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Are you someone looking for an alternative to prescription or over the counter pain relief?  Meet Tina Arnold Eternal, Image Consultant and Nutritional Coach.

Tina is located at Jeevanaya Wellness Centre, 40 Bell Farm Road, Unit 14.  Tina is so happy to have been able to bring her vision of many years to fruition.  The recent changes governing marijuana have certainly made it easier for her.  We are being taught by Tina just what the benefits of Hemp Oil and CBD oil has to add to our healthcare regime.  Hemp seed oil is legal over the counter; does not contain CBD yet there are still many other cannabinol compounds that provide many of the same benefits as CBD.  CBD oil is distinctly different and requires a Medicinal License and prescription to purchase.

It’s Tina’s mission to empower us with knowledge and understanding on just how her Image of Eternity skin products can assist in a pain free lifestyle and longevity.  The Health Canada approved specialty products combine Hempseed oil with Manuka honey, olive oil and medicinal herbs to be applied topically for relief.  

The relief is not only for pain management, but also for everyday skincare – reversing the aging process.  Tina takes this one step further by using her products during massage therapies for her clients.  Because the elixir is so rich in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids, being massaged thoroughly into the skin, (our bodies largest organ), will allow it to assist with the oxygenation of blood, reducing inflammation, repairing and regenerating skin cells.

Tina offers a variety of massages, everything form facial to full body.  Even a partial body massage can benefit people struggling with neuropathy, mobility issues or skin conditions.  For a first guest, the regularly prices $90.00 full body massage comes with a $20.00 discount!

Starting on November 2nd, Tina is offering a
"Women's Pre-Christmas Relaxation Massage Special"
Full Body massage
Only $55.00
Special ends on December 2nd
Book Your Appointment Now!(705) 905-2148

It’s very important for Tina to understand what needs you may have as a client.  After a free personal assessment consultation, Tina will provide you with the tools and knowledge to help yourself.  She understands that people, women especially, are searching for alternatives to pharmaceutical options.  Better self  care is becoming very important to them.  There tends to be a lot of misinformation on the subject of CBD products and even though consumers are much more educated now, it can still be very confusing.  Tina is a great person to guide you.

In fact, one of Tina’s goals has been put on delay because of the Pandemic.  She is waiting rather impatiently to begin holding her 3 Day/2 Night retreats where she will host guest speakers, cooking sessions and product knowledge.  Of course this comes with great entertainment and community building fun!  Knowing how important affordability is, Tina diligently keeps her costs low.  Even her retreats will be priced under $500.00

So…if you’ve got questions or are looking for information and products, call Tina at Eternal Image Consulting.  (705) 905-2148…and don’t forget…Book your massage soon!

Jeevanaya Wellness

- YOGA -

There are many exercises that are marketed to entice us into movement, however for lifelong benefits perhaps the simplest and most affordable is Yoga.

Anita Kaur, or Jeevanaya Wellness in Barrie is an ayurvedic Wellness Consultant/Yoga Teacher who schools us today on particular styles of Yoga and who they benefit the most.  Amongst the numerous styles of Yoga available, Anita brings it back to the basics for us.

She starts our lesson with Power Yoga.  A Yoga that is especially good exercise for the Kapha Dosha people.  In Ayurvedic practice these are the people that sit long hours at their work stations, that don’t move, but need movement, are highly creative and involved in their work.  Power Yoga moves their body, increasing blood flow, lymphatic drainage, proper muscle strength and breathing techniques.  It is the most invigorating style of yoga.

The second lesson takes the Pitta Dosha people to task.  They are the  Type A personalities who are highly competitive which goes hand in hand with higher anxiety and stressors.  Anita would have these very busy people take part in a Yin Yoga class.  She tells us that Yin Yoga is a very slow, meditative and relaxing yoga.  It helps to still the busy mind through meditation and movement, bringing deep cleansing breaths to connect mind and body.  Yin Yoga is also very helpful in restoring balance to those who suffer injuries.

Lastly, Anita discusses Restorative Yoga for the Vata Dosha people.  These are the people in high stress jobs, enough to cause headaches and migraines.  The Vata Dosha type tend to have a lot of anxiety and restlessness which requires deeply relaxing body moves to remove toxins from body and mind.  Restorative Yoga is wonderful for any people with these issues or chronic pain as it helps healing through blood flow and again the use of props to support movement.

The Yoga teachers at Jeevanaya Wellness train their students that any Yoga teaches proper breathing, mindfulness, a joining of body and spirit without judgement.  Each type builds strong immune systems, strengthens muscles and mobility allowing us to partake in life to the fullest.

In closing, the staff at Jeevanaya Wellness invite you to sample their most exclusive Ancient treatments or even better, gift a Yoga Class or a Treatment to a boss or loved one for Christmas.

Exclusive Treatments:

  1.  Abhyanga Massage – a 5,000+ year old Ayurvedic practice of Dosha specific warm herb-infused oils.
  2. Lomi Lomi Massage, a 3,000year old Hawaiian practice which is done in long flowing motions and generous amounts of oil to promote harmony and balance.  (This is done by a Registered Massage Therapist so insurance benefits will cover this treatment.)

Ask The Expert – Dealing With Covid

Angel Powers is the owner and founder of Mainstream Therapy. Blending traditional and non-traditional frameworks for mental health and self awareness, she’s an expert in helping people navigate the day to day while maintaining the best possible health of mind and spirit.

We asked Angel to address some of the most common Google searches about dealing with Covid, as well as answer some questions we received.

Ask The Expert – Dealing With Covid

How does the coronavirus pandemic affect mental health?

We are in a constant state of hyperarousal.  We know the ramifications that stress has on our body, it increases stress hormones, cause sleep disturbances, increases irritability, and much more. If we are in a constant state of stress or worry, it steals our peace from today. We aren’t living presently because it’s uncomfortable. We are avoiding discomfort even more. 

What are the psychological effects of COVID-19 on children?

Children respond to their environment. I don’t think there’s a “one size fits all” answer to this question. Children respond to their caregivers’ response to danger or threat, and yes, they do read though the protection tactic we all do as parents. If you’re stressed and worried they will be too. Children are known to be resilient but I would have to say that perhaps their more adaptable because they have less years of reinforcers then an adult. 

How can we take care of our mental health during the pandemic?

Self-care is so important and usually the first thing to go when we make adjustments. I remember a time in my life when I too cut out self-care because of time, resources, or flat out checking out! We need to  build resilience. We build resilience by practice. When we learn to ride a bike we practice daily so that we are able to build the fine motor skills and learn the mechanics to maneuver the bike. This creates muscle memory so it becomes an automatic habit and an unconsciousness behaviour, we do not think about it, we do it.

Doing it reinforces the skill. I can suggest taking a bath, or walking in nature, meeting with a counsellor, reading, or limiting the news and caffeine, but self care is a personal journey to discover. It comes with practice. It comes with loving and nurturing yourself and your soul. Self-care is something we do because we love yourself enough to enhance our life. I would argue that self-care isn’t so much a behaviour or a doing, but rather a feeling, a belief. So I would invite you to do something that nourishes your soul. When you decide to do something, be in the energy of peace, love, and joy…for all of those nourish your soul.

When should I seek out professional help for the stress I’m feeling?

Every human being deserves to live a meaningful life, on their terms. Therapy comes in many forms and is an opportunity to look inward at yourself. If you are absent from that at any level you could consider meeting with someone to process. Oftentimes people think therapy is a means for the ill or someone in crisis but I argue that it’s an act of self-love. If you have beliefs that aren’t serving you then don’t you think learning another way to view your internal system would benefit you?  If you have distorted what normal anxiety is. Anxiety is to serve the purpose of protecting us from danger. The issue with anxiety is we distort what danger is. We feel threatened to go to the store, being around people, going to work, or avoiding certain activities. These can be some examples of what inappropriate danger is.

I work with many clients from a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy framework that makes connections with your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It reframes the way you think and feel about your specific anxiety triggers. The basic anxiety formula when we overestimate a threat and underestimate our ability to cope with the danger. Our work together would look at evaluating your perceived danger and build coping skills to manage your symptoms. The more you practice the more tolerance you build to cope with your anxious feelings. Right now it’s safe to say that a lot of people feel trapped. If you could reframe feeling trapped mindset to taking advantage of the time spent at home, the time to discover new hobbies and interests. Counselling services are more accessible than ever with video conferencing or telephone sessions. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your ow home, or our counsellors can meet you in person, whichever is preferred.

If you’d like to reach out to Angel, find her contact info. right here, and be sure to check her website as well.

Socks And Soles: The New Neurotech

The likelihood is you’ve never thought too much about the cost of walking.

Your pads absorb alot of walking, running, dancing, jumping with/chasing the little ones over the course of a day or a week. Multiply that by years and you start to grasp how dependent we are on our lower appendages.

Love2YourFeet knows all about the toll taken by your feet. The Barrie based provider offers Drug-Free Wearable Neurological products to anyone interested in creating a better Quality of Life through Health and Wellness. Among other benefits, the neurotech helps to improve mobility, lower pain and optimize for sports performance.

Intrigued? Check out the video to see how they can help! Then click over to their FB page to learn more.

Are you a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint? Reach out today! We will help you get Uncovered.

5 Things To Do in Barrie in September

5 Things To Do in Barrie in September

Enjoy Summer’s Last Gasp

Although this summer has been…unique (to say the least) we’ve been fortunate enough to have lots of socially distant events to round out the past month.

Live music returned, the libraries opened up. We even got pro sports back on TV.

And as the leaves change colour, and the nights get a little cooler, there are still plenty of summer themed experiences to be had.

Read on for 5 Things to check out in our last month of summer.

5 Things To Do in Barrie in September

Hit the Farmers Market

There is at least another month of outdoor marketing to enjoy. Packed with a wide range of fresh seasonal produce from local vendors, it’s the absolute best place to stock up on your weekend. Happening Saturdays from 8am – 12pm, right behind city hall in the parking lot.

Take In Live Music

The huge scale concerts might be in dry dock for the rest of the year, but there is are actual, honest to goodness gigs happening across town this month!

Donaleigh’s, the Queen’s, North Country BBQ, the Bull and Barrel and Common Good cafe have all rolled out solo artists and bands to accompany your food and drinks in recent weeks. Considering how fluid the pandemic lockdown regulations could be in the fall, getting out to see a show is a luxury you should not pass up. And you can find a full list of gigs in Barrie every week right here!

Play Online Bingo

Students at Georgian can get the full college experience this month…by competing in online Bingo! Seriously… it’s a thing.

Hosted by LadyVenom on Wed Sept 23 @ 7pm! 

There’s a chance to win one of eight $25 Walmart digital gift cards. There are limited spots, so if you’re interested in dabbing digitally, sign up soon via this link 👉

Try Meditation!

If ever there was a year when finding inner peace was a priority…it’s this year.

Barrie Pride and Jampa Ling Buddist Centre are hosting a free guided introduction to meditation in the park. Happening September 19th at 10am.

What did you think of 5 Things To Do in Barrie in September? Did we miss any events? Let us know in the comments!

And if you are a business in Barrie interested in expanding your digital footprint, reach out and we will get you Uncovered!