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Linx Kitchen & Social for Weekend Pampering

Coming into the weekend Linx Kitchen & Social think that everyone needs a little pampering. 

To help with that, they’ve created a fabulous Weekend takeout menu for Friday and Saturday evenings.

Just imagine the delight of enjoying the wonderful dishes prepared by their Chef to eat in the comfort of your own home!

We’re all feeling the struggle right now and need to find a way to enjoy something great while supporting our local business owners!

While we can’t work at our golf game the moment, we can still enjoy the flavors created by Chef Kathleen Forsythe.

Check out the takeout menu on the link provided and feel your taste buds start to tingle

I’m thinking of a Rib & Wing Combo.  It’s a sinfully wonderful combination of all that is comfort!

Or maybe you’re already planning ahead to the Big Game on February 7.  You’re not allowed to have the gang over so why not treat yourself to the Linx Big Game Combo with 2 racks of ribs, 2 lbs. of wings and family sized coleslaw, mac ‘n cheese and chili.

Linx Kitchen & Social have made it ultra easy with an abbreviated menu with something to suit everyone.

We know we’re going to thoroughly enjoy our meal!  In fact, I think we’ll order a Charcuterie Board to enjoy with a late night glass of wine – Heavenly!

We’ll all be glad when the Shutdown ends and we can return to normal.  So many people are missing their time spent revving up their golf game right now.  Everything that Linx Kitchen & Social does, is done with class so……

Everything that Linx Kitchen & Social does, is done with class so….

Pamper yourself with delicious comfort food from Linx Kitchen & Social!