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On the Art of Healing – Jeevanaya Wellness

With all that is in the world at the moment we seem to question everything medical.  On the art of healing lets discuss one of the most ancient – Ayurvedic treatments.

And the Definition is:

The definition stands as “knowledge of Life” which is a practice of herbalist medicines dating back 5,000 years in text form.  Truly…this must be the oldest known form of health care!

In Ayurvedic treatments, food, herbs and oils treat the body while dancing and meditation treat the mind.

The body is defined as fitting into 1 of 3 types (or Doshas).

Vata Dosha

Vata Dosha is a combination of air and ether.  A Vata Dosha is someone that is energetic, creative and lively.  They are normally light sleepers with sensitive digestions.  When an imbalance occurs in their body type it generally gives them problems with insomnia, weight loss, indigestion and anxiety.

Pitta Dosha

Pitta Dosha is made up of the elements fire and water.  Pitta Dosha types are associated with a tenacious personality.  Commonly they are described as intelligent, purposeful, self determined people who are quick learners that master skills easily.  They are naturally strong leaders with a high metabolism.  On the downside, when their body is not in balance they tend to be impatient, prone to conflict with mood swings especially when hungry.  They are also known to be very sensitive to hot temperatures.

Kapha Dosha

Kapha Dosha is based on earth and water.  These people can be described as steady, stable, heavy, slow, cold and soft.  They are known as being strong, thick boned and very caring.  Being able to keep it “together” very well they are a great support system for others.  Also considered to be very empathetic, caring, trusting, patient and romantic, they are great team members or mentors.  When their Dosha is out of balance they are prone to weight gain, slow metabolism, breathing issues, heart disease and depression.

Whole Body Healing

Ayurvedic medicine encourages whole-body healing – mental, physical and emotional health.

Using yoga, meditation, mindful eating and sleep practices the treatments will help manage work-life balances.

While enough medical research hasn’t been done to suit the “suits” – incorporating the many healthy lifestyle habits of Ayurveda into your daily routines is a great way to promote good health.

For really great insight into Ayurvedic treatments and lifestyle habits, one should really visit Jeevanaya Wellness on Bell Farm Road.

Ask Anita!

Anita Kaur is a wonderful and knowledgeable guide to all that is!  Ask Anita about your Dosha type, what changes you can make to easily fit your lifestyle, and what herbs are available to assist in the treatment of many chronic conditions.

On the Art of Healing – Jeevanaya Wellness!

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credit:  Stephen Elliott

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Be Well – A Health & Wellness Podcast

Be Well – A Health & Wellness Podcast

Be Well is a new podcast production from Jeevanaya Wellness, devoted to health and wellness. Through interviews, advice and tips provided by experts in various wellness fields, Be Well helps people improve their day to day living and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

In episode one, Angel Powers of Mainstream Therapy explores the benefits of mindfulness, and how we can incorporate it into our everyday lives.

Find out more about Jeevanaya Wellness right here.

Grillicious Gourmet Tap & Grill – “We’re here for You!”

For the past three years many of us have enjoyed the wonderful ‘made from scratch’ menu and openly inviting atmosphere of Grillicious Gourmet Tap & Grill at 3 Mulcaster Street.  We’re sure missing that now!

Josie Fabreo, owner, wants you to know that she struggles daily not being able to share space with her ‘regulars’.

Josie and her staff are hard at work behind the scenes.  Grillicious is still offering their full, upscale menu for curbside pickup and…they deliver!

Menu Options for your Health!

Happily using locally sourced products, Grillicious offers a wide array of Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free and regular menu options.  Is very important to Josie to let patrons know; “Eating healthy helps boost our immune system.”  It’s for that reason she’s so particular with every dish.

Having to do some things differently during COVID, Josie and her staff have come up with new offerings for everyone.

Check out the Specials!

Each Tuesday Grillicious posts weekly specials on both their Face Book and Instagram.  The prices are very affordable for the upscale selections offered.  Josie adds that it’s wise to check daily for the “special of the day” as well.

Meal Packages can be purchased to provide affordable, healthy meals for the entire family.  Make sure to preorder and they’ll deliver!

Grillicious is also providing basic grocery store needs for those of us that try to stay out of the large box stores.  Call ahead with your list and curbside pickup will be made available.

Don't forget the Drinks!

Along with those great ideas we are reminded that also available for pickup or delivery is an extensive choice from the Grillicious Wine and Beer menu.  Check out their website for a complete list.

We’ll all be so relieved when ‘shutdown’ comes to an end and we can once again enjoy the music and shows that Grillicious is so known for!

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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Therapists tell us – “It’s not cute anymore”

Angel Powers

Mainstream Therapy owner, Angel Powers is seeing a breakdown in family stability becoming more rampant, and if you are feeling that she suggests that you call.   Angel has given us access to staff within her team that specializes in couples and family therapies.

The feeling is that we are all struggling individually with the changes that have taken place worldwide.  At one time people may have been shocked or dismayed, but actually found their footings somewhat, learning to enjoy the decreed “Shutdown”.  That was, in part, the time of year it took place.  At that time children were nearly finished school and summer plans had been made.  Everyone felt this was crazy, but it was just a “blip”!

Reality has now set in.  This new normal isn’t normal at all.  Our children are being home-schooled; people considered essential are allowed to “go” to work while the rest of us work virtually or not at all!

Courtney Burden

Courtney Burden, Therapist, says “In terms of couples being stuck at home together, it’s gotten a lot less “cute” after almost a full year of doing it.”  Courtney continues on to explain that we’ve become reactive to smaller issues.

During sessions with clients, Courtney sometimes uses visualization techniques to help them understand.  Visualize a glass of water.  The glass fills up a little more with each stressor; financial difficulties, cabin fever or boredom.  If it’s close to the brim adding a single drop (maybe dishes not washed) causes the glass to overflow.  When this happens we either become angry, or hold it inside until we explode!

Courtney explains that we need to be upfront about what we really require from our partner.  As people, typically we’re very good at saying what we don’t want or like, but less so about what we actually need.

She recommends using a simple script for being able to communicate clearly.  For instance, “When you _______, I _______.  I need ______.

Courtney also stresses the importance of making sure we use language that is non- blaming.  A complaint discusses a specific behavior, but criticism may be felt as an attack on the ability or integrity of the other person.  Staying away from criticisms allows less defensive response.

Then, when it comes to managing resources or chores – even helping the kids with school – plan ahead to avoid chaos.  Courtney feels that visual schedules are a great tool for families who have to manage multiple people and programs.  “It’s hard enough keeping track of all the “moving parts” in a household without interpersonal conflict.”

Laura Kyrkos

Therapist, Laura Kyrkos speaks to the “Covid fatigue” created by the lockdown for our children.  Many children are experiencing reactive behaviors, boredom, unhealthy attachments and a craving for social interaction.  At the same time some children feel that they accomplish more as they aren’t feeling the social pressures of the classroom.

In terms of the frustration or boredom that children feel, therapists find that they are quite resilient.  Some of them have expressed that they spend more time outdoors, some create scavenger hunts….really they are trying to make the best of the situation.  Certainly the kids are missing their friends and finding it difficult to maintain their social circles.

Laura explains that most families would never share this amount of time with each other. Under “normal” circumstances there would be work, school, sporting or social events that would keep families busy within their own circles.  This is the first time in a long time we are having this much more one on one time!

As for ideas Laura encourages everyone to understand.  Let children know they can think it through like this….First I do _______ then I do ____________.  Otherwise the unknown or the rest of the day can become overwhelming with so many tasks to be completed!

Both therapists agree that visual schedules are a great idea.  It allows everyone to visualize how the day or the week will look and let them have time to plan ahead.  Make them fun with clip art or pictures.  Laura also encourages parents to allow their child to have a quiet space with limited distractions at home.  Children should be encouraged to have a sense of independance at home or “me time.”  Leraning to have their own self care is crucial as they become older.  This could be a Zoom meeting with friends, playing board games online with other family members, meditation or yooga sessions or playing outside with their sibilings.

At least our days are getting longer now and we’re heading into the “last half” of winter.  Not knowing what to expect next can be very difficult.  However, we do know that spring will arrive, flowers will bloom…and somehow, this too shall pass.

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Staying Connected: Barrie’s Yoga Spots

Barrie’s Clothing Stores

Staying Connected: Barrie’s Yoga Spots

Every Wednesday, we’ll focus on one service or industry in Barrie and highlight how they are staying connected to you during this latest lockdown. Whether it’s online sales, curbside pickup or virtual sessions, we’ll share the ways you can support them. Even if it’s as simple as providing you with their online presence so you can leave them a positive review!

This week we focus on Barrie’s Yoga spots.


Providing a host of online sessions, you can connect with the studio on their social media platforms and on their app. Hit up their website to get it! And check out the merch line to help support them.


Another studio with online opportunities, including a monthly package. They also have a newsletter to sign up for more.


Another downtown location that provides online and virtual sessions via their website.


One of the newer studios in town, Anahata offers a wide range of yoga and meditation practice. Find a fit with Power, Heart And Shoulders, SunRise Flow, Calm, Power or Self Love. They’ve got plenty of online options and monthly memberships.


Hot yoga classes have switched to online formats and they offer other ways to support them, including swag. You can stream the classes via their website, where you can book memberships too.

What did you think of Staying Connected: Barrie’s Yoga Spots? Did we miss any locations? Let us know! And if you are a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint, reach out today! We will get you Uncovered.