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Barrie Live Music & Bring Your Eh Game Raise Funds For…

Jake Mathias, creator of Barrie’s Live Music Show and brother Jorden have raised over $100,000.00 for local charities with March 28th marking their 1st year anniversary.

What a Great Platform!

Providing a wonderful platform for musicians to share their passionate talent virtually, we have been able to stay connected to our favorite local artists!

Teaming Up With:

Coming full circle this past year, they have teamed up with Dawn Mucci of Canada’s Top Mayor Award and Food Bank Canada for the entire month of April!

Canada’s Top Mayor Award, founded by Dawn has been a wonderful supporter of the Canada Food Bank Covid-19 Food Relief initiative through the Bring your ‘Eh Game series!

With many very exciting special guests joining Barrie Live Music this month it’s a great show and a great cause to support!

Sponsored By:

Sponsored throughout by Rock 95 and many more –  Barrie Uncovered has also stepped up on behalf of the cause.

Just under $2000.00 from the beginning of April – they are well on the way to a record month of donations!

And Special Thanks To...

Jumping in with a huge assist is Danny Mucci of Mucci Farms, Kingsville, Ontario, with a truckload donation of fresh produce to our local Barrie Food Bank.

Danny tells us, “At Mucci Farms, giving back to the community is a high priority.  After the year we’ve all had, it’s more important than ever to raise awareness and place an emphasis on building immune systems by increasing consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.  We also realize that healthy eating options aren’t necessarily available to everyone so we are proud to support a variety of initiatives and organizations to make it possible.”

Helping So Many...

Sharon Palmer, the newly appointed Executive Director of the Barrie Food Bank, is thrilled at the support of the local community.

“More and more families in our city are relying on the Food Bank to cover dietary needs and supplement their groceries since the beginning of Covid.”

We couldn’t be happier at the platform created for the artists we so have so dearly missed this past year!

It was so much fun getting everyone together via Zoom to discuss what we could do and introduce everyone!  Watch the video for that discussion!

This Weeks Schedule So Far...

            Tuesday April 6

            7 pm        Jessie’s Well (Gay Blott & Tim)

            8 pm        Katherine Chabot

            Wednesday April 7

            6 pm       Amber Crowley

            7 pm        Patty McLaughlin

            8pm         Geordy Craig

            Thursday April 8

            7 pm        Mark Harris

            8:30 pm  Carl Rundown Band

            Friday April 9

            7 pm        Shane Joseph

            8 pm        Jay Dee Band

            9:30 pm  JonniX

            Saturday April 10

            7 pm       Tamara Lovan

            8 pm       Alyssa Bartholomew

            9 pm       Cam Brown

Enjoy the Listen and Donate...

With the Food Bank in mind, and the great entertainment provided, this is a simply fantastic way to show your appreciation for our local artists.  They miss us as much as we miss them!  Show your support and join while we watch the Barrie Live Music Show – especially this month!

Don’t forget – If you weren’t able to watch Bring your ‘Eh Game – you can watch the episodes here as well.

Check out our own Mayor Lehman at his best!!

Written by:: Jane Laker

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Introducing Sharon Palmer @Barrie Food Bank

Let’s meet the new Executive Director @ Barrie Food Bank – Sharon Palmer.

Sharon took time out today to meet with us and discuss what’s happening here in Barrie.

There are some Changes...

First and foremost Sharon let us know that due to COVID protocols there have been some changes made.

Barrie Food Bank, is asking for financial contributions rather than food itself from the general public. 

With  financial donations the Food Bank is able to purchase in bulk from local stores. 

They are also able to function with fewer volunteers and maintain social distancing in the warehouse to help ensure staff and volunteers stay safe.

She’s so thankful to the dedicated staff and volunteers that are in place and hold her concern for safety first and foremost.

The staff at the Barrie Food Bank are reaching out to collaborate with other organizations and social agencies in the city to assist as many people as possible each week. 

Sharon wants all Barrie Residents to be aware that this service is available and that they “Understand the Struggle!”

Their goal is to ensure no one in the community goes hungry!

Safety First for Everyone!

The Food Bank has set everything in place to safely deliver supplies from their shelves to clients’ cars via shopping carts, once again to ensure everyone is kept safe.

"We Understand the Struggle!"

There are many clients who have lost their jobs or had hours cut back that need help to buy groceries.  Numbers have shown more of our senior populations are coming  to the Food Bank for assistance too.   

In fact, during the months of January and February there were over 960 households requiring assistance with food.  This is up 60% over the same period in 2020.

Meeting Your Needs

The staff and volunteers work with a wide range of families, customizing the carts to the needs of each household.

The Food Bank supplies meat, dairy, dry and canned goods along with fresh produce; they include snacks for school age children and baby food and diapers for those with infants. 


The Food Bank is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:00p.m. – 3:00p.m. each week. 

During these more difficult times there is a modified process just requiring a short interview with staff requiring photo id and proof of residence and some questions to learn what your specific needs are.

Just take your identification and proof of address with you and let them take some of that weight off your financial situation.

Are you a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint?  Let us know!  We can help get you Uncovered!

City Of Barrie – Community Of Passion

The community that is Barrie has a heart as large as the city itself – and more!


You may remember our article “From the Heat of the Fire” published on January 12.  If not – take a look!

The residents of 68 Mary Street have received an incredible outpouring of love and assistance in the past 10 days.  They’ve asked that we help them in some small way to say a HUGE Thank You!  If by chance someone has been missed please know that we do thank you!  There have been so many people and details to take care of throughout this time!


A number of residents are not able to return home for about 10 weeks!  Through support from the Salvation Army, those without insurance have found interim shelter in a local hotel.  There were some with dietary concerns, and they have been assisted by both the Big Church of 53 Peacock Lane in Barrie and The Well Community Chapel at 81 Dekker St., Everett.  Pastor Gregg Neuman and Chaplain Marcello Fracassi’s congregations have covered the cost for Meals on Wheels through the Red Cross.

Both Pastor Neuman and Chaplain Marcello didn’t stop there however!  With the incredible help of Trevor Patterson, they arranged an army of volunteers to assist with moving the contents of each unit!  Barrie Uncovered photographer, Stephen Elliott even showed up during the move to take pictures!! The same day we were supplied with cases of bottled water donated by Joe’s No Frills at Wellington Plaza…that sure helped keeping everyone hydrated!


Simcoe Moving and Storage of 225 Saunders Road donated a transport trailer to store everything until re-construction is complete.  Another moving company, Rockbrun Movers of 5171 County Road 90 along with assistance from Barrie Families Unite and Reverend Jessie Brandon supplied all the packing supplies including boxes.

To pack and label for a number of people at one time is a feat in itself!  For that we thank Tanya Shields of, Rev. Jessie Brandon of Truthwell Community and the Schwarz family, Jilla, Steve, Isabelle and Eric.  What an incredible job they did!!!

We also had great assistance from Connie Campbell, owner of The Move Planners and Jeremy Hunter of J&J moving for behind the scenes logistics and planning.

Volunteers working with Simcoe Moving & Storage


Most of all we’d like to thank Barrie Families Unite and Nikki Glahn for the incredible reach they have in connecting to the community.  They are truly an asset within our community with the heart, power and drive to facilitate for individuals!! 

Last, but not least, are the residents of 68 Mary Street that weren’t displaced by the fire.  Each and every one of them have assisted in many ways! We’d like to send a special thank you to Superintendant Tim Bridges, residents Dave Sheppard and Christopher Knox. 

Community members driven to serving the community

Well done everyone!  We simply cannot say Thank you enough!!

Are you a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint?  Let us know!  We can get you Uncovered!