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Small Road Trip To The Sun (Flowers That Is)

Looking for a road trip of sorts, we are only talking about Innisfil? If you would like to see acres of Sunflowers and walk amongst them? Well, head to Edwards Farm at 1574 9 Line, Innisfil, ON L9S 3Z1. You need to go soon as the flowers only bloom for 2 to 3 weeks before they are used to produce their birdseed. So head there this weekend while you can.

Originally Edwards started growing sunflowers for their birdseed. But the rows and rows of sunflowers also known as the “Happy Flower” attracts people from all over Ontario. They come to wander through the paths cut into the fields and take in their beauty. In past years people have come from further to see these fields. Kathy who runs the shop told us a story that 5 tours busses turned up on one day last year. This year with COVID they have not been publicizing their fields to keep the crowds down. They are open though and encourage local people to come and wander through these impressive flowers. With a short flowering season for the flowers now is the time to go and see them.

While there you can shop in their Farm Store with all produce coming from their farm and local suppliers. They raise their own beef and chickens, they also sell pork and lamb supplied by local farmers. They sell free-range eggs, local honey and bakery, and much more. Their Farm Shop is open all year round.

An interesting product they sell is seeds for racing pigeons (of course picture not a pigeon) which we thought was a sport of the past. They also sell pet foods for rabbits, dogs, cats and horses.

So if you are looking for a short trip go and see the sunflowers and shop local, head to Edwards Farm you love the flowers and you can browse in their shop.


  • Monday: 9am-5pm
  • Tuesday: 9am-5pm
  • Wednesday: 9am-5pm
  • Thursday: 9am-5pm
  • Friday: 9am-5pm
  • Saturday: 9am-1pm
  • Sunday: Closed

4 Online Things To Do This Week

4 Online Things To Do This Week




Star Wars fans; time to show off how much you know about a long time ago, in a galaxy far away! 🧠🎉

Channel your inner Yoda and join the Town Trivia crew for an online quiz via Zoom.

Tickets are $10 per household, and there are a limited number.

There will be some amazing prizes, and lots of different Star Wars categories. Happening tonight!


Barrie Virtual Community Day

This online event features live entertainment and activities with 100% of the profits going to RVH and the Barrie Food bank.

✅ At-home DYI and wellness tips
✅ Resources for positive and productive living during quarantine
✅ Live Entertainment brought to you by local musicians!
✅ Healthy Social Engagement

Presented by local organizations, over 100 Businesses are taking part across 12 different business sectors.

You will hear their stories and how they can help you now and in the future!

Tickets are $3, and it’s happening on Friday.



Anahata Yoga from the Heart presents a fusion class will introduce you to the principals of Barre (ballet/dance inspired sculpting and toning class with a focus on postural muscles), and help you find your zen.

This class is open to all.

Happening today and Sunday.


Scan old family photos

They’re probably sitting in dusty old albums in your attic or basement, but now more than ever a lot of us are thinking about who and what really matters in our lives. So what better time to go through those treasured memories and preserve them digitally?

Not only will you be making sure they’re safe from deterioration, but they’ll also be a fun way to liven up your family WhatsApp chats.

There are tons of free photo-scanning smartphone apps out there from companies like Google.



5 Online Things To Do This Week

How To Tour Barrie As A Tourist (Even When You’re Not)




As there has been throughout this pandemic, local artists are gathering around their phones and laptop cameras to bring live streamed music in Barrie’s Live Music show and others. This week you can also catch performances on Thursday night from Collingwood’s Crow Bar theatre/restaurant.


Sailing Lessons

Up your boating skills with an online sailing lesson. This certified course will teach participants to cruise safely in familiar waters as both skipper and crew of a sloop rigged keelboat of 6 to 10 meters with an outboard or inboard motor in moderate wind and sea conditions by day.


Go to the Library

The BPL has been offering a ton of interactive features throughout the lockdown, including their learning academy and plenty of things for the kids to do. You can hit up their instagram every day to participate!


…or go to the Museum

Virtual Museum of Canada is a digital source containing experiences and stories, all contributed by Canada’s museums and heritage organizations. You can discover history, art, science, nature and more through virtual exhibits, all over the country.


Look Up. Waaaayy Up.

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada is hosting introductory astronomy sessions called Homebound Astronomy. This is perfect for anyone to channel their inner Star Trek and learn about the galaxy from their own backyard.

Sessions include how to install and set up Stellarium, a free, open-source planetarium software, a tour of the night sky including deep-sky objects and objects you can see from your back porch, and introductory Astrophotography.

Classes happen every Tuesday and Thursday, and you need to register.

View this post on Instagram

Are you (or someone you know) interested in astronomy but don't know where to begin? We're here to help. Every Tues and Thurs at 3:30-4:30 (ET) The RASC will be livestreaming an introductory astronomy lesson. We're calling it Homebound Astronomy! Join us Mar 31st for a lesson on Stellarium, an open source planetarium program that will soon be your best friend. Follow the link in our bio to find out more! #astronomytime #astronomy #astronomyfacts #astronomylover #astronomyphotography #astronomynerd #astronomyclub #astronomyclass #astronomylovers #astronomyday #astronomynight #astronomypicturesdaily #astronomyphotos #astronomypictureoftheday #astronomygeek #space #stargazing #stargazer #stars

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Barrie Small Businesses Finding Ways To Keep Operating

In these troubling days, businesses are finding new ways of keeping their businesses open. Here are 3 of them. If you have some great promotions, a novel or new way to work so your business can continue to operate, let us know.


First up is, Love 2 Your Feet they are an online business selling socks, insoles, or patches. Not just any old pair of socks. These products were designed and made for outstanding comfort, features and performance for hiking, work and all-day wear in a boot or hiking shoe. These mid-size boot socks feature full-cushion support and comfort, arch support and superior moisture wicking.

Results and benefits arising from the products incorporating the VOXX HPT pattern include enhanced pain relief and management, especially PDN pain, enhanced postural stability and balance, and improved mobility and overall energy levels.

Love2YourFeet is available online, or you can have a one to one personal support recommendations. They will provide knowledge on VoxxLife products to best suit your needs.

During these times of social distancing and isolation, love2yourfeet have offers and promotions ongoing to make the socks affordable. Keep checking out their site and Facebook page to find out all the new promotions: and

Creative Cafe

The Creative Cafe has come up with a great way of continuing to operate.  They now offer a “Contactless pick-up and drop-off” curbside / Zero contact service.  Go to their Facebook page and pick an item from their currently available selection and order it.  They will let you know when you can pick it up from the curbside outside the Creative Cafe at Commerce Park Drive.

What better way is there to spend some time while at home.  Paint your own pottery in the design you choose.  Keep your kids amused and entertained for a few hours.

Great gift ideas, Miss your Grandchildren? Your Nieces and Nephews? Your little neighbour down the street? Surprise them with a Party Animal Mystery Kit!! A nice way to say I miss you!!

The ideas are endless, you can be creative and have fun.  For more information contact Creative Cafe, select and order items for their Facebook page,

Barrie Music School

Barrie Music School has come up with the innovative use of technology.  When you are closed due to today’s issues, if the student cant come to you, then the school comes to the student, virtually obviously.  With the music school shut down what a great way to keep up your lessons.

Learn the guitar or drums without leaving the isolation of your home.  No going out on a wet and windy day, stay in the comfort of your own living room.

They stay connected with their students through FaceTime and Skype.  If you’d like to try online lessons with your teacher, Nate Stan Kene and Ben are teaching via FaceTime and Skype!

Contact Barrie Music School by checking out their Facebook page also, check out their website

5 Online Things To Do This Week




Plenty of Yoga studios and gyms are offering virtual classes, including Namaste North, Bliss and Cairo’s Jewels.



Yaymaker’s Barrie hosts an all ages paint nite for budding artists in the house.

The event will be held through Zoom. It will feature a group size similar to that of a regular in-venue Paint Nite event, and allow for screen-sharing and audio communication for extra one-on-one time with your host. Instructions for log-in will be provided the day of the event via email. To purchase tickets, please visit the ticket link located on this event page, or visit



Just because we are stuck inside doesn’t mean we need to let our skin crack! Beauty and Babes hosts this online skincare event with expert advice on dispatching blemishes and clearing the pores.


There’s a ton of online music happening from the great local scene, and you can hit up Barrie’s Live Music FB group to see performances all week long, many of which are raising funds for the local charities.

And if you are in need of a Netflix distraction, you can watch a few flicks from home grown filmmakers on YT and other channels.

Mitch Graszat’s Boy Bye was a winner at last year’s short film showcase.


Brendan Hiles is another terrific Barrie based director, who’s had multiple movies featured at Barrie’s festival and others across the country. You can see his stuff on Vimeo.

Pieces from Brendan Hiles on Vimeo.


And Mitchell Jewers put together this imaginative look at Barrie in quarantine, a piece filmed entirely with Super 8mm film.