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Come Back to Basics -Natural Essentials

“Come back to the basics” is a mantra you’ll hear from Donna Vaillancourt time and time again.

Taking the Time...

Everyone knows something about eating healthy.  We’re all taught the Canada Food Guide as children; we all see and hear tidbits of information on a constant basis.

However, with time constraints, affordability and ease of pre-packaged food – most of us fail to a degree with food as a good lifestyle choice.

Taking our health back to the basics means feeding mind, body and soul – not just our stomachs!

Just a Few Steps to Take...

There are a few steps that are a bit easier to take with feeding the body.

  1. Shop local farmers when possible.
  2. Purchase foods that aren’t genetically modified.
  3. Try to eat “clean” food – the least amount of “pre-prep” possible.
  4. Buy organic or Non GMO foods whenever possible
  5.  Explore new spices and plant based meals.

Donna Can Help!

Taking these few steps may seem over-whelming at first, but Donna can help you make easy changes that will impact your daily life.

Keeping our body healthy becomes easier once we make healthier subtle changes.

There are so many plant-based alternatives to use now – for both skin care as well as health care.

Even these items should be as simplistic as possible!  We should try to know what exactly we’re applying to and/or ingesting into our bodies – and how many people have handled it!

Meet Donna Vaillancourt of Natural Essentials

Donna has healed past health issues with plant based medicine and her mission is to continue to be an active educator in her community.

Empowering people with knowledge on how to come back to basics is what she is all about.

With her focus on helping people she also creates a wonderful array of products as affordably priced as possible.  These are products she created during her own health journey and still uses daily.

With a wonderful skin care line and salves with extra healing properties Donna has much to teach us.

Natural Essentials

The Natural Essentials lines contain all non-chemical ingredients; organic and natural and includes a cannabis line.

Donna also has a variety of recipes that both she and her clients have used successfully in overcoming some very serious health issues.

Connecting for More Info:

You might join her for an information circle @ Sunnidale Park, once the world re-opens again or at Jeevanaya Wellness Center at one of her presentations – or at another venue in the community.

Follow Donna, Wellness Educator & Cannabis Consultant, at Natural Essentials on Facebook or email Donna at [email protected].

Donna can also accept texts at 705 309 4281.

Such knowledge is a formidable asset to getting back to the basics.

Ask Donna – She’s a Survivor!!

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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