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Barrie Yoga Studios Online Classes – Mental Illness Awareness Week 2020

Keeping Your Mind and Body Healthy

This week in Canada is Mental Illness Awareness Week 2020, it runs from Sunday the 3rd to Saturday the 10th of May.  A great way to keep both your mind and body healthy is Yoga.  Barrie has several Yoga Studios who have online lessons, tips and exercises you can do at home.  Some of the benefits of Yoga include Improve flexibility, strength, and posture, Increase your energy, Reduce stress and much more.  These days when we are isolating and the pressure or just boredom is impacting you this is a great way of helping.

We have listed a few Barrie Yoga Studios who are there to help you, they also need your help to continue to operate.  We have listed schedules where we could find them, if not contact the individual studios directly.  Contact details are provided, so take a look and see where you can start or carry on practicing yoga.  Also, for the terms and conditions each studio has its own so check it out on the site.

Anahata Yoga

Anahata has an “Our Pay It Forward Class” that is a community class offered for all.  This is because Anahata Yoga comes from the Heart and grew from a place of wanting Yoga to be accessible to EVERYONE. No matter gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity or income. Everyone can use yoga in their life. Pay what you can. If you can afford a cup of coffee then you can afford a yoga class. And hey, if you can’t afford a class this week then it’s on us!  For more details see their Facebook Page which is updated regularly Below is the schedule of classes updated on the 30th of April, so get your mat ready and join in.

Modo Yoga Barrie

Modo is a community of independent hot yoga studios, united in our dedication to create a more sustainable world. We welcome beginners and experienced students – we are a place for all.  Please note the studio is temporarily closed. BUT we know how important it is to get your yoga practice so we have been bringing Modo to your home.


On Wednesday, May 6th, we will be shifting gears! Modo Yoga Barrie is launching a LIVE VIRTUAL STUDIO where you get to practice alongside your favourite teachers.⁣  We will be offering a zoom class/workshop 6 days a week, as well as 1 Instagram live.⁣
That’s not it, there is a lot more.
We are grateful to everyone who supported us last month, and those who continue to support us during this time of uncertainty. We look forward to creating community through our online platform and creating more peace and healing 🙏

Click the link below to sign up today: Also see their Facebook page for a lot more information  See below for their schedule for this week, I believe there are more so check out their sites.


BLISS Ann Green Yoga

There are many ways to practice yoga including meditation, study, self-enquiry, chanting and the physical asana practice known as hatha yoga.  At home in BLISS, you will find a delightful variety of yoga choices, enhancing your personal inward journey.  Every time you step on to your yoga mat, you connect to and become part of an evolving and powerful, ancient tradition. Yoga is the ultimate connector to our interwoven, natural world and spirals our connections to rise to the ripple effect of positivity.  Live your yoga on and off the mat into this awesome BLISS filled world!  To find out there schedule click onto their Facebook page is updated regularly.  Also, see their website .  Some classes coming up, A Yoga Workshop for Social Workers! Join us to build self-awareness and an anti-oppressive social work practice on MAY 8, 15.

Flourish Vitality Centre

At Flourish they believe that yoga is for EVERY body!
Whether you’re new to Yoga or have experience, enjoy a relaxing class or a more dynamic one, we’ve got an inspiring class and a welcoming, supportive community where you’ll Flourish!  Our teachers carefully construct classes where both beginners and experienced students can learn and grow together, and enjoy the many benefits of regular practice.  Explore the inner workings of body, mind, and spirit with classes that are just right for you!  Flourish update their Facebook page regularly so click on to see any new classes or updates also see their website Below is their latest schedule of classes:

Studio B Yoga

Launching Monday, May 4th! You will be able to access their recorded classes in one place. Watch when it’s convenient for you and enjoy the class style of your choice!   They will continue to update as new classes come and will also be streaming LIVE daily.  Catch Their LIVE classes daily!  They also have Pilates which is a great workout.   So if you want to keep up to what’s new with Studio B check out their Facebook page regularly  also check out their website .  Below is some of their schedule you can enjoy online:

The Vidya Centre For Yoga & Wellness

They are now offering daily online virtual yoga/meditation/pilates classes and courses for members and anyone wishing to join.

Therefore all classes taught at Vidya are wonderfully unique, offering something different for all. Yoga offers the opportunity to delve deeper into yourself. This is a unique experience for every person who enters a yoga studio. One thing is for certain: yoga has the capacity to change your life for the better.  The classes at Vidya range from intense vinyasa flow and classical Hatha, to gentle yoga for all levels, and everything in between.  Vidya regularly update their Facebook page so to see what is happening check it out also their website Below is their schedule of classes, see if you think you fit into one:


Distance Fitness: Online Yoga Classes in Barrie

5 Things To Do For Halloween in Barrie



The shutdown of local yoga studios might have you down, but it doesn’t mean you have to abandon all fitness. (As tempting as it is to stream Netflix and eat twinkies all day)

A number of Barrie Yoga locales are switching to online delivery, with instructor led or virtual programs being offered.

Scroll on to learn more!



Online classes being offered through membership.


Lots of online classes being offered through FB Live the week.




Offering instagram classes.



Offering regular online classes through membership.


Anahata Yoga From The Heart

Online classes available on their YT Channel.




Train For Life – Getting Started

Train For Life

Crafted by Barrie Uncovered’s editorial team in partnership with Core Evolution Fitness

Your Guide To Better Living

Every month, Dave Fraser of Core Evolution Fitness will be sharing tips on healthy living.

Covering fitness, nutrition, wellness and exercise techniques, Dave’s expertise as a personal trainer will help you get fit, and adopt the Train For Life philosophy.



One of the most common questions we get is how? How do I get started on the path to better living and a healthier lifestyle?

It can be intimidating to walk into a gym, or even to start exercising. And even when you can see the benefits to lifestyle changes, the amount of hard work that’s needed to get there can seem overwhelming.

So how to start?

By starting small!

You don’t have to endure a grueling 5 hour workout on your first day.

Start easier, and simpler. But get active!

Here are 3 EASY ways to get started on the Train For Lifestyle.


Get Walking

It’s natural to use shortcuts, especially when you are in a rush to get out the door in the morning or headed into work.

You might not be able to walk to work or school every day, but incorporating more walking into your daily routine is achievable. Skip the elevator and take the stairs at the office. Do the same with the escalators in malls or shopping plazas.

Try taking a walk during your coffee breaks or lunch. If you like the outdoors take a 20 minute walk after dinner, or for a longer hike during the weekend. There are plenty of spots in Barrie to get your walk on!

Stretching those legs for even a half hour a day will;

  • reduce risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • increase your heart and lung fitness
  • lead to stronger bones and improved balance.

Improve Your Diet

Proper nutrition is vital to improving your fitness.

Take the time to pack a lunch every day, so that you don’t have to rely on fast food or cafeteria fare at midday.

Dinner can be challenging, especially if you are coming home after a long day. Resist the temptation to order a pizza! If you like cooking, try preparing a week’s worth of meals on Sunday so that you always have good eats on standby.

Include a good amount of fruit, nuts and veggies in all of your meals, and limit your portion sizes.

And be consistent! Everyone is going to fall off the good eating wagon from time to time, or indulge in a second helping of desert.

The key is to make that the exception, rather than the rule. Get back on the good eats the next day.


Drink More Water

Our bodies are upwards of 60% water, and it’s vital to your health to keep the liquids flowing.

A good rule of thumb is the 8×8 rule: Try drinking 8 glasses of 8 ounces every day.

Drinking more water will

  • lubricate the joints.
  • boost skin health and beauty.
  • cushion the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues.
  • and regulate body temperature.


All of these small adjustments will help. And the more of them you do, the better you will feel. And the better you feel, the more you’ll want to do!

Ready to Adopt The Train For Life mindset? Connect with Dave at Core Evolution Fitness! to get started!




This content is made possible by our sponsor; it does not necessarily reflect the views of Barrie Uncovered’s editorial staff.