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OfficeInc! Corp. is Your Entrepreneurial Space

Deborah Foster-Stahle, founder of OfficeInc! Corp., has given Barrie an entrepreneurial space like no other!

Using Space In So Many Ways!

This unique corporation offers office suites, meeting space, in-house catering, and a wonderful commercial kitchen incubator for food start-ups. Did you know the “Inc!” in OfficeInc! stands for “Incubator”!? Now, you do.

A known “foodie”, Deborah brought a 20-year goal to fruition, opening the doors to OfficeInc! on December 1, 2017.

For Barrie and area “foodpreneurs” she has built a space to dream and flourish.  The kitchen, known as FORK! (the Food Opportunities Resource Kitchen) serves a dual purpose.

So Many Cooks!

Deborah and her staff prepare catering for meetings and events, as well as the delectable and sought after YumBOX! – a pivot product for her business. Each YumBOX! is created as an experiential meal-kit incorporating locally sourced ingredients from many area businesses and chefs, or for businesses, a virtual workshop-in-a-box to creatively engage work-from-home teams in learning and development.

And during kitchen downtime, FORK! is available for rent by up-and-coming foodpreneurs, allowing them to develop their business without the huge overhead of their own dedicated commercial space. To-date the “incubator” has assisted more than 25 new food businesses to blossom!

Even a Cookbook!!

Even more exciting news: Deborah co-authored #Yum Cookbook with Amy De Wolfe as another pivot to help offset event revenues lost due to lockdowns – available here! This full-colour book features favourite recipes and stories from the co-authors, as well as local foodpreneurs, vendors and business friends.

Delectable Offerings!

Implementing stringent contagion mitigation measures throughout the facility, Foster-Stahle has revolutionized business practices in this area. She continues to fine tune use of state-of-the-art technologies to provide safe, secure and creative in-person, hybrid and virtual spaces for businesses to thrive for years to come.

Follow this video to understand the state of the art technologies

Bringing decades of organizational development consulting, business management and marketing experience in both the corporate and non-profit sectors to the table, Deborah has the tools to not only succeed in achieving her own dreams, but also provide valuable support to local entrepreneurs.

Meet The Challenges!

Deborah offers these thoughts on how entrepreneurs might continue to move forward with their business dreams during these challenging times:

Reflect:  “Use your downtime really well.  Don’t sit back and take a vacation. Work on your business.”

Pivot:  “Find new ways to generate revenue.”

Get Better:  “Learn from challenges to get stronger.  Work on gaps in your business and your skills as an entrepreneur.”

This is certainly sage advice from one of our most forward-thinking business developers in the area. Thanks, Deborah!

On a final note – a call to Deborah would be of  great benefit to anyone with any sort of entrepreneurial spirit and plans to act on it!!

Make that Call!

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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