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Do you have anyone on your list that already seems to have everything? We are sure you do – and we have been doing our research to find the ultimate gift for you!

A real gem that we have “Uncovered” is Linx Kitchen & Social golf memberships.  A membership at this very prestigious club in Barrie has it all covered.  There are two membership options to choose from, the Linx Club or Corporate Membership. 

Unlike other golf memberships, the Linx membership is shareable allowing you to bring clients, family and friends at no extra cost.

Linx  are recognized as having the best simulators in Barrie – The Award-winning Golfzon Vision with moving swing plate, smart auto-tee, multi surface hitting mats, and featuring 190 world-class courses to choose from!!  You can literally play your own tour and golf a different course every week.  

The membership works out to as little as $20 per hour, and if you purchase a membership before December 31, you can receive a free 10-hour Golf Pass which you can give to someone else as a gift or keep yourself.

Plus members and non-members alike can enjoy Linx Kitchen & Social’s delectable menu created by their red seal chef in one of Barrie’s most elegant and spacious fine dining spaces.



Best Simulators in Town

Shareable Memberships: As a member, you have the option to share your golf time with a client, family member or friend, at no extra cost, or you can gift time to clients or friends. 

Golf: 52 weeks a year, with 4 hours of golf each week, which allows for four rounds of 18 holes if you don’t share with anyone.

Member privileges which include Priority bookings – 14 days in advance, free golf club storage, and Restaurant reservation priority

Thinking about the Corporate membership?  With the Corporate Membership, you have access to one of Barrie’s coolest conference rooms with their Executive Suite featuring a private meeting space, and golf simulator located right in the Executive Suite to seal the deal.

Living in Barrie through the winter months it’s so lovely to be able to dress up and enjoy so much all under one roof!  Thanks to the owners, Jason and Candice, Barrie now has the Ultimate Golf and Dining experience in town!

Linx Kitchen & Social is “The Place to Be” in Barrie!

Check them out!

Christmas shopping made simple – at Linx Kitchen & Social


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6 Holiday Gift Spots In Barrie For Your Significant Other

6 Holiday Gift Spots in Barrie


Besides maybe secretly building a new dream home…there aren’t too many holiday gifts that will really wow your significant other.

So your best bet to impress is a token of thoughtfulness!

Whether your boo is a bookworm, a nostalgic gamer, or in need of wardrobe update, the city by the lake has you covered.

Read on for 6 Holiday Gift Spots in Barrie for your significant other.


Gamer Spot: Last Level Lounge

If your special someone has an affinity for gaming, particularly retro gaming, think about hooking them up with a gift card for Last Level Lounge. The video play zone and eatery on Dunlop is loaded with over 30 classic arcade games. They also host a weekly pinball league!


Spiritual Spot: Bell Book and Candle

For your book lover boo, Bell Book and Candle is an oasis of peace in the heart of downtown. Jammed with hundreds of books ranging in topics from philosophy, spiritualism, history and well being, this is a go-to for the soulful readers.

Be sure to have a look through their wide selection of hand crafted jewelry and crystals for some stocking stuffers.


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Music Spot: Sunrise Records

Music lovers will definitely unearth a nugget or two at Sunrise Records in the Bayfield Mall. In addition to vinyl and all the attendant swag (posters and shirts) you can find a healthy selection of pop culture art and toys. Be sure to hit up the local section and find the latest EPs from some of Barrie’s kickass indie bands and talent!




Clothing Spots: John McNabb and Joni’s Fine Clothing

A wardrobe update might seem like a lame gift for your better half, but we’re not suggesting an off the rack M*A*S*H  T shirt from WalMart.

John McNabb Clothier on Dunlop is a prime destination if you are on the hunt for a James Bond-esque style enhancement for him. Packed with sharp fitting suits and accessories, it’s a great spot to upgrade his Sunday best.

For the other half, check out Joni’s Fine Clothing on Ellen street. The boutique style store offers elegant and sophisticated options for all seasons and all occasions. Think Chic!


Natural Foodie Spot: Barrie Olive Oil

With two locations in Barrie, downtown and in the south end, Barrie Olive Oil is a go to for your emerging Chef. Stocked with sleek styled packaged oils and ingredients, the store also offers beautiful looking gift baskets crammed with healthy and delicious foods.


What did you think of our 6 Holiday Gift Spots in Barrie? Did we miss any spots that your spouse might enjoy? Let us know in the comments! 

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What? What? What? What?

Oh you know you loved that song until you read the lyrics! (ok correction, until *we read the lyrics, haha!) Life has changed. Well, some things have. Life has changed from the days of the Sally Ann and the days of the musty used store in a seedy little town.  Even the word “used” has been spruced up into positive sounding descriptors.  “Second Fiddle” “Twice Around” …..even bargain stores get new handles among the crowd, “Giant Tiger” becomes “G.T. Boutique”, “Value Village” becomes “Double V”.  Yes, life has changed in some ways, but when it comes to looking good, we all still want to achieve the best killer outfit on a budget.  Sure, minimum wage went up – but so did everything else.  fffffff!

Now we all know many thrift stores in Barrie – Value Village – the new Talize and a handful of small ones around, but none of those are quite like Stuff.  First of all, Stuff was started with plenty of love for Barrie.  No, seriously.  Barrie Uncovered spoke with owner, Chad Smith and he told us, “I worked for Goodwill for 25 years and both my wife and I got laid off when Goodwill closed down, it was the only thing we knew……we started Stuff and hired many of the employees who were laid off, just like us.”  Chad worked really hard to get Stuff going and does many of the displays himself, as well – when a customer needed help carrying out a table – we watched Chad carry it himself.  There’s something about that sort of small town feeling that many just don’t experience anymore.


Barrie Uncovered recently did a shopping challenge with a couple of great girls, Amanda and Mary.  We challenged them to find a bunch of outfits in Stuff.  We had a hilarious time and would you believe we spent hours in the store?  There is so much to look thru!  All clothing is organized according to size, short sleeves, long sleeves, men and women, etc., etc…’s very easy to walk through and find a find.  Stuff is an upscale Thrift Store that is cared for with a passion for Barrie.  The store is bright, smells like rainbows and if you are lucky and go on the right day, you may also find yourself a unicorn!  (for reals, *wink) Don’t forget there are two locations – one on Bryne Drive in the old Goodwill, and the other on Dunlop St – a quick walk from the bus depot if you want to take a look around in between bus rides.  (Do it!)


Check out the video of our shopping extravaganza at Stuff

And one more thing, show us what you find!  Tag #barrieuncovered when you get that great outfit, or cookie jar or even unicorn!  Heck, even tag #stuffshoppeinc !  Your next shopping adventure awaits! 

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What? What? What? What?

Written by: Sharon Johnston | Images by: Stephen Elliot