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Uncover The Music Episode 2 – Megan Anne

Episode 2 of Barrie’s Music Scene Podcast

In Episode 2 we sat down with singer/songwriter Megan Anne! Listen in as we uncover 5 truths, find out which mega producer compared her to Taylor Swift and hear a song from her recently released EP Phoenix.

You can subscribe to Uncover The Music everywhere you get podcasts, including Itunes, Spotify and Google Play.

Uncover The Music – Barrie’s Music Podcast

The Only Podcast Devoted To Barrie’s Music Scene

We are excited to announce the launch of our first podcast; the only Barrie podcast focused on the local music scene.

Uncover The Music will feature interviews with musicians, producers, bands and the other talented individuals who are creating the sounds of this city’s thriving music industry. You can find us on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes and everywhere else you get your podcasts! So be sure to smash that subscribe button on your phone to never miss a show.

In our first episode, we chatted with acoustic artist B. Knox. He has been playing in and around Barrie for several years, notably at Painter’s Hall and the British Arms. His debut EP is slated for release later this Spring, and we got a sneak peek at one of the singles called Take The Keys.