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Free Tax Service from CWC – It’s Almost Time!

Yolanda Gallo and Winston Chan are considered by many to be local heroes!  Through collaboration between our own Community Wholeness Centre in association with Creating Connections they have partnered with the CRA and are able to provide free tax services through a volunteer service!

Community Wholeness Centre aka CWC Barrie, offers this Tax Service Program all year round and is the only organization that will file up to 10 years of back taxes.

Looking for Funds

Relying heavily on donations and grants they are always in need of funds to continue providing this essential service.

Not being employees or affiliates of the CRA they receive zero funding from the government.  Everything they are able to do comes from their own fundraising. 

It's an Important Program!

Having taxes done ensures that the client is still able to receive various benefits. This is very important to those receiving Child Tax Credit, Social Assistance or monies from other programs.

The Community Wholeness Centre, spearheaded by Yolanda Gallo, has now set up a 100% virtual tax clinic for their clients, thanks to the expertise of Winston Chan.

As tax season fast approaches, Yolanda explains, that because no one is sure when the “shutdown” will be lifted, we have arranged alternate methods of receiving your information. 

She suggests checking out their Facebook site for all the information needed.

We’ve included a short version for you here.

People that may be Eligible

Indigenous Peoples…New Comers to Canada…Refugees…Person with Disabilities..

Seniors…Youth and Students…Homeless Individuals…Housing Insecure Individuals

Financial Situations that are Eligible

Individuals earning less than $35,000.00 and have:

Regular Employment…Pension…Benefit programs (i.e. CPP/OAS/ Disability)…

Social Assistance…RRSP’s…Support Payments…Scholarships/Bursaries/Grants…

Interest earned under $1000.00

Tax Preparation Methods

         *Video Conference


            *Drop off/Pick Up by appointment


For the first time the need for the clinic has really been recognized and appreciated!  As various groups within the city have directed individuals to CWC for tax completion, the need to set up virtual clinics this year became a threat to the program.  Luckily the Red Cross has donated enough funding to ensure that the virtual aspect of the clinics could carry us through this Pandemic.

As Winston Chan says, “When you choose to file your taxes with us, we take into account all the possible benefits and tax credits that are relevant to your situation.  Taxes are more than just a numbers game to us.  It’s about extracting the biggest possible benefit, given a person’s unique circumstances.  We ensure that lack of knowledge is not a barrier to accessing all the benefits and services a person may be entitled to.”

If you are, or know of someone that fits the eligibility requirements please make the call.  You will be so glad that you did!

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Steve Elliott

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