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Help Us Spread The Cheer This Year


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…although for many of us it can be a difficult and even depressing few months.

And given that Covid has thrown a wrench into everything, it’s even more important to help those who might need it.

Fortunately, Barrie has always been a beacon of support for those in need during Christmas and the holidays. Many businesses, stores and local companies routinely provide donations or host fundraisers for the many causes geared toward lifting up those in need.

We want to help! If you are partnering with a charity/cause, run a charity/cause or have an event coming up that in some way contributes, let us know! We can post it to our events calendar and share it through our social channels.

By spreading the word, we can help these events reach a few more eyeballs. And even one or two more people can make a difference.

So get on it! Send the deets to [email protected], [email protected] or through a PM on FB.

Warm and Cozy Tricks to Avoid Holiday Hustle and Bustle

Avoid Holiday Hustle and Bustle

Warm and Cozy Tricks to Avoid Holiday Hustle and Bustle

It’s Here!

It’s the greatest time of year! For those who love the holiday spirit anyways, maybe not so much for those who strongly dislike the snow and cold weather but that’s besides the point!

Holiday cheer, ugly sweaters and onesies, and of course photos with the man in red himself are in full swing! But haven’t you worn that same ugly sweeter to a party for the past 6 years in a row? Or you have one onsie that you wear in every single Christmas photo taken on Christmas Day? It’s time to get some new holiday gear friends, I mean after all, this is the last holiday season of the decade!

Avoid Holiday Hustle and Bustle:

Where To Look

Of course there are tons of places in the Georgian mall you could go to, but what if you’re a part of the wide percentage in Barrie who absolutely despises shopping at the mall this time of year? Large crowds, long walks in the cold from your car parked 4 light years away from the entrance, we get it. That’s why we’re here to offer three different solutions.

Solution one: Stick with a store


Okay okay, still a store I know, but at least at this one you can sell them your old gear and buy new for yourself, and you don’t have to face that huge mall crowd! Plato’s Closet Barrie located at 21 Commerce park drive is the perfect, inexpensive way to stock up on all things comfy and cozy for this holiday season!

They have onesies from pink all the way to holiday sweaters from under armour. It’s worth the check out for sure!

Solution two: Host a home clothing party (women)

Perhaps you and your closest friends need some new Christmas party outfits. Outfits that don’t include freezing while walking in a small dress in a blizzard. You could have a girls night, Christmas tree up, tunes playing, wine pouring in your pjs kinda party while Nygard style direct expertise Charlene Quesnel pieces  a classy yet warm outfit for your big work event! You can connect with her via Facebook messenger or call/text 705-770-5937! If you’re really feeling eager, you can look ahead at some options at her website !

Solution three: Order

Order. Just you, yourself and….. yourself. There is lots of your local community members  who are rocking their own Instagram and Facebook business.  Thats Sew Crafty By Lexi is one of them! She offers custom made signs,  clothing and more! Be sure to give her a follow and place your order!

Just like that we have it folks, three solutions to avoid the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping in Barrie, while staying warm, comfy and cozy!

What did you think of our Avoid Holiday Hustle and Bustle blog? Did we miss any great places in Barrie? Let us know in the comments!