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Be Well – A Health & Wellness Podcast

Be Well – A Health & Wellness Podcast

Be Well is a new podcast production from Jeevanaya Wellness, devoted to health and wellness. Through interviews, advice and tips provided by experts in various wellness fields, Be Well helps people improve their day to day living and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

In episode one, Angel Powers of Mainstream Therapy explores the benefits of mindfulness, and how we can incorporate it into our everyday lives.

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A Community of Inclusion – BLiSS Ann Green Yoga

Having a chat today with Ann Green of BLiSS Yoga– I totally remembered how much I enjoy being in her “space.”

An Olympian...

As an Olympian, Ann is never one to take a back seat at anything!  In fact, BLiSS enjoys a national and international status of excellence – unparallel to any other studio in North America.

When BLiSS is able to re-open their doors, a tour is an experience not to be missed!  Over 10,000 sq. ft. with 6 full studios for a variety of meditation and yoga studies, yoga teacher education, coaching and therapy!  The feeling is total serenity and …’BLiSS.’

A Virtual Community

As COVID has us safely shutdown, Ann has created a virtual community of inclusion where she offers classes and education online.

It’s well worth the $50.00 membership fee!  That gives you 25-30 live classes, 2 workshops each month, consultation moments and access to a 500+ library of Yoga sessions, etc.


Apart from yoga instruction, Ann is a High Performance coach, Life coach and Keynote Speaker.  Ann’s coaching strategy is the same as her life mission, which is to …SHiNE!

To Spread Happiness

In Neighbourhoods  Everywhere!

Visit her ‘Shineology’ website for more information!  Shineology offers education, empowerment and freedom of movement with positive thoughts for those with a deep appreciation of nature.

Many of you may have come across Ann out on the lake teaching yoga on her Stand up Paddle Board either here on the Bay or down at Friday Harbour. She makes it seem sooo easy!!

Downtown "Bliss"

Ann is a wonderful supporter of Downtown Barrie.  She collaborates with local businesses and strongly supports the BIA. 

She encourages “Barrie-ites” to shop local with their BIA Gift Certificates!

Once the world gets back on track and doors re-open – visit Ann at 119 Dunlop St. E, take the tour and enjoy the magnificence that is BliSS!

‘All – levels, all good” and “We’re here for you”  

“From aspiring Olympic athletes to newborns to seniors to youth and for all people who connect in community through staying active and vital, healthy lifelong learners, we create a variety of support and respect within our space for this community.”

-Ann Green

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credits: Stephen Elliott

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