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Jeevanaya Wellness

- YOGA -

There are many exercises that are marketed to entice us into movement, however for lifelong benefits perhaps the simplest and most affordable is Yoga.

Anita Kaur, or Jeevanaya Wellness in Barrie is an ayurvedic Wellness Consultant/Yoga Teacher who schools us today on particular styles of Yoga and who they benefit the most.  Amongst the numerous styles of Yoga available, Anita brings it back to the basics for us.

She starts our lesson with Power Yoga.  A Yoga that is especially good exercise for the Kapha Dosha people.  In Ayurvedic practice these are the people that sit long hours at their work stations, that don’t move, but need movement, are highly creative and involved in their work.  Power Yoga moves their body, increasing blood flow, lymphatic drainage, proper muscle strength and breathing techniques.  It is the most invigorating style of yoga.

The second lesson takes the Pitta Dosha people to task.  They are the  Type A personalities who are highly competitive which goes hand in hand with higher anxiety and stressors.  Anita would have these very busy people take part in a Yin Yoga class.  She tells us that Yin Yoga is a very slow, meditative and relaxing yoga.  It helps to still the busy mind through meditation and movement, bringing deep cleansing breaths to connect mind and body.  Yin Yoga is also very helpful in restoring balance to those who suffer injuries.

Lastly, Anita discusses Restorative Yoga for the Vata Dosha people.  These are the people in high stress jobs, enough to cause headaches and migraines.  The Vata Dosha type tend to have a lot of anxiety and restlessness which requires deeply relaxing body moves to remove toxins from body and mind.  Restorative Yoga is wonderful for any people with these issues or chronic pain as it helps healing through blood flow and again the use of props to support movement.

The Yoga teachers at Jeevanaya Wellness train their students that any Yoga teaches proper breathing, mindfulness, a joining of body and spirit without judgement.  Each type builds strong immune systems, strengthens muscles and mobility allowing us to partake in life to the fullest.

In closing, the staff at Jeevanaya Wellness invite you to sample their most exclusive Ancient treatments or even better, gift a Yoga Class or a Treatment to a boss or loved one for Christmas.

Exclusive Treatments:

  1.  Abhyanga Massage – a 5,000+ year old Ayurvedic practice of Dosha specific warm herb-infused oils.
  2. Lomi Lomi Massage, a 3,000year old Hawaiian practice which is done in long flowing motions and generous amounts of oil to promote harmony and balance.  (This is done by a Registered Massage Therapist so insurance benefits will cover this treatment.)

Braining and Adulting. Yeah, we said it.

Have you ever been stuck in a fuzz?  Braining is hard work, and it goes hand in hand with Adulting.  Some days you’ve got the brain and some days you just don’t.  This is where we step in and help you keep your brain active and healthy in Barrie. After doing some research, we found that there are 5 sure fire ways to keep your brain at its top form. Let’s go thru them:

#1 Werk your body!

Exercise gets the blood flowing and that translates to more oxygen to your brain cells.  Last we heard; oxygen is a good thing.  There are many places to go for a vigorous walk in Barrie.  Try Sunnidale Arboretum.

9 Things To Do in Barrie This October

It’s looking gorgeous this time of year.  If indoor is more of your workout plan,  then maybe it is time to build that home gym that you’ve always thought about.  Have you checked out Fitness Avenue?  Head down to Bryne Drive and check them out for all your home gym needs.  They’ve got it all!

#2 Learn to play an instrument

This is a great idea!  Look, we aren’t saying learn to play piano and go all Mozart on us – what we are saying, is that you have got to start somewhere. 

Guitar or even Ukulele is a decent idea to start with.  If Kazoo is more of what you are thinking, then go ahead and go all Kazoo!  We have heard all sorts of good stuff about Spaulding School of Music, so how about starting by giving them a call? Just a little Uncovered Secret to share – you can also sign up for their online programs.

#3 Go to School! (Or back to it!)

With the myriad of courses that you can take at Georgian College, there really is no excuse.  You have to be able to find SOMETHING that gets your Noggin’ nourished! Think about it for a little while and perhaps sign up for Experience Georgian on Saturday, Nov 16th, 2019, and attend the Open House.  You could win up to $5,000 towards tuition!  Also, don’t forget about Liaison College on Dunlop Street!  They call themselves Ontario’s Largest Trainer of Chefs & Cooks!  Is it time for you to discover the Culinary Arts?

#4  Ssshhhhhh, catch some zzzzzzz’s!

Did you know that while you are sleeping that neural connections are physically made?  You’ve got to get enough sleep!  Here’s what we suggest, Head over to Spotify and listen to the Barrie Uncovered Set List to help you relax.  What’s better than listening to music comprised entirely of local artists?  Not much, if you ask us.

#5  Get out with friends!

Socialize.  Us humans are social creatures and we need to be connected with others to maintain good mental health.  Check out our article on “9 Things To Do in Barrie This October”.

Studies have shown that socializing improves cognitive performance.  Hanging out with Friends and Family will release all them good Endorphins! Why not do something different!  You got this!

Barrie has a lot to offer and all it takes is a thorough read thru our blog to realize it.  We haven’t even tipped the iceberg yet! (Is that the right phrase?) Get out into Barrie and discover all that this wonderful city holds.  If you find something new, send us a line so that we can check it out.  (we love NEW things!)  That’s all we’ve got to say about that!  For the time being, we are going to better research point # 4.  Zzzzzzzz……….

Written by Sharon Johnston | Images by Stephen Elliot

The Top 8 Women’s Golf Leagues in Barrie

women's golf in Barrie

Even with snow still covering the course, golfers can see what’s ahead – greens, tees, leagues, and registration for women’s golf!

For women looking to get out, walk, take a swing and make new friends, golf courses in the Barrie area offer a banquet of choices – daytime or evening, easy or more challenging courses. Whether on the fringes of Barrie or further afield, Barrie golf courses have with varied terrains and many offer women’s-only play.

A walk through a landscaped course, topped off with some challenging sandtraps and water features, can end the workday in a serene way. Today, courses in the Barrie area offer women an opportunity to explore golf, whether they’re new to the sport or serious about their getaway time on the greens.

women's golf in Barrie

Our 8 Picks for Women’s Golf Leagues

Golf Innisbrook, is one of the first off the tee, with their women’s golf league beginning this week. For ladies who prefer playing during the day, Innisbrook’s daytime ladies league offers the choice of 9 or 18 holes of play. The league also features a less competitive, fun day the last Tuesday of each month. Innisbrook, located in Barrie’s south end, also hosts a women’s golf day, where women can get together and enjoy a day on June 4th.

To the west of Barrie, Bear Creek Golf Club hosts the Jack Astor’s Tuesday night Ladies League, beginning on April 9th. Bear Creek also offers a Ladies 18-hole league, which starts a week later and runs until September 17th.

Later this month Heritage Hills Golf Club’s ladies league starts in late April and runs through late September. Located just outside the city but far enough away to leave behind its hustle and bustle, Heritage Hills offers a very affordable league. Plus, there are weekly prizes for Closest to the Pin contest holes.

women's golf in Barrie

In the same area as Heritage Hills, lies Shanty Bay Golf. They offer women’s leagues on Mondays and Wednesdays, with play beginning the end of this month and continuing to the end of September. With three unique 9 hole courses a short drive from Barrie, time spent on the course is time well spent. The registration fee includes weekly prizes and a year end banquet.

For the golfer who enjoys competing with herself and with others, Simoro Golf Links offers a competitive women’s league Wednesdays, with a shot-gun start at 5:30pm. This family-owned and run course has rolling hills and a wetland. It offers 9 holes of play, and two 18-hole tournaments. Competition includes low gross and low net scores and closest to the pin.

To the northwest of Barrie, Springwater Golf Course offers a ladies’ league Wednesdays during the summer, with afternoon tee times from 4 to 5:30 p.m. The registration fee includes a wine and cheese, an opening brunch, a closing banquet and prizes. 

women's golf in Barrie

Known for hosting many events that appeal to the ladies, Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club also caters to women looking to take a drive – down the fairway. The club’s ladies’ league gives ladies something to look forward to on Mondays. Even on weeks with holiday Mondays, Tangle Creek gets ladies’ work week off right as it moves play to Tuesdays, so participants don’t miss their time on the green. Starting in early May, league play begins with a 5:15 p.m. shotgun start. The weekly fee goes towards prizes and scoring is based on nine holes.

For a break later in the week, the Landings of Willow Creek offers a ladies’ league Thursdays after work. The season begins early May with a meet-and-greet, followed by action on the course that day. Play continues until late September.

Women’s Golf Clubs

Why not ‘go clubbing’ with the ladies!?! All puns aside, golfing is a relaxing and beautiful way to spend your spare time and an excellent way to make friends in the Barrie area. Stay tuned for more Barrie Uncovered golf articles throughout the year.

Barrie Minor Baseball, for a Summer that’s out of the Park

Barrie Minor Baseball

The Barrie Minor Baseball Association has everything lined up to help you and your child have a summer that’s right out of the park!

From skill development clinics to its recreational league and umpire clinics, Barrie Minor Baseball still has spots for those who want to get on the field this spring. Barrie Minor Baseball action takes place in parks throughout the city as well as at the city-owned Barrie Sports Complex in Midhurst.

In recreational baseball – or house league – in Barrie, children and young adults play with others their age; they cannot skip up an age bracket.

Kids age 4 can pick up a bat and start learning the basics, with BlastBall, which teaches the basics like hitting a ball off a tee, fielding a hit ball and throwing a ball. The youngsters play in groups of six for an hour each week.

T-ball is likely what you imagine: the batter hits the ball off a tee and those in the field try to throw the ball or tag the runner out. Barrie Minor Baseball doesn’t keep scores and standings for T-ball and Jr. T-ball, so kids can have fun and learn the game without the pressure of winning.

Levels of Baseball in Ontario

Other variations of the action are Coach Pitch, the supportive skill-building game in which the team’s coach pitches to the batter and Rookie Ball, in which a pitching machine is used. At the Rookie level, there are teams for eight and nine-year-olds, and game night is Monday.

The on-field competition goes up a notch in Mosquito, when a player from the opposite team pitches. Minor Mosquitoes – who don’t bite – are 10 years old and Major Mosquitoes are 11. They play on Wednesdays.

Peewee action begins at age 13 and Bantam at 15. The action continues for 18-year-old Midget players and up to 21s are Juniors.

Regular season action starts mid-May and runs until the last week of August, which is topped off with a Championship Day on the first Saturday after Labour Day.

All your child needs is a glove, running shoes (or baseball cleats), a batting helmet or helmet cage, and protective athletic support to get in on the action at the diamond – along with a drive to have some fun!

Most games begin at 6:30 pm., for those for the younger players, including BlastBall, Jr. T-Ball, Coach Pitch, Rookie Ball, Mosquito and Peewee. Bantam and Midget game times vary based on South Simcoe Baseball scheduling. A complete summary is available online on the official Barrie Baseball website.

Registration fees, which vary by age and program, cover:

  • Field costs and if applicable, field lighting costs, to the City of Barrie
  • Uniforms, including a jersey, pants and hat
  • Umpires’ fees
  • Team equipment including baseballs, bats, bases and catcher’s gear
  • Team and individual photos
  • End of season awards
  • Player and coach insurance

Barrie Baseball Registration

Early-bird registration ends March 31; after that, fees rise by $25. Blastball is $110 and Jr. T-Ball $135. For Coach Pitch and T-Ball, the fee is $170; for Rookies and Mosquitoes, $270. More baseball registration information can be found online. Rep and Select Teams are already formed and training is underway.

If you’d like to get in shape before the season starts in May, you can join The Warehouse, located at 49 Truman Rd., Unit 20 (at the rear of the building). Adults can apply to be an assistant coach when they submit their registration for their child.

Try new things and don’t be afraid to fall at Alt Rock

Alt Rock climbing gym

“You have to start somewhere” 

I’m sure that you’ve heard that quote more than once in your life.  It’s meant to encourage you.  When I was younger, I would have no part of a statement like that because I needed to be the best.  Have you ever felt that way?  For me, it was about passion and drive and always having to impress.  Truth is, that sort of passion and drive doesn’t always work.  Well, it didn’t for me.

Read moreTry new things and don’t be afraid to fall at Alt Rock