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Therapists tell us – “It’s not cute anymore”

Angel Powers

Mainstream Therapy owner, Angel Powers is seeing a breakdown in family stability becoming more rampant, and if you are feeling that she suggests that you call.   Angel has given us access to staff within her team that specializes in couples and family therapies.

The feeling is that we are all struggling individually with the changes that have taken place worldwide.  At one time people may have been shocked or dismayed, but actually found their footings somewhat, learning to enjoy the decreed “Shutdown”.  That was, in part, the time of year it took place.  At that time children were nearly finished school and summer plans had been made.  Everyone felt this was crazy, but it was just a “blip”!

Reality has now set in.  This new normal isn’t normal at all.  Our children are being home-schooled; people considered essential are allowed to “go” to work while the rest of us work virtually or not at all!

Courtney Burden

Courtney Burden, Therapist, says “In terms of couples being stuck at home together, it’s gotten a lot less “cute” after almost a full year of doing it.”  Courtney continues on to explain that we’ve become reactive to smaller issues.

During sessions with clients, Courtney sometimes uses visualization techniques to help them understand.  Visualize a glass of water.  The glass fills up a little more with each stressor; financial difficulties, cabin fever or boredom.  If it’s close to the brim adding a single drop (maybe dishes not washed) causes the glass to overflow.  When this happens we either become angry, or hold it inside until we explode!

Courtney explains that we need to be upfront about what we really require from our partner.  As people, typically we’re very good at saying what we don’t want or like, but less so about what we actually need.

She recommends using a simple script for being able to communicate clearly.  For instance, “When you _______, I _______.  I need ______.

Courtney also stresses the importance of making sure we use language that is non- blaming.  A complaint discusses a specific behavior, but criticism may be felt as an attack on the ability or integrity of the other person.  Staying away from criticisms allows less defensive response.

Then, when it comes to managing resources or chores – even helping the kids with school – plan ahead to avoid chaos.  Courtney feels that visual schedules are a great tool for families who have to manage multiple people and programs.  “It’s hard enough keeping track of all the “moving parts” in a household without interpersonal conflict.”

Laura Kyrkos

Therapist, Laura Kyrkos speaks to the “Covid fatigue” created by the lockdown for our children.  Many children are experiencing reactive behaviors, boredom, unhealthy attachments and a craving for social interaction.  At the same time some children feel that they accomplish more as they aren’t feeling the social pressures of the classroom.

In terms of the frustration or boredom that children feel, therapists find that they are quite resilient.  Some of them have expressed that they spend more time outdoors, some create scavenger hunts….really they are trying to make the best of the situation.  Certainly the kids are missing their friends and finding it difficult to maintain their social circles.

Laura explains that most families would never share this amount of time with each other. Under “normal” circumstances there would be work, school, sporting or social events that would keep families busy within their own circles.  This is the first time in a long time we are having this much more one on one time!

As for ideas Laura encourages everyone to understand.  Let children know they can think it through like this….First I do _______ then I do ____________.  Otherwise the unknown or the rest of the day can become overwhelming with so many tasks to be completed!

Both therapists agree that visual schedules are a great idea.  It allows everyone to visualize how the day or the week will look and let them have time to plan ahead.  Make them fun with clip art or pictures.  Laura also encourages parents to allow their child to have a quiet space with limited distractions at home.  Children should be encouraged to have a sense of independance at home or “me time.”  Leraning to have their own self care is crucial as they become older.  This could be a Zoom meeting with friends, playing board games online with other family members, meditation or yooga sessions or playing outside with their sibilings.

At least our days are getting longer now and we’re heading into the “last half” of winter.  Not knowing what to expect next can be very difficult.  However, we do know that spring will arrive, flowers will bloom…and somehow, this too shall pass.

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Something that I find truly wonderful is that we are finally de-stigmatizing mental health.  Mainstream Therapy is growing again to fill voids in the healthcare system.  Angel Powers, owner of Mainstream Therapy would like to introduce her team to us.

Angel’s team takes a creative and critical thinking perspective while assisting you in getting the most out of life.  What I really love when speaking to Angel is her ability to think outside the box. Mainstream Therapy is always looking for new ways to integrate healing and growth.  Angel herself would like everyone to know that they welcome partnerships with people who have ideas to help people grow.  Whether you’d like to book a consultation, or are interested in a partnership, call 705 717 2107

The team has been hard at work setting up group platforms for “Family Connectivity Workshops”.  Her team has been trained in modern up to date therapies; however they all use their ability to read people very well.  If you’re not comfortable talking to your therapist remotely (due to COVID) or face to face in an office – strap a pair of snowshoes on – your therapist will join you!

By blending the traditional and spiritual models of therapy, Angel and her team have created a perfect way to meet the needs of anyone seeking healing and change.


Angel Powers is a Registered social service worker/intuitive coach and Reiki master who is known for her use of both traditional and non-traditional methods.  She offers individual counselling, child and youth counselling as well as mindfulness meditation.  In Angel’s words, “Your journey is your journey.  I’m a neutral party and active participant.  Together we will set goals and achieve them…I will help you get the most out of the life you want.”


Courtney Burden has both a Master’s degree and her social service worker designation.  Courtney’s passion shines through when working with couples and families in particular.  Well trained in the “Gottman Method” Courtney will help you to find the most positive relationship possible with your partner.  In Courtney’s words, “I integrate my experiences with substance abuse, family violence and loss into helping my clients find success through troubled times.  I am a strong advocate for normalizing therapy and mental health care.”


Laura Kyrkos graduated as a social service worker with honors.  Her true passion lies with assisting children and youth to navigate through our education system successfully while taking control of their mental well-being.  She has worked extensively supporting and transitioning children and youth who have been placed into community supported homes through the CAS.  In Laura’s words, “It’s time for a person-centered approach to healing; feeling better in a comfortable and flexible atmosphere that is specific to your needs.  We can work on exploring your thoughts, feelings and coping strategies to face life’s challenges with ease.”


And Finally…Our Newest Member – Jenny Wilson-Munn

Jenny is here to welcome you to a fresh start on a healing journey at Mainstream Therapy.  Before joining Mainstream Therapy, Jenny worked as an Educational Assistant with the County of Simcoe.  Those 18 years allowed her to interact with many children and young adults with developmental disabilities.  Her long-term experience in the service industry has taught her to meet and exceed each client’s needs within various settings.  On a personal level, Jenny believes in the power of positivity.  Her career experiences, training qualifications and wisdom gained through life has given her the ability to empower the core of our culture.  Jenny is a strong advocate for mindfulness practice and personal growth.  She looks forward to not only guiding you on your first steps through healing at Mainstream Therapy but to develop a relationship with you.  After all, we are people helping people.


If you have been struggling – with anything – anxiety, depression, guilt, motivation or feeling stuck, book a 30 minute complimentary telephone consultation.  There really is someone to talk to.

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‘Tis soon the season to celebrate Christmas, but COVID is changing many of our traditions this year.  When it comes to family time, it may be best to preplan the holidays a bit more this time around.  As adults, there’s a very strong desire to fight change, and the kids in our lives feel our anxieties.

I spoke to Angel Powers of Mainstream Therapy today about how we can create a different yet meaningful Christmas this year.(  Angel is a clinical social worker/therapist who has been in the trenches helping so many work through the changes that COVID has been creating.

The first advice Angel gives is to turn negative thoughts into positive ones.  We can only think one way at a time and should always work at keeping everyone on the right track.  In Angel’s words; “Where focus goes – energy flows…if we’re constantly focusing on what’s missing and how disconnected we are, we’ll amplify those feelings.  Instead, if we focus on reframing the way we look at connectedness, we can turn a negative into a positive.  For instance, if I close my eyes and imagine I’m walking to the fridge to get a lemon, imagine that I’m cutting and smelling the lemon, even biting into it I will always salivate.  The reality is that our brains don’t know if we’re imaging the lemon or actually eating it…perhaps this could be a key component to helping fill the void of disconnectedness.”

She asks everyone to create new family traditions that can replace not being able to gather in our larger family groups this year.  Keeping close to home there are still wonderful activities to do as a family.  Angel has given us a few ideas, but we’d love to hear from you as well.  Share your ideas in the comment section…your thoughts may help someone in a difficult time!

Ideas from Angel

  1.  Take a walk through some of Barrie’s beautiful trails – taking pictures.  We are blessed with a wide variety of trails limiting no one.
  2. Take a drive as a family to check out the Christmas Lights. (Maybe even open your windows and sing carols as you go…could be fun!)
  3. On the East Coast, they call this “Mummering” – visiting neighbours to sing, play music or act silly – only because of COVID you’ll need to stay outside.
  4. Set up a “minute to win it” afternoon or evening.  The short games can be hilariously funny with little to no cost.  If you’re not sure of the games, search online, there are great ideas to be found.
  5. Start a Christmas movie tradition during the holidays.  The memories made watching movies as a family can last a lifetime.
  6. Create stories and relive funny Christmas memories.  We all have one or two of those.  You might be tickled pink at what wee ones come up with!
  7. Put away the electronics for an evening and drag out the board games -Who remembers the last time you played Risk?
  8. At the times you would have been together with other family and friends, arrange to get together via Face time or Zoom.  The seniors in your life may really appreciate that.

Most of all remember, Love has no bounds – focus on that.”  Keeping your thoughts on togetherness and closeness will help everyone to make this a Christmas to remember in a great way!


The definition of Reiki is spiritual or Universal energy.  The word Reiki is used to describe a hands-on (or distance) channeling of energy to promote well-being.  Reiki has been used for centuries to support the body’s natural balancing of energies.  The practice can help alleviate many physical and emotional issues by assisting the healing process.  At Jeevanaya Wellness Centre, ( your Practioner works with your Prana (energy).  They are trained to be able to channel the proper amount of energy to where it’s needed within you.  In some ways Reiki could be described as an internal air and ether – something that you can’t see, but can feel.

Using Reiki as a part of your Holistic health care can influence body, mind, spirit and emotions.  These influences often happen simultaneously.  Positive effects are found mainly in four areas:  acute/chronic pain, pain and well being during cancer treatment, stress, anxiety and depression.  During your Reiki visit you will be in a very peaceful room, lying fully clothed, comfortably on a table.  Your Practioner will place their hands lightly on or over specific areas of your head, limbs and torso.  During this time the Practioner hands often become warm and tingle.  Their hands are held there until they sense that the energy has completed flowing.  Then they move to a different area.  Clients feel a release of stress and they go into a deep relaxation which takes the body into self-healing mode.  Book you Reiki appontments at:

For Couple’s Reiki special for the month of November and December, click here:  

30 minutes of Reiki PLUS 30 minutes of Reflexology:


Reflexology is an ancient therapeutic process which understands that we have reflexes in our feet that connect to glands and organs within our bodies known to relieve tension, improve circulation and support the body to function properly.  The practice of Reflexology helps to manage pain, insomnia, anxiety, stress as well as hormonal and  digestive issues.  The effects of the treatment are uniquely different for each person.  A session begins with a brief health history and explanation of the treatment.  You’ll be asked to lay on the table – fully clothed, without socks, on a massage table in a comfortable position.  The Practioner’s trained hands will detect and tiny deposits and imbalances that they’ll work on to release blockages.  This is one of the safest and least invasive therapeutic practices of all.  Your session will last for 60  minutes and all points on both sides of the body will be stimulated through acupressure points through the feet.  Clients find reduced stress, improved relaxation, released tension, decreased pain along with increased  mobility.  


                                                                         There are specials ( available now!                                                          Special fee for seniors who will commit to at least twice a month Reflexology sessions.  Registered Reflexology regular fee. Receips for insurance issued (check with your insurance company)                                                                                                                                                                           November and December 2020 Specials


Hemp is becoming a very popular plant these days.  Not too long ago it was actually illegal to grow.  Here, let me explain:  Hemp is a varietal of the Cannabis Sativa plant.  This plant, like bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet.  Hemp was considered so important that it was listed as one of the five essential plants in The Vedas (an ancient text).  So important, that it was a form of legal tender in early North American settlements.  In fact, Henry Ford’s first Model T was built to run on hemp gasoline as well as being constructed of the product.  Not only was hemp used to make shelters, sails and food…it was also used in making medicines.

Hemp was listed in the United States Pharmacopeia in 1850.  Its uses were listed as aiding with everything from hysteria to tetanus.  Many forms of hemp were found in OTC products until 1937.  Our ancestors didn’t have our technology back then so they couldn’t differentiate between hemp and marijuana…which finally caused the government to intervene, marking 1938 as being the year that hemp was outlawed.


Behind the scenes many researchers were still studying the plants abilities and pressure was focused on the governmnet to look at changing the laws.  Finally between 1994 and 1998 researchers proved that hemp and marijuana could be categorized seperately making hemp products legal again.  Finally the first license in Canada was issued to grow commercial industrial hemp once more.

CBD oil comes from harvesting the whole plant, whereas hemp oil is found by pressing the seeds only.  Both products have strong nutritional values such as Omega 3 and 6 oils, antioxidants, gamma linolenic acid and vitamins B and D.  It’s at this point that the two products begin to differ.  Hemp seed oil is great for heart health, eczema, lupus and arthritis to name a few, where CBD oil helps these as well as much more.

Research suggests that CBD oil derived from hemp may aid with sleep, anxiety and pain.  It’s now used for epilepsy, depression, inflammatory skin conditions and neurodegenerative conditions.

It’s this continuing research that takes us to Tina Arnold, Owner of Eternal Image Consulting.  In addition to offering a wealth of knowledge, Tina also offers you an affordable, hassle free alternative to CBD.  With Hemp seed oil as the base ingredient, it’s a combination of 17 carefully selected medicinal herbs, 7 types of ginseng and Manuka honey offering a valuable alternative to CBD.

Being both a Consultant and Nutritional Coach allows Tina to create a care plan suited to your individual needs.

                             Call her at (705) 905-2148 or meet up with her at Jeevanaya Wellness Centre, 40 Bell Farm Road # 14.                                                                                                                If you have questions – Tina will have the answers!