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Spring – A Time for Rebirth with Mainstream Therapy

Written as a Life Lesson by Angel Powers

As winter comes to an end and the temperature is warm, the ice melts, and buds begin to grow on trees; our earth is telling us it’s time for a new rebirth.

Many people look at spring as the “New year”; winter being the time for hibernation.

As the bear prepares food for winter and sleeps for the winter time it hibernates to rest and restore its body, its mind, and its soul.

When spring arrives it’s time for a rebirth, and new beginnings.

Is There Something that Needs to be Reborn Within You?

Perhaps with the nicer weather you’ve started moving your body more; I know I have after this long dreadful winter. I’ve been walking three days a week; up bright and early at 6 AM.

There are many times I’m just too tired and my scheduled day ahead seems too much, but I know if I get out and even move my body for a half an hour I will feel better.

Perhaps it’s time to clean your closet, or that bathroom sink that just tends to pile with stuff.

We live in a culture of instant gratification, and with this mindset also come an unhelpful thinking style called “all or nothing thinking“.

When we fall into these thinking traps, we cut ourselves off from achieving something before we even start.

We have the mindset of “Oh well, why bother!”  

“If I work out for a month and only lose 1 pound I think, its hopeless why should I even try.”

Learning From Nature!

We could learn this teaching from the earth itself; when the snow melts it doesn’t melt in one day.  You see when earth is changing seasons, if all the snow were to be melted in one day we’d be at risk of a flood. 

 When was the last time earth skipped winter?

The bird teaches us to look at things from the bigger picture. The turtle teaches us to assimilate to our surroundings, in the water it is fast and agile; on land agility is slow and steady.

When I’m too busy running around in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I miss these moments, these teachings that are available to me in abundance if I would just tune in.

Tips to use your environment and Body as a Vessel of Information

  1. Slow down simply by activating your breath. Start with your hand below your navel; while you inhale bring your hand up slowly to the top of your nose. As you exhale press your hand in a downward motion stopping when your arm reaches a full extension. Do this 7-10 times to activate a sense of calm.
  2. In our chaotic world, calm sometimes brings anxiety. Be present. Look around you. Notice your immediate environment. The walls, the floor, the temperature, what you’re wearing, who is there, the time of day, the day of the week, the day of the month and so on…. in this moment, there is nothing to fear, or to be nervous about.
  3. Say out loud or in your head (out loud is better if you can) a.) allow me to set aside everything I think I know to see a different perspective. b.) If my environment was trying to communicate something to me in this very moment what is it trying to teach me? c.) What can I learn from…. name your surroundings i.e. the brides, my kids, the dog, traffics, the song on the radio.

Recognize the Message

The truth is, our environment is constantly communicating with us, nudging us and teaching us what we need to know. The trick is to slow down long enough and to be open to the message we are receiving.

When we receive mail it is our job to open the envelope and read what’s inside. If you receive mail and stick it in a corner or throw it in the garbage and choose not to open it, you are choosing not to read the message that has been delivered to you. So, if you are the kind of person that opens your mail when it is delivered, could you choose to open the deliveries that are in constant supply to you everywhere you are?


Written by: Angel Powers/Jane Laker

Photo Credits: Stephen Elliott

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The history of starting a fresh slate for the New Year dates back to Roman times.  We’ve changed the vision slightly by creating uniquely personal goal resolutions.  Now, however, it seems to be a habit – not necessarily followed.  In doing some research we noticed repeatedly that only 8% of those who make resolutions actually follow through.  We’re not sure where the numbers come from – but we read it so it must be true. (LOL)


Angel Powers of Mainstream Therapy feels that making resolutions is ultimately a very personal choice. First of all, Angel believes that we’ve been cognitively wired for the start of a new year to be September.  This has a lot to do with the unwinding of summer and the new school year for our youth.  Many of us make real plans for starting new things once children are back in classes.  So take a look and you might notice that you’ve already started to implement different organizational things in your life that you weren’t doing.  All of this relates to the Sept.- June conditioning. This can make it doubly difficult to “re-start” once again in January.   The fresh slate of a brand new year can be very alluring, but take care to look at it with gratitude.  Each new day is a gift – one to be welcomed and cherished.

There are certainly both pros and cons when deciding on making your resolution list.  Mainstream Therapy thinks that for some, we’re best when we set resolutions on an ongoing basis.  We could try to use “SMART” goals. (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebound).  Angel finds that this formula works best for many of us.


  1. Some people need time to prepare themselves in order to attain goals.
  2. There may be some financial incentives starting in January (ie. Special pricing on gym memberships)
  3. Self awareness – Reflecting on what we’ve accomplished over the past year, allows us to be able to set specific goals.
  4. January/September are fresh starts to a new year with new beginnings. This feeling of a fresh slate can be very liberating.
  5. The empowerment we feel when we can control our own goal-setting is amazing.


  1. It can be overwhelming to set out realistic goals.
  2. Maybe the start of a New Year or winter months doesn’t motivate you, and September works better.
  3. Possibly we make unrealistic goals without an effective plan in place.
  4. Deadlines may create procrastination. You’ve given yourself a whole year, haven’t you?

Many of us see new goals as exciting or many of us can experience the “daunting” effect.  By making micro changes, it can help our bodies adapt to synchronistic changes that become regular.  For example, kicking up a workout routine…I think we’ve all been there.  Start kickboxing every day and our bodies hurt.  Some of us need slower changes/small increments which ties into your S.M.A.R.T. goals.

We think that we should take the time to reflect on our accomplishments and continue to motivate our selves, whether we’re setting resolutions or not.

“Happy New Year from everyone at Mainstream Therapy!”

(705) 717 2107

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I already know about Voxx Socks and their new wearable good health technology, but I wasn’t familiar with the other products at VoxxLife.  Jay Dhaliwal – Founder and CEO of VoxxLife has built his business on the concept of “reason for being.”  For years he has been searching for ways to help his Mom, who had been diagnosed with M.S.  The health care solutions available were focused either on drugs or electrical stimulation, which weren’t always effective.  (

During a breakthrough meeting of the minds with Mr. Dhaliwal and neuroscientists,  realized they should research how our bodies respond to neural stimulation.  A second breakthrough found in research done by Dr. C.J. Griffin in 1964 led to the discovery of how brainstem homeostasis leads to improvement in overall brain function.  

The team created a “vibro-tactile” pattern that could activate skin receptors to trigger neural responses and this pattern was first used in Voxx socks.

The team has now discovered patterns that can be used to assist us in other ways.  Mr. Dhaliwal realized that the possibilities are endless so has  added more products for our health in the form of a skin patch that allows the pattern to assist with physiological homeostasis (balance) in our brainstem.


The NeuroVax patch works hard to improve our immune systems by helping connect our neural reflexes and immune responses to work together. This brings us back to homeostasis.  By dealing with the central nervous system in the brain, they create the wanted effect in the body.   Having a better communication loop between our neural reflexes and immune responses,  can lead to a more robust immune system.


 The Meta Patch optimizes energy metabolism in a totally drug-free, non-invasive way.  With the brain playing a central role in the homeostatic regulation of energy metabolism, it integrates multiple peripheral metabolism and neuro inputs.
This information, on energy intake and body energy stores, is transferred to specialized neurons in the hypothalamus and brainstem. In order to maintain energy homeostasis, the brain regulates diverse aspects of the body’s metabolism.  This optimized communication leads to better energy metabolism.


This patch helps the central nervous system within the brain reach homeostasis.  Healthy body – better wellness!  The Harmony Neuropatch helps with daily activities and improves quality of life.  Users notice an improved posture and dramatic gait improvement which allows for better balance, healing and recovery.


This particular patch from VoxxLife intrigued me the most.  I had done my homework and found that the patch was to work by helping the parts of the brain responsible for sleep through the neuro-patterning on the patch.  I have tried many, many so called sleep aids including diet, exercise and OTC drugs.  My pattern rarely varied from a total sleep time of 3-4 hours nightly and I had been looking and looking
to no avail. 

Then I met Kara-Lyn of Love 2 Your Feet.  Kara and I had discussed the VoxxLife socks, insoles and a knee brace that use similar technology.  I was lamenting about not sleeping well enough to recover fully from recent hip surgery, when she told me about the VoxxLife REM patch.  She said that I would be quite surprised, armed me with a patch and explained how to use it.

Well, waiting for the weekend, and a chance to just let sleep happen; I used the patch the following Saturday night.  Something very incredible happened.  No drugs, no alcohol, just this patch and a tired person headed to bed to wake up 9 hours later.  9 Hours!!  I had never yet, in my life, slept 9 hours.  Now,  I didn’t wake up groggy or dull.  I was refreshed and ready to take on the day.  I know that was only one trial, but I’m impressed enough to be making a purchase of the patches.  Even if I don’t use them every evening, I think that the extra rest I could get will go far to creating a healthier me.

For more information on the patches call Kara-Lyn Palmer at (705) 446-5566, or visit her website link at  You’ll be in better health for doing so.


The definition of Reiki is spiritual or Universal energy.  The word Reiki is used to describe a hands-on (or distance) channeling of energy to promote well-being.  Reiki has been used for centuries to support the body’s natural balancing of energies.  The practice can help alleviate many physical and emotional issues by assisting the healing process.  At Jeevanaya Wellness Centre, ( your Practioner works with your Prana (energy).  They are trained to be able to channel the proper amount of energy to where it’s needed within you.  In some ways Reiki could be described as an internal air and ether – something that you can’t see, but can feel.

Using Reiki as a part of your Holistic health care can influence body, mind, spirit and emotions.  These influences often happen simultaneously.  Positive effects are found mainly in four areas:  acute/chronic pain, pain and well being during cancer treatment, stress, anxiety and depression.  During your Reiki visit you will be in a very peaceful room, lying fully clothed, comfortably on a table.  Your Practioner will place their hands lightly on or over specific areas of your head, limbs and torso.  During this time the Practioner hands often become warm and tingle.  Their hands are held there until they sense that the energy has completed flowing.  Then they move to a different area.  Clients feel a release of stress and they go into a deep relaxation which takes the body into self-healing mode.  Book you Reiki appontments at:

For Couple’s Reiki special for the month of November and December, click here:  

30 minutes of Reiki PLUS 30 minutes of Reflexology:


Reflexology is an ancient therapeutic process which understands that we have reflexes in our feet that connect to glands and organs within our bodies known to relieve tension, improve circulation and support the body to function properly.  The practice of Reflexology helps to manage pain, insomnia, anxiety, stress as well as hormonal and  digestive issues.  The effects of the treatment are uniquely different for each person.  A session begins with a brief health history and explanation of the treatment.  You’ll be asked to lay on the table – fully clothed, without socks, on a massage table in a comfortable position.  The Practioner’s trained hands will detect and tiny deposits and imbalances that they’ll work on to release blockages.  This is one of the safest and least invasive therapeutic practices of all.  Your session will last for 60  minutes and all points on both sides of the body will be stimulated through acupressure points through the feet.  Clients find reduced stress, improved relaxation, released tension, decreased pain along with increased  mobility.  


                                                                         There are specials ( available now!                                                          Special fee for seniors who will commit to at least twice a month Reflexology sessions.  Registered Reflexology regular fee. Receips for insurance issued (check with your insurance company)                                                                                                                                                                           November and December 2020 Specials


Have you ever tried on a pair of Voxx Socks?  I’ve just met with Kara-Lynn Palmer,  owner of  Kara-Lynn was so helpful!  I knew about Voxx socks and the changes they can make!  Voxxlife makes more products than socks though.  Their products can assist you with quality of life through health, wellness and sports performance by triggering neuron-receptors sending information to our central nervous system.  This in turn helps with regulating pain, maintaining balance and our motor abilities.

The socks are an incredible aid, not only for athletes but many others as well.  In our family they’re used to help combat diabetic neuropathy.  Another person I know won’t travel without them.  She has always said that she’s able to enjoyably walk much more while sightseeing in foreign countries.  They truly allow us to reduce our focus on pain – giving us more focus on the pleasurable times.

The socks are well known for better balance and mobility, increased energy and drug free pain control on the medical side of things.  For athletes they are known to improve gait and posture, increase lateral mobility while reducing ACL injuries.  Now here’s where everything becomes really exciting!!  I had no idea the other products that VoxxLife offers!  In fact, I’ve become a guinea pig for two other products.

The first one is the “esmartr’ sleeve.  The sleeve is to aid cognitive focus through the specific pattern woven into it.  Again the pattern works with our neuron receptors to send signals to our central nervous system.  I felt that I could be a great guinea pig, as I’d suffered an acquired brain injury two years ago, that still concerns me, and I question everything.  Kara-Lynn also has many of the same issues and suggested that I’d be surprised by the benefits.

I’ve now worn the “esmartr” sleeve for four very busy days.  I have to admit that my brain seems not only less agitated, but my word recall has been much, much easier.  In my world these days, that’s a huge plus!!  I’m really looking forward to finding out what else improves.

I had mentioned to Kara-Lynn that I felt my brain injury was taking so long to heal because of my very poor sleep habits.  Well readers, VoxxLife has an aid for that as well, the VoxxLife REMpatch.  This is a wearable patch that’s worn before going to bed and throughout the night to improve sleep.  I’m told that the users of the patch find a real improvement in both deep and REM sleep.  I can’t wait to try it out!  We all know that a good night’s sleep is vital to better body healing and a much more pleasant personality!

VoxxLife is making huge strides forward in wearable drug free aids for our health and wellness.  Set up time for a chat with Kara-Lynn at (705) 446-5566.  She really knows and understands her products, and what might help  you most.                                                                                      I’m sure glad I did!!