  Barrie Live Music and all the talent they showcase is making a serious dent in their goal!

Community Partnerships Work!

This partnership between Canada’s Top Mayor, Bring Your Eh’ Game,  and Barrie Live Music is certainly sliding up the scale to raising awareness for Barrie Food Bank!

Barrie Live Music Rocks!

Jake and Jorden Mathias have provided such a wonderful platform for our area musicians!

And the LineUp is...

Take a look at the lineup for this upcoming weekend!  Join us in assisting them in reaching their goal!  Every dollar raised this month while listening is going right to supporting our local Food Bank!

It’s been one of the most unusual years for everyone, and this is showing with the increased needs for area services.  We’d like to thank everyone for their generous contributions to our area charities!

Listen in and ENJOY this impressive Lineup!

Thursday April 22nd

7:00 pm  Karlie Starr

8:00 pm  Dawn Duncan

9:00 pm  Steven Henry

Friday April 23rd

7:00 pm  Steve Luxton

8:00 pm  Sandy Stewart

9:30 pm  JonniX

Saturday April 24th

7:00 pm  1+1

8:00 pm – 10:00 pm  Dan Uhde and Kyle Wauchope

Sunday April 25th

1:00 pm  (8:00 pm in Athens)  John Kampouropoulos

8:00 pm  Heather Armstrong

Join everyone in listening to the great sounds – while raising the dollars so necessary for our Community!

Written By: Jane Laker

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Barrie Live Music Show – Supports the Food Bank

Jake and Jorden Mathias are the brothers behind the popular “Barrie Live Music Show” Facebook group that has raised over $100,000.00 for over 25 local charities.

Barrie Live Music Supports the Food Bank for April!

Photo by Stephen Elliott

As we mentioned at the beginning of the week, they’ve given the month of April to assisting the Canada Food Bank COVID relief fund by partnering with area resident Dawn Mucci of Canada’s Top Mayor Award, and “Bring Your ‘Eh Game” trivia contest.

Exciting New Release...

The Mathias brothers not only have big hearts for the community, but also big talent in the music world!

Pre-pandemic their band “The Straits” often played locally.  You can find them playing virtually on-line – but even better their new band “A One Way Ticket” has just released their first single – “You Are the One” on all platforms!  Make sure to give it a listen!!

Weekend Line Up

Join them on Barrie Live Music Show this weekend – Here’s the lineup!!

Friday April 9:

7 pm Shane Joseph

8 pm Jay Dee Band

9:30 pm JonniX

Saturday April 10:

7 pm Tamara Lovan

8 pm Alyssa Bartholomew

9 pm Geoff Erickson

Don't Forget!!!

And…if you’re still up to it after the great music – you can still watch the any of the 4 legacy episodes of “Bring Your ‘Eh Game” right here:

We Appreciate Your Support!

We appreciate your community superhero spirit and look forward to having you assist everyone in this fantastic effort by Jake and Jorden Mathias with the Barrie Live Music Show.

Support our Local Food Bank while supporting our incredibly talented local music scene!!

Written By: Jane Laker

Are you a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint?  Let us know!  We can help get you Uncovered!