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Cinema SmackDown Episode 5 – RoboCop

Cinema Smack Down

In the latest episode and our first since Valentine’s Day, Scott and Fraser shout out to new listeners from the far flung reaches of North America, and then turn their attention to the heartfelt tale of a man who loved being a police officer so much, even death can’t stop him from pursuing his passions; Robocop.

This episode is exactly 27:07, and if you are easily offended there are a few swears.

Cinema Smackdown Episode 4: Encino Man

Cinema Smack Down
In the latest Cinema Smackdown; Fraser and Scott unearth the wreckage that was Pauly Shore, Brendan Fraser and Sean Astin in Encino Man, and along the way masterfully reference Ringo Starr and a classic 80’s sitcom. Also, pants are removed.

This episode is exactly 26:41 and if you are easily offended, there are a few swears.

Listen on Itunes, Spotify and where ever else you get podcasts! And be sure to leave us a comment and a rating when you give it a spin!






Cinema Smackdown Episode 2 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

In our second episode of Cinema Smack Down, Fraser and Scott review the 1990 shell-head classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and conclude (among other things) that the film heroes were probably guilty of lifting clothes from dead bodies, and that animatronics in the early 90s left much to be desired.

If you are easily offended, there are a few swears.