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Bring Your ‘Eh Game Quiz

Citizens of Barrie – Get your Game On!

Canada’s Top Mayor Award has joined forces with Mayors from across Canada to raise funds for Food Banks Canada Covid-19 Relief Fund.

Show creator Dawn Mucci, a local resident, who we know from past articles on our Barrie Uncovered website, explains:

“I was inspired by Mayors like Bonnie Crombie and Naheed Nenshi who were already doing great work in their municipalities to support their local food banks.  I wanted to amplify that effort by collaborating with Mayors and all Canadians to Bring their Eh Game on a national level to help those struggling with food insecurity.  Not only is the show fun and entertaining, but we also get to learn more about Mayors and their community’s best attributes as well as the people, places, and things that make their cities and towns special.”

This Sunday evening at 7 p.m. our own Mayor Lehman is playing his part!

TV host Adam Grow is hosting this fun and interactive game show that celebrates grassroots leadership, community, and hometown heroes.

And…apparently this last episode takes an unusual twist!!

100% of the donations from the show will support people living with food insecurity across Canada.

In speaking with Sharon Palmer, the new Executive Director of our Barrie Food Bank we were told that there are many clients who have lost their jobs or had hours cut back that need help to buy groceries. 

Numbers have shown more of our senior populations are coming  to the Food Bank for assistance too.   

In fact, during the months of January and February there were over 960 households requiring assistance with food.  This is up 60% over the same period in 2020.

So come Barrie – Bring Your ‘EH Game and support our Mayor!

While supporting the Food Bank Canada COVID Relief Fund!

Watch a teaser video on our Youtube channel here!

Scan the above QR Code and test your trivia skills!

Are you a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint?  Let us know!  We can help get you Uncovered!

The Canadian Snowbirds: the 411 on the 431

Social Recap: The Week That Was in Barrie

It comes down to who you know and even who you are.  Now if you are, ummmmm….Jeff Lehman, for example, hanging out with the Canadian Snowbirds is basically what you’d call “Wednesday”. 

Now let’s take the example a step further and say, if you were Steve from Barrie Uncovered, you’d call hanging out with the Snowbirds a “Once in a Lifetime!”  Ask Steve about it when you run into him.  “They never let anyone on the runway when the Snowbirds are doing a show.  I was so excited that I was asked to be there and got exclusive photos at Edenvale Airport.”  So are we!

So what’s the 411 on the 431?

Yeah, what is 431 anyways?  The Canadian Snowbirds are officially known as 431 Air Demonstration Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force.  Military Aerobatics is their thing.  When we checked out what the Snowbirds purpose is, (besides making large crowds oooh and aaah) we found it’s to, “demonstrate the skill, professionalism, and teamwork of Canadian Forces personnel.” 

When we say Canadian Forces what is the first thing that you think about?  Base Borden, of course.  CFB Borden is the largest training wing in the Canadian Armed Forces. Our military has been training there since 1916 and the aerobatic flying team since 1929.  Does history interest you?  Then head over to Base Borden’s musuem and check out the memorabilia.  Afterwards you can play a round of golf at the Borden Golf Club.   (Hey if it rains then don’t forget about North Swing!)

Okay, back to good ‘ole Barrie and the Canadian Snowbirds!  Did you take pics?  Our photographer was on the runway, so we really want to see pics that you took.  Did you watch from Heritage Park, Centennial, or Allandale?  What can you share about your experience watching the Canadian Snowbirds?  Leave us a comment on FB or Insta and show us your pics! #barrieuncovered (We promise to have something to say on EVERY pic and comment! Cause we are just wordy like that!)

Written by: Sharon Johnston | Images by: Stephen Elliot